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Mothercare Journey

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A super affordabletravel system, with everything you need for life on the go with a baby, our panel of mum testers loved the Mothercare Journey. Highlights include the easy fold and one-hand recline feature, but compared to others on the market, this will only last until your tot is two.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Vicki: I would recommend this pram to my friends and to other mums in general, as it is excellent value for money. It's easy to assemble, easy to use, feels sturdy and looks a lot more expensive than it is. I felt proud to push it, and I think that's important! Also, the fabric is luxurious looking yet was very easy to wipe down.

Rebecca: I would recommend the Mothercare Journey to other mums, as it is very easy to use and is amazing value for the money. I found it really easy to fold down and put up and thought it looked like a much more expensive pram than it was. It has a decent-sized basket so you can go and do some shopping without worrying about how you’ll get it home, and my baby seemed very comfortable on board.

Sarah M: The Mothercare Journey is a really well built and solidly made pushchair, and I would definitely recommend it to other parents. My little girl is two years old and average size for her age and she was really comfortable in the Journey and loved being able to lie completely flat in it. The price of the pushchair also makes it really good value for money.

Katy: I would recommend the Mothercare Journey to other mums as it is really easy to put up and fold down, which was one of my favourite features. It also has really good suspension so it handled well on rougher terrain - it bounced rather than jolted when going up and down curbs. As a left-handed mum, I also really like the fact that the break is in the middle, rather than on the right side like most of the prams on the market.

Sarah K: I would recommend this pram as an affordable travel system option for a new mum. The Mothercare Journey appears to be good value for money and it has a nice appearance, similar to that of other pricier options. The fact that the pram folds compactly and easily are further reasons why I would recommend this travel system.

How has this product made your life easier?

Vicki: The Mothercare Journey travel system is fantastic. First of all, I managed to assemble it without even needing to look at the instructions, which is a huge plus for me. The fact that the pushchair and carrycot are one unit is excellent, as it means that there's no bulky carrycot to store once the baby moves into the pushchair. My favourite part is the one hand recline feature – as a mum, my hands are always full, so this is a big help!

Rebecca: The Mothercare Journey is a really lovely pram and I have enjoyed using it. It folds down and goes back up easily and doesn't take up much room in your house which is exactly what I need. It has a decent-sized basket to put shopping in and fits in my boot easily. My little girl seemed very comfortable in it.

Sarah M: The Mothercare Journey is a really solid, good quality pushchair. The lining of the pushchair has a removable insert that has a footmuff that zips onto it, making it really easy to take on and off for washing. This also makes my life easier as the pushchair is easy to clean, which is ideal for a toddler who likes to snack in the pram.

Katy: This pram can be set up both parent and world facing and is suitable from birth which is a big plus point. It is also a great price – it looks very similar to some of the popular brands on the market, and matches the quality of them too. I would definitely buy this pushchair over some of the more expensive brands as it is very comfy and attractive looking. It also has a great size shopping bag underneath, which definitely makes life as a mum easier.

Sarah K: The pram folds and unfolds very easily, with a simple one-handed action – this is handy when trying to load the pram into the car with a young child. The fact that the frame folds is half is another positive point, as it leaves more room in the car boot for shopping. I could also fit the frame on the back seat of my car, which shows how compact it folds for a large pram.

Would you choose this product to win?

Vicki: I think the Mothercare Journey should win an award in this category, as it offers truly excellent value for money. The clever design means the carrycot turns into the pushchair, meaning no separate unit to store and plenty of flexible options in terms of configuration.  It's both parent and world facing and switches very easily between the two. The car seat is also of excellent quality and feels very comfortable.

Rebecca: Unfortunately, I wouldn't choose the Mothercare Journey to win this category as although it looks lovely and is easy to fold, the manoeuvrability lets it down. I struggled to push this pram and didn't really enjoy using it out and about. Personally, I like a pram to feel light and easy to push and sadly, this wasn't.

Sarah M: I highly recommend the Mothercare Journey as it is a really sturdy pushchair that handled well and had good suspension - my little girl loved being bounced in it whilst being pushed along! The pram has an extendable handle which is great for me as I sometimes find other pushchairs have fixed handle heights which are too low, leading to back pain from being bent over.

Katy: We are just reaching the stage where my daughter will no longer need a pram, but I loved this travel system so much that I'm actually considering buying the full travel system for my next baby. It was good quality but at a very good price compared to other brands. I would definitely put this one forward to win a Mother & Baby award for value for money, quality, design and usability.

Sarah K: I personally wouldn’t choose this travel system above other similar systems on the market, as firstly, I found the seat unit very small. My daughter who has just turned two years old reached the hood of the pram with her head and her feet were on the bottom of the seat unit. For me, this would mean a further pram would be needed, as parents often use a pram until aged three or older, depending on the child.

What changes would you make to this product?

Vicki: There are just a couple of things I'd change about the Mothercare Journey – I would like the hood to be a bit bigger for sunny day naps, and a little bit more on the length would be a benefit, as my daughter is an average height 21-month-old and has already run out of leg-room.

Rebecca: If I could change one thing about the Mothercare Journey it would be its manoeuvrability. It felt very heavy to steer and it wasn't great going up and down kerbs. I also found it tricky to steer with one hand, which is a shame, as it is a lovely pushchair otherwise.

Sarah M: The harness straps on the Mothercare Journey seemed too low down, even on the highest setting and were quite difficult to secure over my little girl's shoulders. Once she was fastened into the pushchair she managed to slip her arms out so she was no longer restrained in the harness. I found everything else about the pram to be great.

Katy: The only thing I would change is the rain cover, as it is a very tight fit and I feel it didn’t fully cover the pram. It would be nice if the pram was available in more colours, although it wouldn't put me off buying it in the future.

Sarah K: The main thing I would change would be the seat unit, as I feel it doesn't offer value for money if the pram can't be used much past two years old. I currently own a different travel system which still has lots of growing room for my daughter. The straps on the seat unit were also difficult to fasten.

Product Information

  • Suitable from birth to six months (9kg) in pramette mode

  • Seat mode is suitable from 6 months to 15kg (forward-facing and rearward-facing)

  • Full suspension and lockable front swivel wheels for a smooth ride across all surfaces

  • Group 0+ car seat is suitable from birth to 13kg (12-15 months), and attaches to the journey chassis using included adaptors

  • This is a universal car seat that is compatible with most cars and does not require a fitting list

  • Free-standing frame with compact fold and removable wheels - the seat unit must be removed before folding the journey

  • Removable car-seat wedge to support your newborn until approx. 4-6 months

  • Height-adjustable handle and detachable bumper bar

  • Includes a pram liner, pram apron, chest pads and weathershield

  • Mothercare UV parasols and cup holders are designed to fit all pushchairs, including the journey

  • Unfolded dimensions: H109 x W58 x D100cm / folded, dimensions: H66 x W58 x D95cm

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