Infababy Ultimo 3 in 1 Travel System review

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Infababy Ultimo 3 in 1 Travel System

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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At a glance:

The award-winning Infababy Ultimo 3 in 1 Travel Systemis undoubtedly the ultimate travel system with no restrictions on where you're going. The system includes a luxury carrycot, seat unit, car seat, seat unit foot apron, a padded seat liner, and a rain cover. Go from parent facing to forward-facing with efficiency, security, and style.

How did this product make your life easier?

Levi: The pram is very easy to put together, and easy to put up and down quicker than any other pram I have recently tested. With a car seat, carrycot and seat it makes it a lot easier to just swap them over when needed. You just press two buttons at the side to take them off it just slots in. Also, the big storage underneath the pram makes life a lot easier to store anything, with a zip, so nothing can fall out which I have not seen before.

Katie: I was able to steer this pram with one hand which made things like shopping and dog walking much easier! It also coped well with the cobbles in my local area. I particularly found this pram much easier than others when going down the step out of my front door, as the three-wheel design stops the wheels from getting stuck or bending at awkward angles.

Meg: The Infababy Ultimo 3 in 1 travel system is ideal for all aspects of “mum life”. This system is very simple to assemble and perfect for day to day chores. Each day I have to take my dog out for a walk so it was important that I have a travel system that could sustain all terrains. I found the travel system easy to navigate through fields and wooded areas whilst holding my dog on a lead. I also like how each part of the travel system fits the frame with ease, there is no awkwardness juggling whilst slotting each part into place.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Abigail: I actually really loved this Infababy Ultimo 3 in 1 Travel System and I would definitely recommend it to a fellow mum! It looks really smart and more expensive than the actual price tag. The reflective detailing is a nice design feature with safety in mind. It’s subtle but nicely designed. It folds up and down very easily. The waterproof carrycot lining will definitely be a lifesaver if you have a particularly sicky baby, which I did! The car seat is very lightweight and everything attaches easily together. I put it together without looking at the instructions, so it was definitely straightforward and simple. The wheels are nice and big, giving it a swift and comfortable journey for the little one.

Gemma: So many features on the Infababy Ultimo 3 in 1 Travel System to mention here! The pram easily reclines at a push of a button conveniently located near the handle. So when the baby finally decides to sleep, you can recline without waking them! The product can be folded down and put into the car easily. With my current pram, you have to detach the top from the base which is a faff! The storage below the pram is really good! It's perfect for a shopping trip or even the backpack, rescuing you from a sweaty back in the summer months! My daughter seems really comfy and loves how high up she is in the pram. You could get so much use out of this pram for a long time!

Verity: I’d recommend the Infababy Ultimo 3 in 1 Travel System because it looks very smart and it is easy to use and pack away. It has some really nice functions such as the bottom at the top of the pram that allows you to recline for sleeping, I imagine this is important to other mums too. It also looks quite designer despite the reasonable price point.

Would you choose this product to win?

Abigail: I would be glad to see this product win! It’s great value for money, looks beautiful and has some great features. My favourite being the basket. It’s sturdy and comfortable, and has your baby's safety in mind with the reflective detailing. It's a nice wipeable fabric that feels thick and hard wearing. It’s easy to fold up and down, nice to steer and great taking around town. Changing the seats is easy and swift. The main seat reclines nicely when your little one is due a nap. I love the shape of the footrest and the bar across the seat section. Nice design!

Gemma: I would definitely choose this pram over others I've used and the one I brought. It is comfy for both myself and my daughter. The large wheels ensure a smooth ride for her. It is easy to get up and down steps, on and off public transport and into a car. It looks good and there is honestly only one thing I'd mention as a negative. I found that the wheels felt slightly less stable when doing a tight turn. I got used to it, we never tipped, but it was worth noting.

Verity: Yes I would choose this above other prams. It does not prioritise style over substance but still looks great and has many practical features that are useful no matter the age of the baby. The padded elements make the pram seem very comfortable and my baby has no problem dropping off to sleep or sitting comfortably.

What changes would you make to this product?

Meg: The frame is quite high in comparison to other travel systems, to make it more comfortable to push I would perhaps prefer a lower framework, however, this would not deter me from purchasing this travel system. Generally, I cannot find fault with this travel system, there is very little that I would alter.

Sophie: If I was able to change one thing about the Infababy Ultimo travel system, it would be the fabric used on the car seat, seat and carrycot. For me, as mentioned in the above question, the fabric was just a little too padded for my liking. Whilst I like the fact that the satin finish seems to be easy to wipe clean, I just have a personal aversion against padded fabrics. I know from other competitors that there are less padded alternatives, which make it easier for parents to pad the seats with blankets or other accessories as needed.

Levi: If I could change one thing about this pram it would definitely be the front wheel. I would either put two wheels at the front or maybe a bigger wheel to keep it upright at the front without having to straighten the wheel to start off pushing. I think it would make it a steadier pram to use and then I would then maybe consider buying this product.

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