Waterproof mattress covers to protect your baby’s cot

Waterproof mattress covers

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Little accidents can and will happen at night, especially when our kids are still young, so it's important to protect your toddler mattress or baby's bed with a waterproof mattress cover. Not only will it help to keep your baby's mattress in good condition and improve its longevity against spills and stains, but it will also protect your little one from bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens.

The best waterproof mattress covers at a glance:

We've found the best mattress covers to buy to protect your tot's cot bed and shared the best you should be looking for to keep your baby comfortable and protected all night long.

Best waterproof mattress covers

The ClevaBed Waterproof Mattress Protector won Gold for Best Potty Training Product at the 2019 Mother&Baby Awards.

This mattress cover offers soft, luxurious, breathable and waterproof protection for your mattress. Made from a 100 per cent brushed cotton top and a polyurethane waterproof underlayer, it's an easy, practical and discreet way of guarding against a wet bed or damaged mattress. This mattress protector is machine washable and can be dried either on the washing line or in a tumble dryer.

Our mum tester Nikki said: "This mattress protector seems to do the job it states, although we haven’t had any accidents or needed to change the bedding during the night yet. It is good value for money as it is not an expensive option, and fits the cot bed I have well. It seems to be a good product and I do not have any complaints."

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Suitable for cot beds and little ones aged 12 months and over, this mattress cover from Silentnight has a deep skirt for firm fitting over your tot's mattress and comes with a two-year guarantee so you can be safe in the knowledge that the mattress will be protected and stand the test of time. Many reviewers found that this protector was really soft and well-padded for their toddlers, and a better quality than many other tried and tested waterproof protectors. It's also machine-washable for easy cleaning.

Mum of Maggie said: "I bought this about a month ago and really pleased. It washes and dried well. Great for my two year old who is still potty training."


The B-Sensible 2-in-1 Fitted Sheet Protector won Bronze for Best Bedding Product at the 2021 Mother&Baby Awards.

B-Sensible bedding offers unique protection for mattresses as the only 2-in-1 waterproof fitted sheets that are made from 100 per cent natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly fibre Tencel, which originates from the Eucalyptus tree.

As well as being waterproof, B-Sensible sheets are breathable, softer than cotton, crinkle-free, temperature regulating, naturally antibacterial, and can be machine-washed and tumble-dried. They're infused with the natural element zinc oxide which not only has antibacterial properties but also has positive effects on the human body, in particular on skin.

Our mum tester Diana said: "I can put my baby to sleep knowing that I will not wake up to a wet mattress and that I will be able to wash her bedding and tumble dry it and have it ready for her nap as it can be tumble dried, which for me it is a must. I have washed the sheet protector a lot and it has kept the same quality as the first day, it even got softer with washes which I was very pleased with."

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We really like the zip closure on this mattress cover from John Lewis. It fully encloses your baby's mattress to provide an effective barrier against dust mites and allergens.

This waterproof mattress protector also comes treated with Micro-Fresh technology to help your little one's bedding stay fresh for longer, uses materials that are kind to their delicate skin, and inhibits the spread and growth of bacteria by up to 99.99 per cent! It remains active, even after multiple machine-washes, making this a great choice if you're concerned about allergies or asthma.

One reviewer said: "We needed a good quality cot mattress protector that was durable and waterproof and this product has ticked all the boxes. It is easy to clean and would highly recommend it over inferior products on the market."

The Little Green Sheep Waterproof Mattress Protector won Gold for Best Sleep Product at the 2016 Mother&Baby Awards.

Machine washable and tumble dry safe, this flat and super soft cot mattress protector from The Little Green Sheep is made from a breathable and extra absorbent luxury cotton, creating a dry and safe sleep environment for your baby. It's super soft and comfortable but not fitted - it simply acts as a breathable, protective layer on top of your baby's mattress.

Our mum tester Becky said: "It is great because it prolongs the lifespan of a mattress especially through the toddler/preschool years. In the event of night time leakages it is easy to take off the bed and wash in the machine. The single size is expensive but great value for money considering the level of comfort and the amount of use you would get out of it."

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With a soft-feel microfibre fabric, this Fogarty Little Sleepers mattress cover is fully breathable and comfortable thanks to the quilted design. The Teflon treatment provides an invisible water-resistant and stain-resistant layer that helps to shield the fabric from accidents and spillages. Available in two sizes, it's machine washable and can be tumble dried on a low heat setting.

One reviewer said: "Really soft and perfect fit! Bought for little girls cotbed. Very happy."

This waterproof mattress protector from the sleep specialists at Fogarty is crafted from soft and absorbent terry towelling fabric, comfortable for little sleepers, and is fully machine washable for added convenience for the parents! Available in cot and cot bed sizes to fit mattress depths up to 14cm, this mattress cover has been praised by parents for stubbornness against leaks, and the fact it's easy to wash.

One reviewer said: "Does exactly what we wanted it to do - extra protection for the mattress without it feeling too 'plasticky'. The bed has had cups of water spilt on it, none has gone through to the mattress."

The Hippychick Cotton Fitted Mattress Protector was Shortlisted for Best Sleep Product at the 2017 Mother&Baby Awards.

Breathable, absorbent, and 100 per cent waterproof, the Hippychick bedding protector is ideal for every household. The polyurethane layer that makes the protector waterproof has the added benefit of acting as an anti-allergy barrier protecting against dust mites to ease symptoms of asthma and hayfever.

Many parents have praised this cover for being warm, comfy and super soft too!

Our mum tester Celine said: "I am totally in love with this mattress protector. The quality of the fabric is simply fabulous for a mattress protector. It is soft, easy to clean and totally protects your little one's mattress without being the usual plastic type. I would absolutely recommend it to my friends and have already bought one for my toddler."

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Should mattress protectors be waterproof?

Not all mattress protectors are waterproof, but you should make sure that your little one's is.

The Lullaby Trust recommends a waterproof cover, or in other words a mattress protector, as it will keep your baby's mattress clean and dry, and prevent bacteria from collecting in the foam. By preventing the build-up of bacteria inside the mattress, there is a reduced risk of infection which may have otherwise increased the risk of SIDS.

To make sure the mattress cover is suitable for your baby, you should opt for an organic waterproof mattress protector or one made of natural fibres such as cotton. This is a soft, breathable choice that'll be best for your baby's comfort, and can easily be removed and washed too.

Happy baby and happy mum!

What is the best breathable waterproof mattress cover?

While all our shortlisted waterproof mattress covers would make a great fit for your baby's bed or cot, we'd recommend the B-Sensible 2-in-1 Fitted Sheet. Not only is it a Mother&Baby Award winner, but it also provides soft, natural, protection, is extra kind to your baby's skin, and is super easy to clean. Plus it's the mattress cover with the biggest range of sizes and colours so you're sure to find the ideal fit and style to suit your baby from Moses basket to their big bed.

Do waterproof mattress covers make you sweat?

A cheap, plastic mattress cover will, which is why it's important to pick one like those on our shortlist that are designed to be sweat-wicking, breathable, and soft so as to remove the possibility of your little one overheating.

How often should you wash your mattress cover?

Dreams, the Sleep Specialists, suggest that you should change your mattress cover every two months, but for your little one, we’d recommend washing it every one to two weeks. Pop it in the machine on a cold or lukewarm gentle wash using a mild detergent and let it dry naturally.

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