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Cool boy names

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If you're expecting a baby boy, you'll probably be looking for cool boy names to make them stand out on the register when they're older. There are so many cool and unique baby boy names to choose — from more unusual boy names, like Colt, to more popular names, like Leo — it can be hard to narrow it down to just one! Take a look at our pick of the best hipster and cool baby boy names to help give you some inspiration.

Top cool and unique boy names

We've put together 85 of the best cool boy names with meanings for your baby.

  • Adriano

  • Alain

  • Alastair

  • Allesandro

  • Alexandre

  • Arlo - Spanish, meaning ‘barberry tree’.

  • Abel - Hebrew, meaning ‘breath’ or ‘breathing spirit’.

  • Axel - German and Scandinavian, a Germanised form of the Hebrew Absalom, meaning ‘father is peace’.

  • Aston — One of the four members of boyband JLS, Aston Merrygold.

  • Atticus

  • Aurelio

  • Baptiste

  • Bear — The one syllable boy name Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne gave to their baby boy. We think it’s pretty original.

  • Brody — This Scottish baby boy name has gained popularity due to reality star Brody Jenner. It can also be spelt ‘Brodie’.

  • Caruso

  • Chance

  • Claude

  • Cleo - Greek, meaning ‘glory’.

  • Conrad

  • Curtis

  • Cosmo — A gender-neutral name of Greek origin which means ‘beauty’ and ‘order’. It also makes us think of the stars.

  • Cyrus — A Persian name that means ‘sun’ and the perfect name to give your little ray of joy.

  • Dexter

  • Drake — Of English origin and meaning ‘dragon’, could your little boy ask for a cooler name? Also popular due to Drake the Canadian rapper.

  • Dion - Greek, short form of Dionysius, the Greek god of wine.

  • Duran

  • Dwight

  • Emanuele - The Italian variation of Emmanuel, Emanuele has great biblical meaning as the name given to the promised Messiah.

  • Elton - Old English, meaning ‘Ella’s town’.

  • Enzo - Italian, short for Lorenzo, meaning ‘laurel’.

  • Felix

  • Finn — Of Irish origin, this name means ‘fair’.

  • Grayson

  • Grey - Although Grey sounds like a little quirky, it is definitely a cool alternative to more popular names.

  • Jett - This name is simple yet super cool, meaning 'mineral'.

  • Javier - Spanish, meaning ‘bright’.

  • Johannes

  • Kellen

  • Keenan — This Gaelic name means ‘little ancient one’.

  • Kofi — Ghanian and means ‘born on Friday’.

  • Leroy

  • Leo — cool, but also cute. This loveable name means ‘lion’ in Latin and is short for ‘Leon’ in German, meaning ‘brave people’ and ‘lion-hearted’.

  • Lennon -  This name has an Irish origin meaning 'small cloak'.

  • Lincoln - Lincoln is a cool name for a little boy meaning 'town by the pool'.

  • Malik — A popular Muslim baby name that means King. So, if you see a future ruler in your baby, this strong name is perfect.

  • Mario

  • Mason

  • Marcello - Meaning young warrior.

  • Moses - Hebrew, meaning ‘saviour’.

  • Nataniele

  • Neo - Latin, meaning ‘new’.

  • Noah — We think this strong name oozes confidence. It also means ‘peaceful’.

  • Nolan - Gaelic, meaning ‘champion’.

  • Orlando — Also the name of Pirates of the Caribbean heartthrob Orlando Bloom.

  • Otis - German, meaning ‘wealth’.

  • Philo

  • Pierce

  • Quinn - Gaelic, meaning ‘counsel’.

  • Ralphie

  • Rafferty — The name of actor Jude Law’s son, Rafferty Law. It can also be shortened to ‘Raff’ for short.

  • Reuben

  • Roman — This Latin name is also the name mummy Lucy Mecklenburgh gave to her baby boy.

  • Rocco - Super cute and associated with a bunch of legendary boxers, this name is a win-win.

  • Romeo

  • Rory

  • Ryder

  • Roman - Latin, meaning ‘from Rome’.

  • Rex - Latin, meaning ‘king’.

  • Rémy - French, meaning ‘from Rheims’.

  • Stefan - It's a great variation on the traditional Steven or Stephen.

  • Storm - English, from the word ‘storm’.

  • Tyson — As well as sounding cool, we think this name has a strong feel to it too, which is pretty fitting as it’s also the name of boxer Tyson Fury.

  • Valentino

  • Winter - Old English, meaning ‘to be born in the winter’.

  • Wolf

  • Xylander - Greek, meaning ‘man of the forest’.

  • Xeven - Slavic, meaning ‘lively’.

  • Yves - French, meaning ‘miniature archer’ or ‘small archer’.

  • Zaide - Yiddish, meaning ‘the elder ones’.

  • Zayn — Meaning beauty and grace, Zayn has burst into baby name popularity following the rise of One Direction superstar, Zayn Malik.

  • Zachary

  • Zakhar

  • Zakiya

  • Zavier

  • Zeus

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Don’t worry if your due date is fast approaching and you still haven’t found a name that feels like the one. Head to our baby name generator where you’ll find thousands of names to fall in love with, from more traditional sounding names, to unique baby names as well as cool girl names.

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