Girls names 2022

girls names 2022

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If you’re expecting a baby girl in 2022 (or you don't know what you're having!), you’ve no doubt already started thinking about what to name your upcoming arrival. You are also probably intrigued to find out all about the girl names that are set to be popular, whether that's because you want some ideas or want to know what to steer clear of!

You're likely to recognise some familiar names from our top baby names for 2022 list but there are also plenty of unusual baby girl names and cute baby girl names for your daughter as well.

To help give you some inspiration, we’ve rounded up the top 25 baby girl names that are predicted to be popular in 2022 along with their meanings in alphabetical order. This list has been compiled using the top baby girl name trends of 2020 according to the Office of National Statistics as well as the predictions for 2022 from Name Berry.

Girls names for 2022

  1. Ada - A relatively old-fashion choice, Ada means noble and is also the short form for the name Adelaide.

  2. Aria - An aria is an expressive melody performed as part of an Opera, but literally means air in Italian.

  3. Ayla - Of Hebrew origin, Ayla means both oak tree and halo moonlight.

  4. Bonnie - A Scottish name meaning fair of face.

  5. Daphne - No doubt inspired by Bridgerton, this name is of Greek origin meaning laurel tree.

  6. Elodie - This French name means marsh flower.

  7. Elsie - Another French choice translates as pledged to God.

  8. Etta - A shortened form of Henrietta, meaning ruler of the house.

  9. Gigi - Of French origin, Gigi means earth worker and is likely to have become popular thanks to the supermodel Gigi Hadid.

  10. Hallie - An English name meaning dweller at the hall meadow.

  11. Harper - The name of the Beckham's youngest daughter, meaning minstrel.

  12. Ivy - From the plant of the same name, in Ancient Greece, ivy would symbolise faithfulness.

  13. Lottie - Usually used as a shortened form of Charlotte, it means little and womanly.

  14. Lyla - Of Arabic origin meaning night.

  15. Lyra - A central character in Philip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy and the name of Ed Sheeran's daughter, it's a constellation name taken from the lyre of Orpheus.

  16. Mabel - We love the meaning of this name: adorable and loveable.

  17. Maeve - An Irish Gaelic name meaning intoxicating, we're assuming this name has rose in popularity due to the character in Netflix hit show Sex Education.

  18. Margot - Meaning pearl, Hollywood actress Margot Robbie is bound to have inspired the namesakes of many.

  19. Mia - Italian, meaning mine. Famous Mias include actresses Mia Wasikowska and Mia Farrow.

  20. Mila/Myla - A Spanish choice meaning miracles, actress Mila Kunis really put this name on the map.

  21. Nova - A popular name in Sweden, Nova means new and is also a star that suddenly releases a huge burst of light before fading.

  22. Orla - Meaning golden lady, Orla is a pretty Irish name.

  23. Sienna - Derived from Latin, the name Sienna is believed to originate from a Tuscan town which is spelt Siena and is distinguished by its medieval brick buildings.

  24. Sofia/Sophia - A popular German name, Sofia means wisdom in Greek.

  25. Willow - English, from the tree of the same name. Willow represents balance, learning and growth.

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The top girls names for 2021

 • Sofia

 • Maya

 • Iris

 • Aria

 • Adelaide

 • Cora

 • Eloise

 • Esme

 • Madison

 • Lena

Top baby girl names from 2020

 • Greta

 • Isla

 • Luna

 • Maeve

 • Ivory

 • Nora

 • Pearl

 • Olive

 • Ada

 • Billie

Top girls baby names from 2019

 • Adeline

 • Hallie

 • Harper

 • Luna

 • Margot

 • Nova

 • Orla

 • Wren

 • Mila

 • Aubrey

Top unique girls' baby names from 2017

 • Elora

 • Nola

 • Afia

 • Effie

 • Winnie

 • Alma

 • Star

 • Pia

 • Astrid

 • September

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