25 nature boy names inspired by Earth

Find the perfect nature-inspired name for your baby boy.


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There's no denying how beautiful nature can be. If you love spending time outdoors, and constantly find yourself shopping for environmentally friendly baby products, it's understandable why you might want a nature boy name for your son.

When it comes to nature-inspired baby names they have certainly risen in popularity over recent years. Since we've all become more environmentally conscious, eco-friendly baby names have moved up on the popularity list of baby names. It also helps that they're rather cute sounding boy names too.

If a nature boy name for your baby sounds like the right direction for naming your son, we've rounded up some of our favourites.

Nature boy names

Ash - Although it's a gender neutral baby name, it tends to be more popular for boys and it's inspired by the Ash tree.

Aspen - As well as being the name of a famous ski resort in Colorado, it's also a tree that has heart-shaped leaves.

Bear - This popular name is from German origin meaning 'strong and brave bear'.

Bray - This can be used for both boys and girls and is of Irish origin meaning 'marsh'.

Cosmo - Cosmo is a rather traditional yet cool baby name name given to males meaning order and beauty, often linked to nature.

Clay - This translates to 'the Earth' and is becoming a popular baby name for boys.

Ellery - The traditional meaning is lives by the alder tree but it also means joyful.

Forest - This name has French origin meaning woodsman or woods and can also be spelt 'Forrest'.

Moss - The small green plant can be found in most gardens but it makes for a rather stylish name.

Oak - You'll have no doubt heard of the large Oak tree where you can find acorns.

Ocean - Perfect if you live by the sea, it's a beautiful sounding name ideal for boys or girls.

Oleander - Although it's a poisonous evergreen shrub, there's no denying that this makes a lovely boys name.

Oliver - A very popular boys name always in the top 10, it's linked to the Olive tree.

Oren - This masculine name translates to 'pine' or 'ash' in Hebrew.

Quennel - An adorable French boy name for your baby, it translates to 'dweller at the little oak tree'.

Reed - You can often find tall grassy reeds in most ponds and rivers and it also makes a nice modern sounding baby boy name.

River - Another popular nature-inspired name, it's becoming an increasingly popular name for baby boys and girls.

Rocky - Although it sounds quite masculine, it's also becoming a popular girls name too.

Rowan - Both a strong forename and surname, this translates to 'a tree with red berries' and has Scottish and Irish origins.

Rue - This is a very trendy name at the moment and means 'herb' with English and Greek origins.

Sage - Looking for a short name? Sage is a lovely gender-neutral name taken from the herb.

Sylvan - This primarily male name has French origins and means 'Of The Forest'.

West - Take inspiration from Kim Kardashian's children's name with this compass inspired name.

Wolf - They're a beautiful animal and could make a beautiful name for your new baby boy.

Woody - This playful and cute baby boy name is on trend and takes inspiration from trees.

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