How To Toddler-Proof Your Home

How To Toddler-Proof Your Home

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Favourite pieces of furniture and objects you never even gave a second thought to can now become your toddler’s biggest adventure – and biggest hazard

Exploring her surroundings and discovering her limits are all part of your toddler’s development. So while you don’t want your child to be injured, understanding that jumping off a chair can lead to a bumped knee is an essential lesson.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reduce the main hazards that can easily lead to a trip to A&E.

  1. When cooking, always use the back rings on the hob, turn pan handles towards the wall and keep the kettle at the back of the worktop.

  2. Never leave a hot drink within reach and watch out for tablecloths that can be pulled off.

  3. Keep your dishwasher closed and never place sharp knives with the point facing up.

  4. Stairs are an accident hot spot – look out for rugs that your child might slip on and fit safety gates at the top and bottom.

  5. Clean up spills on hard floors quickly – this prevents your child slipping on them.

  6. Lock up medicines and cleaning products by using cupboard locks.

  7. Tuck away electrical cables and tie curtain or blind cords out of the way.

  8. Always use fire guards around fires and heaters.

  9. Fit window locks and fix heavy bookshelves to the wall.

  10. Keep hair straighteners packed away.

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