Easy Valentine’s crafts for babies

valentine's crafts for babies

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With Valentine's just around the corner, why not spread some love and try out our Valentine's crafts for babies?

Now we know that compared to toddlers, babies are very limited to what crafts they can do, so it goes without saying that all of the below will need quite a lot of help from yourself or another adult. But don't be deterred, getting babies involved with crafts from an early age helps them begin to identify shapes, colour and texture and helps to kickstart their fine motor skills.


Valentine's FIngerprint Canva1 of 7
CREDIT: Artsy-Fartsy Mama

Valentine's Fingerprint Canvas

All your baby will need to use for this craft is their fingers to create this canvas that any grandparent would be pleased to hang.

Clay foot print bowl2 of 7
CREDIT: Messy Little Monster

Clay foot print bowl

Baby's tiny feet sure don't stay small for long and this bowl will ensure you'll always remember how diddy they were. It can be used as a jewellery dish, key bowl or simply as a footprint keepsake ornament.

Heart craft3 of 7
CREDIT: Cratfs On Sea

Heart crafts

You'll need very little for these heart crafts which use tissue paper, watercolour paints and pom poms to create pretty pictures.

Berry much card4 of 7

Berry much card

One you'll definitely need to assist with, we love how simple and effective this Valentine's card is, using your baby's little hand as the berry.

Cupid Arrow Heart Craft5 of 7
CREDIT: Messy Little Monster

Cupid Arrow Heart Craft

How adorable are these Cupid arrows? They use minimal supplies and just require sticking together.

Easy heart Valentine card 6 of 7
CREDIT: Kiddy Charts

Easy heart Valentine card

Another simple card to help your baby with, you'll just need a cookie cutter, some paint and a card.

Thumbprint magnet 7 of 7
CREDIT: Rhythms of play

Thumbprint magnet

For something a little different, what about these thumbprint magnets? As well as sticking things to the fridge they can also be used as necklaces or keychains.


Valentine's craft for babies

Maped Color'Peps My First Finger Paints1 of 7

Maped Color'Peps My First Finger Paints

Dermatologically tested, this set includes four smooth and creamy textured paint with a high covering power. A must for all sorts of crafts.

A4 Coloured Paper2 of 7

A4 Coloured Paper

With 100 Sheets of 20 assorted colours, it's ideal for origami and craft projects of all types.

CRAYOLA My First Washable Markers3 of 7

CRAYOLA My First Washable Markers

Coloured markers are a must for any parent and these ones from CRAYOLA have rounded and secure nibs to achieve bold strokes of colour as well as (thankfully!) being washable.

Multi Coloured Tissue Paper4 of 7

Multi Coloured Tissue Paper

Tissue paper can be used for lots of different crafts and it's easy to flex, shape, fold, glue, and manipulate into whatever you or baby would like.

Pritt Rainbow Coloured Glue Sticks5 of 7

Pritt Rainbow Coloured Glue Sticks

Glue comes in very handy when it comes to crafts and this set of four comes in four bright colours as well as being efficient and long-lasting.

Air Dry Clay6 of 7

Air Dry Clay

With a whopping 24 different colours to choose from, this air dry clay is soft and flexible, making it easy for small children to shape. It air dries completely in 24 hours so there's no need to bake.

WATINC 1000Pcs DIY Art Craft7 of 7

WATINC 1000Pcs kit

This kit is stuffed to brim with craft supplies that will keep you and your youngster busy, including the likes of feathers, stickers, buttons, pipe cleaners and more.

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