Baby names 2023: what will be popular?

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If you're due to give birth in 2023 or are simply just curious, you might be wondering what baby names are set to be popular in 2023 and which baby names we'll be leaving in 2022.

While we sadly can't see into the future, Vitabiotics have analysed government data from 1996 to 2022 to identify trends and make an expert prediction based on year-on-year ranking increases and the number of babies born with each name every year.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are the top twenty names for boys and girls that may be popular in the new year.

Baby names 2023

Top girl baby names 2023

For girls' names, 14 out of the 20 names below have been influenced by TV, film, and celebrity culture, a trend that is unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon. Nature-inspired baby names are likely to improve in popularity next year, with the top spot being scooped by Ivy which has moved up 221 places since 2010. It's also likely that we'll see an increase in gender-neutral names such as Harper, made popular by David and Victoria Beckham’s daughter.

  1. Ivy

  2. Harper

  3. Luna

  4. Ada

  5. Aria

  6. Arabella

  7. Bonnie

  8. Mila

  9. Hallie

  10. Thea

  11. Delilah

  12. Aurora

  13. Mabel

  14. Ayla

  15. Margot

  16. Myla

  17. Lyra

  18. Maeve

  19. Elodie

  20. Olive

Top boy baby names 2023

The top two boy baby names may relate to the rising TV personalities professional boxer Tommy Fury and Teddy Soares who both appeared on Love Island in 2019 and 2021. In spot 19, Otis has soared in popularity over the last few years thanks to the release of Netflix's Sex Education, sitting alongside Maeve as a girl's name.

  1. Theodore

  2. Tommy

  3. Arlo

  4. Roman

  5. Teddy

  6. Albie

  7. Reggie

  8. Jaxon

  9. Albert

  10. Hunter

  11. Ezra

  12. Carter

  13. Grayson

  14. Jesse

  15. Hudson

  16. Oakley

  17. Chester

  18. Ralph

  19. Otis

  20. Myles

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