Joie Finiti pushchair with Calmi R129 car seat review

joie finiti pushchair with calmi r129 car seat

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The Joie Finiti pushchair with Calmi R129 car seat is an ideal baby travel system for parents with newborns. The Calmi R129 car seat is compatible with most cars and makes it really convenient to switch baby from lie flat in the Finiti pushchair to lie flat directly in the car. Always ensure to follow the correct safety guidelines for how long your baby can be in a car for, to ensure your baby is safe at all times.

Once your little one is ready, you can then transform the Finiti into a pushchair to use for up to four years old or 22kg, whichever comes first. The Calmi R129 is i-Size compliant and ISOFIX compatible. Hailed by our parent testers for being easy to manoeuvre and stylish, this travel system combo is also a Mother&Baby Awards 2023 Gold winner.

Overview of the Joie Finiti pushchair with Calmi R129 car seat


  • Durable suspension

  • Stylish travel system

  • Ample under seat storage

  • Simple transition from newborn to toddler

  • Idea to have a bassinet that can be transformed into a car seat

  • Finiti is lightweight and easy to push

  • Convenient lie flat position of Finiti pushchair


  • The expandable canopy cover doesn't cover the seat fully when in lie down position

  • Calmi R129 car seat doesn't fit in the back of all car models

  • Break away click noise of the Calmi R129 car seat, when removed from the Finiti pushchair can be quite loud

Testing the Joie Finiti pushchair with Calmi R129 car seat

Our parent testers put the Joie Finiti pushchair with Calmi R129 car seat to the test and here is what they thought.

Rachel said: "From the minute the Joie Finiti travel system and Calmi arrived, I was impressed, arriving in just one box each. Quick and easy to build with informative manuals the included accessories ( a cup holder, rain cover and detachable pram organiser) were a nice surprise to have included as standard. The pram is quick and easy to unfold/fold with no need to double over due to the quick release on the seat. It folds flat with the seat attachment making it quick and easy to put up/pack away if in a rush or in bad weather. The harness is really easy to use on both items and the four various modes this system caters for meant that we could choose the best combination for us for that moment in time. The clever storage pockets built into the Calmi carrycot on both the outside and the inside meant that I was never without a blanket/comforter and could easily and quickly find the items rather than having to rummage in a changing bag."

Amy said: "I was very excited to use this product. The Joie signature range is lovely and definitely looks the part. The bassinet really did excite me, however it disappointed me, as even though it said it was compatible it would not fit in my car as I had another car seat in the back for my 4 year old. The pram was great though, and I did take advantage of strapping my little one in the carry cot for extra security."

Michelle said: "This travel system is beautiful. Me and my little girl got on really well with using it. The Calmi is such a good idea that would make my life easier as a mum, however I could not get it to fit in my car as I have another car seat in the back which I was a bit gutted about to be honest. The pram was lovely though, really easy to push and fold up and down. Really loved that that Calmi had the straps to strap my little one in."

Kellie said: "Quick and easy to use when out and about - don't need to take lots of different attachments or adapters as the 4-in-1 options allow me to choose the best set up for me and my baby in the moment. It is easy to switch from the seat to the Calmi without the need for adapters. I was pleasantly surprised with the clever design features such as the pockets within the Calmi carrycot, the adjustable handles to allow for ultimate comfort for my height and the detachable changing bag on the Finiti frame – I didn't need to always bring the changing bag out with me."

Rachel said: "The travel system is fantastic, catering to all our needs. I love the four modes in one meaning you have everything you want in one bundle with no awkward adapters or extra parts needed. The one-handed fold to a compact is easy and great too. Being on my own was made much easier with this feature and has given me more confidence going out and about. My baby is very comfortable in the pram and loves being able to see what’s going on around him, which is made better by being able to sit up."

Cate said: "Straightforward set up, stylish and smooth to use so all-in-all a positive experience for both mum and baby! Baby slept easily through walks with this pram despite our local pavements not being the most even, and then it was lightweight and easy to get in and out of car boot and reassemble when we were out and about."

Mohini said: "The Joie Finiti pushchair was okay to use. I found it quite difficult to open and close and it certainly can’t be done one-handed. The seat pack however did seem comfortable and a smooth ride while walking. I found the handlebar too thick and struggled to get my hand around it and hold on to the pushchair properly."

Katie said: "The stroller is very easy to put up and down just using one hand. It’s also very compact compared to other travel systems so saves space when travelling in the car and is really easy to carry. I was impressed that for the size it folds down to, the seat is still both front and rear facing. Also for a more compact stroller it had good suspension and big wheels. My baby seemed comfortable, but I thought the shade could have reached down lower. He is a big 8-month-old and in the morning/afternoon the shade didn’t cover his face from the sun at all."

Joie Finiti pushchair and Calmi R129 car seat specification

Age suitability: Birth to approximately 4 years old (22kg)

Suspension: Four-wheel (wheels are foam filled and removable)

Harness: Five-point system

Safety: Calmi R129 is i-Size compliant and ISOFIX compatible

Handle height: 100-108cm

Material: Frame is aluminium

Position: Front and rear facing available

Other: Adjustable handlebars, one-hand fold feature, wipe-clean and do not tumble dry

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