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Choosing a baby name is never easy and you might find yourself torn between a girl and boy name, so it's worth thinking about gender-neutral baby names too.

Gender-neutral names are set to be even more popular in the coming year. The best bit is you only have to find one cute name you like rather than two (unless you're expecting twins - then you'll need two!)

You may prefer to choose one of these unisex names if you want to prevent your child from being stereo-typed or misjudged by sexism, or you may be thinking about how their gender could potentially evolve and change in the future. Whatever your reasoning, there are many cool and quirky names that will tick all boxes.

So we've come up with a list of the best gender-neutral baby names and their meanings for you! We've included nature-themed names, as well as classic and pop-culture options too. If you're still struggling to choose a name after looking at our recommendations, why not give our Baby Name Generator a try?

Gender-neutral baby names:

Classic gender-neutral baby names

You can't go wrong with a traditional, classic name. Check out some of the most popular unisex options below:

Alex - A common name which means "defender of humankind".

Bailey - This strong sounding name is of English origin meaning "law enforcer."

Bobby - Bobby can also be spelt as "Bobbie or Bobbi". It means "bright" and "fame".

Cameron - Cameron is of Scottish origin meaning "crooked nose".

Charlie - Charlie is of English origin meaning "free man" and is often used as a nickname for a Charles or Charlotte, before becoming a popular name by itself.

Francis - Although this one has male connotations, "French man", "free man" and "Frank", it makes a wonderful unisex name.

Frankie - Comes from the name "Francis" and is of a French origin meaning "free man."

Spencer - Spencer is a name that not only sounds cool but also sounds traditional. It's French origins means "keeper of provisions."

Nature gender-neutral baby names

Whether your baby was born outdoors or you love being in nature, here are our favourite nature baby names you may want to use:

Ashley - This name is a very popular gender-neutral name and can be spelt 'Ashley or Ashleigh". With English origins it means "dweller near the ash tree meadow."

Berry - A rather bright and jolly name which means "fruit", as well as "victory bringer", "noble" and "fortified place".

Blair - Blair is of Scottish origin meaning "dweller on the plain" and would be a good name if you're looking for something a little different to other gender-neutral names.

Brook - This nature inspired name would be perfect for a free-spirited little one, and is of English origin.

Dylan - Dylan is of Welsh origin meaning "son of the sea" and has a poetic feel to the name. It's still a very popular name, so your Dylan might not be the only one on the class register!

Harley - This sweet name means "the long field" and has an English origin.

Kai - There are different variations of this name and their meanings: "sea" in Hawaiian, "forgiveness" in Japanese, "willow tree" in Navajo, "food" Maori and "earth" in Scandinavian. How lovely!

Rowan - Meaning "little red head", Rowan is a Scottish​ name and it has Irish origin too. It's also a popular name for babies born in Autumn, as its name meaning resembles the colour of the season.

Colour gender-neutral baby names

Perfect for artists and creators, these quirky names will help them to stand out from the crowd:

Blake - This name has contrasting meanings but it's very sweet. It means “black,” “dark,” “bright,” “shining,” or “pale".

Blue - Blue may be linked to sadness, but it also represents sensitivity, peace and wisdom.

Gray - Although this name is quite unusual, it makes for a lovely gender-neutral baby name and can be spelt either Gray or Grey. The "Gray" spelling originally came from the name Grayson, meaning "the son of baliff", but it has soon become a name within its own rights.

Raven - Just like the bird, the name Raven symbolises intelligence and means "wise" or "dark-haired".

Reed - Meaning 'red' or "red-haired", this name is seen more as a surname, so it would be lovely as a first-name.

Red - From English origin, this name means "red-haired".

Religious gender-neutral baby names

Whether you're religious or simply like the way the name looks or sounds, a religious name is a lovely option:

Cleo - This name speaks for itself with its Greek origin meaning "glory." It also means "to praise or acclaim".

Elliot - Elliot is a traditional name that is slowly becoming popular as a gender-neutral name. It is of English origin, meaning "Jehovah is God."

Joe - This one is often used as a nickname but can be used as a name in its own right. It means "God will add" or "Jehovah increases".

Kirby - It means "from the village with the church".

Jordan - Jordan is of Hebrew origin meaning "flowing down". The name was originally given to those baptised with Holy Water from the river Jordan, the only river in Palestine and where Christ was baptised.

Sammy - Also shortened to Sam. It means "God has heard" from Hebew origin.

Toby - Originally a boys name, Toby is becoming more popular with girls and can also be spelt as Tobi. It stems from Tobias and translates as "God is good".

Profession gender-neutral baby names -

These names orginate from job titles and we think they're super cute:

Carter - From English origins, this name means "transporter of goods by cart".

Jamie - Meaning "supplanter", Jamie is of Hebrew, Scottish origin and is a traditional, gender-neutral name.

Remi - This name not only sounds cool, it's very cute too! Meaning "oarsman", Remy is of French, Latin origin and can be spelt Remy or Remi.

•Kane - Usually used as a boys name, this one is uncommon for girls. It has religious connotations but also means "craftsman" and "spear".

•Taylor - Taylor is a popular name that comes from the occupation of a "tailor". This name has always remained a popular for its gender-neutral name meaning and we love the nickname "Tay" for it.

Strong gender-neutral baby names

This little list represents gender-neutral names which mean 'strong':

Andy - This name is of Greek origin meaning "strong" and has become a name in its own right.

Avery - Avery is of English origin meaning "ruler of elves."

•Casey - This sweet name is of Irish origin meaning "brave in battle".

Celebrity and pop culture gender-neutral baby names

Many people take inspiration from social media, tv shows, films and their favourite celebrities for name suggestions:

Asa - Like the popular young actor Asa Butterfield A short name which comes from the bible and means "doctor" or "healer".

Billie - Like Billie Piper or the character Bill from 'Doctor Who'. "Determination" and "strength". It can also be spelt the more commonly used way: "Billy", which was more recently used for Billy Dunne in 'Daisy Jones & The Six'.

Drew - Just like Drew Barrymore. Drew originally comes from the name Andrew, which is of Greek origin meaning "strong."

Dylan - This is a Welsh name that means "son of the sea" and "born from the ocean". Famous namesakes include Dylan Sprouse and Bob Dylan.

Kay - Also spelt "Kaye", it means "pure". Loose Women presenter Kaye Adams has this name.

Kendall - Made famous by the Kardashians, Kendall is a regal name that means "royal" and "valley of the kings".

Kit - This three letter name derives from Katherine and Christopher. It's a religious one meaning "bearing Christ". Kit Harrington is one of the most famous Kits.

Kris - Like the momager Kris Jenner. It means "follower of Christ".

Reese - Like Reese Witherspoon or the chocolate brand. Reese (also spelt "Reece") means "enthusiasm", "fire" and "ardour".

Reign - Meaning "rule" or "sovereign". Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick called their youngest son Reign.

•Sailor - Although this isn't your most common name, it takes inspiration from the occupation of a sailor. It can also be spelt Saylor (like TikTok sensation Zeth's daughter) and is a lovely gender-neutral baby name.

Scout - Made popular by Harper Lee's novel 'To Kill A Mockingbird'. Scout means "sent to discover" and " to listen".

Place gender-neutral baby names

Perfect for the jetsetters, we've come across some names which may represent one of your favourite places to go, or a place that has meaning to you and your family:

Brooklyn - Meaning "broken land", this option is generally associate with water and small streams.

Dakota - Meaning "the friendly one", Dakota is of Native American origin. Dakota used to be very popular, but is now seen as a more unique, gender-neutral name. You can also shorten it to Dax.

London - Gaining popularity, London (also spelt Londyn) means "from the great river".

Milan - Both a Slavic and Roman name, Milan stands for "kind, loving and gracious".

Paris - This name means "the lover", which is no wonder as Paris is known as the "City of love".

Sydney - This Australian destination also doubles up as a name and it means "wide meadow".

Don’t worry if your due date is fast approaching and you still haven’t found a name that feels like the one. Head to our baby name generator where you’ll find thousands of names to fall in love with, from more traditional sounding names, to unique baby names from all around the world.

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