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'Mama it hurting me", "Ouch!", "No, no more doing hair!" those lines sound familiar to you? Now, if your little one has curly hair, then purchasing a detangling hair brush has probably been on your mind.

Trying to re-create those cute hairstyles from tutorials on Youtube or TikTok can be so amazing, but at the same time daunting. Especially when brushing your little one's curly hair can lead to tears, screaming and experiencing free karate lessons from your child.

If you've tried spraying water on little bubba's hair to help soften it, or used a tangle-free shampoo or moisture rich styling smoothie, leave in conditioners, the shea butter detangling moisturiser, or even the olive oil hair pudding, it could be that the type of brush you're using is not working for you. Options such as afro combs, bamboo hair picks, curled shower combs and wide-tooth combs are designed for thick curls or afro hair to help reduce pulling and breakage. If your child's hair is prone to knots and tangles, a detangling hair brush may be the hair product you're looking for.

So, make that tug-of-war hair session with your kids a thing of the past. From tangle teezer, detangler glides and detangling nylon, we have found and reviewed the best products to help you on those tough hair days.

Best detangling hair brushes

Best brush detangler for creativity

brush detangle
Price: $12.99

This brush detangler hair will save you time in the morning and say goodbye to painful hair brushing. It will help keep your hair smooth, tangle-free and will give your dressing table some colour. Designed with flexible bristles, it will softly move through knots and help divide tangles instead of pulling and tugging.

One reviewer said: "This is really good for curly hair, untangles easily, and the wide tooth comb makes the hair fall in nice curls too, lovely set."

Another reviewer wrote: "The comb and brush arrived very promptly, look very stylish and they work very effectively. I’m glad I treated myself!"


  • Bristles are soft.
  • Will keep hair smooth, tangle-free.


  • Not much left in stock.

Best brush detangler for easy brushing

brush detangler
Price: £6.99

This detangler hair brush is specially-designed to untangle those annoying and knotted hair strands peacefully. The handle also fits perfectly into the palm of your hand, making brushing your hair faster and easier without constant slipping. It works with all hair types and stimulates scalp for a relaxing head massage while brushing.

One reviewer said: "Nice shape to hold, no matter how knotty your hair is wet or dry, it brushes your hair lovely, doesn't rip your hair out, and doesn't hurt."

Another reviewer said: "This brush is good quality and looks good. Has a nice matt finish on the top and glossy underneath. Easy to use. Works well. The bristles are a little harder and sharper than our last brush, but I'm hoping they soften over time."


  • Flexible bristles that will gently glide through knots.
  • Specially-designed to untangle stubborn knotted strands.


  • Not many colours to choose from.

Best brush detangler for environment friendly

brush detangler
Price: £6.99

This environmentally friendly natural detangling hair brush uses animal-free bristle technology and bio straw components ensure healthy hair for all. The innovative spiral spring-mounted Chiara Ambra Organic Hair detangle brush head also ensures a calm massage-like feeling. This versatile brush gently takes the knots out of all hair types, and that's (more than) easy on scalp.

One reviewer said: "If you have hair extensions like I do and you’re looking for a hair brush that won’t pull on them, this is the perfect hair brush for you."

Another reviewer wrote: "I never have time to leave a review but had to for this one. We were struggling with my toddler’s curly hair.. sadly we ended up having dreadlocks and nothing would work and we had to cut them. Now brushing his hair is so easy and he enjoys it. Would greatly recommend if you have curly hair use this brush!"


  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Perfect for long, short, thick, thin hair and even hair extensions.


  • Bristles are not very flexible.

Best brush detangler for vegan

hair detangler
Price: £4.88

This vegan detangler hair brush is perfect if you want to re-distribute the natural oils in your little ones hair. With soft bristles, this hair detangler brush will leave hair with smooth strands and minimal damage.

One reviewer said: "I used this on my daughters hair and it is amazing. This now follows her everywhere."

Another reviewer wrote: "Finally a brush that doesn’t hurt my sensitive scalp when I’m brushing out the knots in my hair! Makes my wash days so much more smoother and leaves my curls spiraling. I also noticed a lot less hair coming out on the brush and when styling my hair. 10/10 would recommending for detangling especially tight medium length curls."


  • For wet and dry hair.
  • Vegan.


  • Not easy to hold.

Best brush detangler for dry hair

hair detangler
Price: $9.99

Great for all hair textures, this detangling hair brush works perfectly with straight hair, curly hair, thin hair, thick hair, damaged hair, and even wigs and extensions. It works well on both wet and dry hair, is completely pain-free from brushing and saves hair from coming out and clogging up the sink. Available in four fun colours, this funky brush will make your hair feel like royalty.

One reviewer said: "I have very sensitive scalp and fine hair. I struggled to find a brush that didn't irritate. This detangles and doesn't pull like many brushes. Would highly recommend for anyone with fine hair and/or sensitive scalp."

Another reviewer said: "Got rid of my tangles painlessly and quickly. Way better than a tangle teaser, so pleased with it. Will be getting another for work, as I want to keep this for personal use."


  • Great for all hair types.
  • Has painless soft plastic bristles that glide through hair gentler than a wide tooth comb.


  • Deal runs out soon.

Best brush detangler for wet hair

brush detangler
Price: $8.99

An easy detangling brush for black natural hair, this faster and easier detangler is suitable for wet or dry curly, kinky and wavy hair is your answer to a calm hairdo experience with your toddler.

One reviewer said: "When I saw the brush I thought this is going to rip out my hair (which is Afro), but on using it it wasn’t anything bad at all. It does take off the dead hair - as a comb will, but really helped with detangling if you follow the simple instructions on the box. Looking forward to using it again."

Another reviewer said: "I purchased this for my daughter because she kept on taking my Tangle Teezers and denman brushes and losing them or not returning. I knew instantly when she started using it. Her type 3b curls were more clearly defined and her hair just looked more tanned, controlled, tidy and styled. She hasn’t been back in my bedroom since looking for a brush so this is clearly working for her. I am very thankful."


  • 3 times faster than normal detangler brush during your detangling processing.
  • Flexible moving arms made detangle with less pull, less pain, less damage.


  • Quite tough to comb on thicker hair.

Best brush detangler for gentle bristles

brush detangler
Price: £7.99

Designed with 247 soft, flexible bristles that gently separate tangles and glides through hair instead of tugging and pulling, leaving it smooth and knot-free. Not only will this brush stimulate scalp for a relaxing and gentle brush, but the firm but not hard bristles will massage your scalp as you brush and promote healthy hair.

One reviewer said: "Lovely colour and great on my curls, I take it everywhere with me."

Another reviewer wrote: "Love this. I have long really thick naturally curly hair and it’s great to detangle hair and knots. Would work on most if not all hair types."


  • Will keep hair smooth, tangle-free.
  • Flexible bristles that gently separates.


  • Not suitable for hair extensions

Best brush detangler for knots

brush detangler
Price: $10.99
Alternative retailers
Macy's$11.89View offer
Ulta$13.99View offer
Walmart$28.01View offer

Whether it’s a birthday haird-do, a wedding or doing your little ones hair before school, this tangle teezer will effortlessly comb through knots. And, with its ergonomic palm grip design, and two tiered teeth technology, it also surprisingly comes with long teeth for detangling af short teeth for smoothen out those hair cuticles. Say bye bye to toddler tears and hello to glossy, frizz-free hair every time.

One reviewer said: "Bought this as a gift for my daughter, who really struggled with brushing her hair due to repeated knots and tangles. Picked this up as a stocking filler but it's made a huge difference in getting rid of pesky knots!"

Another reviewer wrote: "My 6y/o fusses a lot about having her hair brushed, but the tangle teaser makes it quick and relatively painless (and free from the moaning!)"


  • Designed with precision, it features long teeth for detangling and short teeth to smoothen hair cuticles. 
  • Great design.


  • A little pricey.

Best brush detangler for all hair lengths

brush detangler
Price: £18.99

Whether your hair is long, short, wavy, curly, frizzy or afro, this detangler is designed to suit all lengths and textures. The way you brush your kids hair is the key to its strength and health, and cleaning a hair brush is a step in hair care that can often be ignored, which is why the removable pad design makes cleaning a breeze. This product has made sure that the pure and clean detangler remains in clean condition, ready to give a hygienic hair experience.

One reviewer said: "After several failed attempts, we finally found the best brushes to untangle hair painlessly. 
With or without conditioner, the brush glides on and detangles even very long hair easily. My daughter has long hair my daughter has hair and this really helps."

Another reviewer wrote: "The handle is great to be able to hook onto my shower dial and it’s been really easy to clean so far. I love using it, it helps with my curls."


  • Silver technology helsop get rid of bacteria.
  • The removable pad design makes cleaning a breeze, ensuring that your pure and clean Detangler remains in pristine condition.


  • For smaller hands.

Best brush detangler for easy grip

brush detangler
Price: £11.95

The open blue design of this detangler brush its great for styling as it allows easy diffusion of heat and stops hair from drying out quickly. It also stops heat damage caused due to blow drying, fitting closely to scalp, leaving the hair flowing through the brush effortlessly. This quirky and fun design is easy to grip and fits comfortably in hands, and stop any pulling or tugging that causes hair damage. It also features a case for easy travel and storage.

One reviewer said: "This was great for travel, and perfect for my tiny and long curls, but it was hard without having a handle to grip onto.
Another customer wrote: "Absolutely the best brushes I’ve ever bought! I’ve spent an absolute fortune on brushes in the past, never again! These brushes are fabulous value for money, but after just two uses I’m hooked, they went through my frazzled, bleached, frizzy hair so easy!"


  • Detangler brush allows easy dispersal of heat and reduces hair-drying time.
  • Includes a super-stylish, eye-catching case.


  • Not many colours to pick from.

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