2022 boys baby names

2022 boys baby names

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If you’re expecting a baby boy in 2022, you’ll probably want to know more about the boy names that are set to be all the rage next year.

Name trends are predicted to get even more varied next year, with parents all the more keen to give their baby boy a unique sounding name to help them stand out. After all, there’s nothing more confusing for parents and teachers than having three Olivers all in one class!

While there are many familiar names in the 2022 baby boy names list, there are some more unique and creative ideas too for you to consider for your son.

To help give you some inspiration, we’ve rounded up the top 25 names that are predicted to be popular in 2022 with their meanings in alphabetical order. We’ve compiled this list using the top baby boy name trends of 2020 according to the Office of National Statistics, plus the predictions for 2022 from Name Berry.

Top boy names for 2022

  1. Albie - An old English name for brilliant and bright.

  2. Archie - The shortened version of Archibald meaning bold or brave.

  3. Arlo - An Anglo-Saxon name meaning rock hill or fortified hill.

  4. Arthur - An Old Celtic name meaning bear.

  5. Carter - Carter is of Irish, Scottish and English origin and is a name given to someone who transports goods by cart or wagon.

  6. Chester - Chester is of English origin meaning A Fortress.

  7. Elijah - This is a Hebrew name for Yahweh is God.

  8. Ezra - Ezra comes from the Hebrew word azar meaning help, aid, or protect.

  9. Finley - Is of Gaelic derivation and means blond warrior.

  10. Grayson - Originally a last name meaning son of a steward.

  11. Hudson -  Of English origin and meaning Hugh's son or son of Hud.

  12. Jude - Name of Hebrew origin and meaning praised.

  13. Myles - Germanic and English given name meaning peaceful.

  14. Noah -  From the Hebrew “Noach" which means rest or repose.

  15. Oakley - Meaning meadow of oak trees.

  16. Oscar - Meaning spear of the gods.

  17. Otis - A German name meaning wealth.

  18. Reggie - An English name meaning mighty counselor-ruler.

  19. Roman - Hebrew origin which means strong and powerful. Roman is also used to refer to people who descended from Rome.

  20. Sebastian - A Latin name for venerable or revered.

  21. Sonny - Derives from the English word Son.

  22. Teddy - A French name meaning wealthy protector, brave people, God's gift.

  23. Theo - Comes from the Greek words theos, meaning God.

  24. Theodore - A lengthened version of Theo, meaning God's gift.

  25. Tommy - A name of English origin that means a Twin.

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