100 cool names for boys and girls that you’ll love

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Looking for cool names for your baby? We don't blame you! After all, a cool baby name will help ensure your child has the best chance of matching their moniker as they grow up. What you need is the perfect blend of creativity, uniqueness and pizazz... with a sprinkle of a badass! If you're after a modern baby name that oozes style, whether it's British,a nature boy name inspired by the world around us or from more exotic climates, here are the top cool names if you want your little one to stand out on the school register. They'll thank you later!

Here are a few of M&B's favourite cool baby names for boys and girls:

Cool girl names:

  1. Aria

  2. Anais

  3. Audrey

  4. Beatrix

  5. Birdie

  6. Blaire

  7. Brooklyn

  8. Callie

  9. Clemmie

  10. Cora

  11. Dixie

  12. Eloise

  13. Esme

  14. Frankie

  15. Harlow

  16. Harper

  17. Imogen

  18. India

  19. Isla

  20. Juniper

  21. Juno

  22. Lola

  23. Luna

  24. Lux

  25. Mabel

  26. Macy

  27. Marcella

  28. Mila

  29. Nellie

  30. Nova

  31. Oceane

  32. Ophelia

  33. Pearl

  34. Penelope

  35. Piper

  36. Quinn

  37. Rae

  38. Rain

  39. Rebel

  40. River

  41. Sage

  42. Scarlett

  43. Sia

  44. Sunday

  45. Tallulah

  46. Vita

  47. Willow

  48. Wren

  49. Zahara

  50. Zelda

Cool boy names:

  1. Arlo

  2. Ace

  3. Atticus

  4. August

  5. Axel

  6. Beckett

  7. Blaze

  8. Bowie

  9. Brooks

  10. Byron

  11. Cormac

  12. Dante

  13. Dexter

  14. Edison

  15. Elvis

  16. Felix

  17. Finn

  18. Fox

  19. Grayson

  20. Grey

  21. Gus

  22. Huck

  23. Hudson

  24. Jace

  25. Jagger

  26. Jaxton

  27. Jett

  28. Lennon

  29. Levi

  30. Kai

  31. Lincoln

  32. Mason

  33. Matteo

  34. Maverick

  35. Milo

  36. Orion

  37. Otis

  38. Philo

  39. Pierce

  40. Ralphie

  41. Roman

  42. Ryder

  43. Sebastian

  44. Sullivan

  45. Tate

  46. Waldo

  47. Wyatt

  48. Xavier

  49. Zain

  50. Zephyr

If you have decided to find out the gender of your baby, and you’re looking for a boys name to suit your son or a girly name fit for a daughter, then our round up of the best cool girls names and cool boys names are full of both unique and traditional ideas to add to your list of possible baby names. You can also head to our baby name generator where you’ll find thousands of names to fall in love with.

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