Tinum SE Stylish Black 3in1

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Tinum SE Stylish Black 3in1

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Combining optimal safety with cutting-edge style, every detail of this refined travel system has been tailor-made for the modern family, with a lightweight frame, easy-to-fold mechanism and contemporary accessories designed to make travelling a breeze. From your baby’s first introduction to the world, Tinum 2.0 grows with them – to their first steps and far beyond. With exceptional quality of finish and all-new panoramic ventilation, it’s elegant, effortless and here for every part of your journey. As one of the best travel systems as voted for by our testers, it also won silver in our 2023 Mother and Baby Awards in the Best Travel System category.

Overview of the Tinum SE Stylish Black 3in1



One hand folding

Rotary front wheels 360°



Testing the Tinum SE Stylish Black 3in1

Tinum SE Stylish Black 3in1 award

The main thing our testers loved about this travel system was the design, and style is what Venicci are great at.

"I love the design of the (very sleek and stylish) travel system from Venicci - the glossy black and rose gold are gorgeous, and the foot muff insert lining feels very plush (although too thick for use in the summer!)."

It wasn't only the style that our parent testers were fans of, it was also how easy it was to assemble and use.

One mum said, "This product is extremely user friendly. Everything about the pushchair is easy to do, with strong smooth mechanisms. The pushchair seat and bassinet are both really easy to attach and detach. Everything feels great quality. It is so easy to fold and unfold the pushchair with one hand and there is no need to remove the seat which is so handy for me. The fold is nice and compact too which is great and it stands freely. The nice big chunky wheels make it great for all terrain and it is really smooth to push."

Mums also loved the extra features that made their lives easier including the rain cover, extendable hood and bag.

"My daughter seemed very comfortable in this and was well protected from the sun by the extendable hood. The bag that clips onto the handle is really handy. The rain cover is the best rain cover I have seen on a pushchair. It is so easy to put on because it is elasticated so there are no fiddly poppers. It also has a large zipped pannel on the front to get baby in and out without having to remove this whole rain cover. This is great to be able to just unzip the pannel between rain showers or when going inside shops rather than having to take the whole wet cover off and find somewhere to put it."

One aspect many of our parents weren't fans of was the car seat. They found it wasn't quite as good quality as the pushchair and also, some mums struggled to attach it to the base.

One mum tester said, "I'd definitely change the car seat. Everything about the pushchair itself it exceptionally well made, easy to use and high quality with many amazing clever features, I love it. The car seat massively let's this down as a travel system because the quality of the car seat just does not match the pushchair at all. It feels cheap, with rough material and is not easy to use. The lowest harness setting is too large for a newborn baby and there are only two settings in total which are difficult to swap between. I would much prefer to use this pushchair with a higher quality safer car seat such as the Cybex cloud z. I think Venicci would be better off focusing on just the pushchair side of things and then include a different brand seat with their travel systems."

The biggest positive was how comfortable our testers children seemed to find this travel system, which is a huge bonus when out and about.

One tester said, "My experience with this pram was lovely. I found the push chair to be very light weight with a lot of handy features. My baby found this push chair comfortable and didn’t seem stressed out when he was in it. I really enjoyed the foot chair feature. It allows your to extend it if needed or keep it on the smallest setting if it’s not needed. I like this feature as when baby is in the chair because they are big enough to fit in it, it doesn’t look like baby is being swamped by the chair and it allows them to grow into the chair over time. I found the quality of this pram very high brand. It’s very pleasing to the eye and the design of the colours and the way it has been made is very upcoming and modern. I had many compliments on this pram while using it. A lot of people would compliment the fabric on this pram and was always mention how comfortable my baby looked in it. These compliments are definitely a true reflection on this pram! When being pushed my baby was comfortable and didn’t seem like he was uncomfortable when being pushed down roads that had an uneven surface. I would say that I found it to be quite a friendly pram to different terrains and the suspension seemed durable."

Final thoughts

If style is what you're looking for, then the Venicci Tinum SE Stylish Black 3in1 might be just what you're looking for. Not only does it offer plenty of style, it's also very comfortable for your baby, the luxurious features and how easy it was to assemble.

There are some mums who found some aspects quite fiddly and weren't huge fans of the car seat, but they were huge fans of the pushchair and loved the various features and easy steering system.

Full product specs

Carrycot: L: 100CM | W: 58CM | H: 110CM Weight:  (with chassis): 12KG Suitability: 0 - 9KG

Chassis: (with seat unit and wheels) L: 41CM | W: 58CM | H: 63CM Weight (chassis with wheels): 8KG Weight (chassis without wheels): 5.5KG

Seat unit: L: 73CM | W: 58CM | H: 105CM Weight (with chassis): 12KG Suitability: 0 - 22KG

Quick one hand folding

UV 50+ fabric


Rotary front wheels 360°

5 - point harness

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