How long does teething last?

How long does teething last

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Teething is a necessary but tough milestone for both you and your baby. From the difficult teething symptoms to the teething remedies to ease the pain, you probably have a lot of questions about it and we don't blame you if the main one that springs to mind is 'how long does teething last?'

To put your mind at rest, we spoke to Dr Giuseppe Aragona, GP and Online Doctor for Prescription Doctor to find out when you can expect it to end.

How will I know my baby is teething?

You'll be able to tell when your baby starts teething from the unpleasant symptoms of teething. Common symptoms include disrupted sleep, irritability, discomfort, swelling or inflamed gums, a loss of appetite, drooling, a rash which can be found around the mouth and baby diarrhoea. A mild fever has also been linked to teething. Your baby may also try to bite objects more frequently and also rub their gums, so it's a good idea to get some baby teethers or teething rings.

Is teething painful?

Teething can be painful for a baby and may sometimes wake them from sleep, it's usually the main reason for any crying, disturbance and discomfort around this period. The gums around the new teeth may also become swollen or tender.

How long does teething last?

Teething usually starts when your baby is around 6-10 months and lasts until they are about 25-33 months.

How long does teething pain last after the tooth appears?

The pain can last for around 8 days however sometimes if more than one tooth is coming through at the same time then the pain can continue for longer and be even greater.

What can I do to help with teething?

There are a number of ways you can help your baby through this time. Giving your baby chilled fruit such as mashed banana can help with teething relief, chill the fruit and place it in a mesh feeder or pouch. Try a cold cloth to soothe their sore gums, massaging their gums may also help with any pain, a chilled teething toy to chew on may also help.

If you find your baby is drooling from teething you should ensure you wipe it away quickly to prevent any irritation. Ensure your baby is as comfortable and happy as they can be during this period. You could always try some baby teething gels, baby teething biscuits and baby teething powders.

Baby buys to help with teething

Get to the source of the pain quickly with the colourful Matchstick Monkey Teething Toy. The soft toothbrush bumps make applying teething gel a whole lot easier and enable your tot to massage those hard to reach molars all by herself thanks to the easy-hold handles.

Review: "Great teething toy. My baby was premature and low birth weight (born 4 weeks early weighing 4lb 7oz) and other teething toys I'd tried with him were too big to fit comfortably in his mouth for him to chew. He's now 4 months old and the matchstick monkey is the perfect size for him. The monkey's arm parts make it easy for him to hold himself - other toys were too big and chunky and he would keep dropping them. My baby seems to really like his matchstick monkey."

Nibbling’s natural teething toys are made from medical-grade silicone and untreated, hand-polished beech beads. They’re suitable from birth and easy enough for still-little hands to hold onto.

Review: "I’m really impressed with the Nibbling Rattle Ring. It arrived quickly, well packaged, in lovely packaging which makes it lovely to give as a gift for a new mum or baby. The rattle ring itself is really high quality. It’s lovely and soft which is perfect for my little ones gums. My little boy has loved his rattle ring since the moment I have him it. He really loves to chew on it, which is perfect as he’s currently got some new teeth appearing. The fact that it rattles and makes a sound really held his attention and makes it a great toy too! He’s hardly put it down since he got it!"

If you’ve got a sensory tearaway who pops everything straight into his mouth, he’ll really enjoy chewing on these fun little balls with textured surfaces to massage gums and stimulate touch.

Review: "These are really great teethers, perfect for younger babies who struggle to hold onto the bigger ones. They are really easy for a baby to get into their mouth as there are so many options of surfaces to chew on. Small enough to take anywhere and the bright colours and bell mean babies love them just to play with them. Of all the teethers we have tried these are the best ones for small babies."

Gummee Glove
Price: $15.99
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This Gummee Glove teething mitten has a detachable heart-shaped silicone teething ring and comes with its own handy laundry bag for easy cleaning, so it’s the perfect teething toy to stash in your change bag.

Review: "Nine week old was constantly chewing her fingers, sore and dribbling away. Couldn't hold any teething toys or fit them in her mouth. Bought this mitt and what a difference. She immediately brought it up to her mouth and started chewing on it. Within 5 Mins her other hand was up holding the side of the mitt to rub the rubber bit into the sore bits. I'd highly recommended this. I took the big red teether of to make it lighter. Fits on her hand really well and doesn't fall off."

The classic: Sophie La Girafe Teether

Rrp: $29.60

Price: $26.42

For the past 50 years, Sophie the Girafe has been an all-time favourite for little ones who are going through the teething process. She is flexible, soft and made from natural ingredients so completely safe for babies to get their teeth into. Cute, loving and completely amusing, she laughs when her body is squeezed, stimulating your baby’s senses. Her bumpy head is perfect for gums and sores.

Review: "My baby teethed very early at 3 months and Sophie Giraffe has been an utter God send! It regularly my first thought in the morning-where is Sophie giraffe! He finds Sophie easy hold, manoeuvre and chew! We tried a few other products and this is by far the best by far."

Available in a range of adorable patterns, the Cheeky Chompers Muslin Neckerchew comes with a soft and pliable textured teething triangle attached so not only will the absorbent bib keep her clothes drool-free, but she can reach for the teether whenever she needs.

Review: "I bought one of these to try on my teething baby and it definitely helps her. Always handy when she is having a bad teething day."

Yummikeys stainless steel toy keys
Price: £27.5

Babies love playing with keys and these Yummikeys will keep your child far away from yours. Made from completely safe stainless steel, the animal themed keys are cool against your baby’s gums and have accompanying BPA free beads for her to play with too. Plus, if your little monkey mislays them, you won’t have to change the locks. Bonus!

Review: "This product is exceptional made and I love the story behind them too - the founder has really invested her heart and soul to create a product that is practical, effective, stylish, and long lasting. The quality is exceptional and the shape is visually pleasing. I bough these as a 'new baby' gift, and I think that they are high quality enough that they would make a lovely christening gift too. The recipients are delighted and the yummikeys are being happily drooled over!"

Mizzie the Kangaroo hails all the way from Queensland, Australia and is designed to stimulate your baby’s sensory development while soothing his sore gums. Made from 100 per cent natural rubber, Mizzie is free from PVC, BPA and phthalates.

Reviews: "I bought this for my granddaughter who is teething. She loves it and we don't need to worry about it hurting her gums. It’s also a nice size for her to cuddle."

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