B-Sensible bedding fitted sheet protector review

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B-Sensible bedding fitted sheet protector

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B-Sensible bedding offers unique protection for mattresses as the only 2-in-1 waterproof fitted sheets that are made from 100% natural, sustainable and eco-friendly fibre Tencel, which originates from the Eucalyptus tree. As well as being waterproof, B-Sensible sheets are breathable, softer than cotton, crinkle-free, temperature regulating, naturally antibacterial and can be machine washed and tumble-dried. B-Sensible sheets are infused with the natural element zinc oxide which not only has antibacterial properties but also has positive effects on the human body, in particular on skin. Available in 10 colours. Children's sizes range from Moses basket to single bed.

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How did this product make your life easier?

Clare: This is a soft protector that is also waterproof. It feels nice against the skin and does not make the baby too hot. It protects the mattress and keeps it clean and dry. It will prevent the old days of washing mattresses after an accident and gives you peace of mind . It is a useful addition to any nursery.

Charlotte: The B-Sensible bedding fitted sheet protector is a great choice for anyone looking for an excellent quality mattress protector. The waterproof lining works really well (and was put to the test by my little one) and keeps the mattress clean and dry. The B-Sensible Bedding Fitted Sheet Protector was really easy to wash and dry and kept it’s shape well so it’s super easy to use. Unlike some sheet that lose that lovely fresh clean white look after the first wash the B-Sensible Bedding fitted sheet protector looked great after numerous washes and can even handle being tumble dried which is a must when looking for a product that can be used all year round.

Diana: I can put my baby to sleep knowing that I will not wake up to a wet mattress and that I will be able to wash her bedding and tumble dry it and have it ready for her nap as it can be tumble dried, which for me it is a must . I have washed the sheet protector a lot and it has kept the same quality as the first day, it even got softer with washes which I was very pleased with.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Clare: When dealing with lots of mess and accidents you need a waterproof protector to keep the mattress clean and hygienic. This a a soft and breathable protector that washes well at 60 degrees and keeps the baby cool . It will make your life easier and your washing load less. It’s a good buy for the first time Mum.

Charlotte: I would definitely recommend the B-Sensible Bedding Fitted Sheet Protector to anyone looking for excellent quality, well priced fitted sheet/mattress protector. The B-sensible bedding fitted sheet protector worked really well to protect the mattress against a very pukey baby which would have otherwise ruined the mattress and meant buying a new one. However, unlike many protectors the fabric is incredibly soft so there are no worries that it will be uncomfortable for my little one to sleep on and remains really soft following washing multiple times. The waterproof fabric doesn’t feel plastic-y like other mattress protects so my little one didn’t get too hot or sweaty at night so it’s perfect for all year round use. The B-sensible bedding fitted sheet is also impregnated with zinc oxide so is antibacterial and keeps sheets fresh for much longer which is great and definitely a great feature when looking for a mattress protector to keep my little one clean and safe at night.

Diana: The B-Sensible Bedding Fitted Sheet Protector has three main positive points from my point of view: One is that it is easy to wash and you can tumble dry it, which for me is a must as everything in my household has to be tumble dried. If you live in a small place like me, you do not have to have two cot mattress protectors as you can easily wash it and tumble dry it. Two, protection against leaks: my baby feeds at night quite a lot so we have wee leaks in the cot more often that we´d like, not once have we had wee in the mattress while using this protector. And three, unlike other cot mattress protectors, I have found that it is not very noisy when the baby moves at night so that is a plus when you have a wriggly baby like mine.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Clare: This is breathable whereas most are not. Lots of protectors feel like a layer of plastic which makes the baby hit and sweaty at night. This protector does not hold heat or make the baby hot. It also washes well at 60 degrees and does not shrink whereas many I have had in the past shrink after a hot wash.

Charlotte: The B-Sensible bedding fitted sheet protector is a great choice and a worthy winner. I would definitely choose this over others on the market as it was super easy to use and clean as you can simply wash and tumble dry. The waterproof lining works really well and keeps the mattress clean and dry without that horrible plastic feeling that some other sheets have so it’s not uncomfortable to sleep on.

Diana: From my point of view, this product ticks all the boxes when looking for a mattress protector for a baby´s cot: soft and it gets even softer with washes, gentle with baby´s skin, hypoallergenic, breatheable, waterproof , it can be washed and tumble dried, and it has the added bonus that it is not very noisy.

What changes would you make to this product?

Clare: It is at the more expensive end of the price bracket so I would make it cheaper. The packaging is also rather dull and bland. It would stand out more on the shelf if it was more eye-catching. I also think it needs a USP which I may have missed but in that case, it is not clear enough if I missed it!

Charlotte: The B-Sensible bedding fitted sheet protector is a fantastic product in most aspects but if I could change one thing it would be to increase the range of colours or possibly to include a range of patterned fitted sheet protectors so that I could coordinate with my nursery decor. But this is a very minor thing for an overall great product.

Diana: I would have liked it to be padded as I think it gives that extra comfort for baby. Although I have already stated that it is soft, it is true that it could have been softer the first few times that I used it although it got softer with washes so it was not really a big issue and it would not put me off from buying this product.

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