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Cosatto Wow Travel System

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Here's what our testers thought of the Cosatto Wow Travel System.

The Cosatto Wow Travel System at a glance:

A beautiful, eye-catching travel system that not only looks great but is lightweight, easy to use and great value for money. Our panel of mum testers loved how easy the Cosatto WOW is to push and how compact it folds, but found the brake frustrating, many of them kicking it whilst walking.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Nicola Heaton: I have loved using this pushchair, the fox design is very eye-catching and I have had a few comments from friends and family saying how beautiful the colours are. I believe that this choice of design is unisex and I would happily use it for both. The material is easily wiped down which has been a godsend when on muddy walks and a messy toddler. The seat unit itself seems very comfortable and my little boy happily gets in and helps find the straps, which is a five-point safety harness that has shoulder pads for extra comfort. The seat reclines very easily with just one hand, and I love the way you can also adjust the foot bar allowing your child to be even more comfortable

Lucy Chapple: It was a very attractive, fun travel system and a smooth ride for my baby. It seemed comfortable for my daughter and was lovely for me to push and assemble. The sunshade was a great feature and I loved the peekaboo flap so I could take a look at my baby and make sure she was ok. I would definitely recommend this product to fellow mums and will keep my eyes out for future designs as I loved the WOW so much.

Nicola Marchant: I'd recommended this product to others because it is good value for money if you are happy to use the car seat that it comes with. The woodland design was gorgeous and more than suitable as a unisex design. The seat unit sits quite upright which is great for inquisitive little ones who like to look around, it is also easy to use and put together and equally as nice and smooth to push.

Chloe Bartlett: There are a number of different reasons that make the Cosatto WOW a travel system I would recommend. The foldability of the pram is great – it can be done with one hand and was very easy to assemble and transport. The design of the pram was beautiful and eye-catching and I particularly liked the foxes. The matching mattress and continuing the design on the inside of the hood was a nice touch. The basket was very easily accessible and held quite a bit, and I loved the secret zipped compartments. The pram was easy to use, it steered well and was very light to transport.

Kerry Tiffin: I would recommend the Cosatto WOW to a fellow mum as it is so easy to use and fold. My 20-month-old daughter loves how high she is in the pushchair, sitting comfortably on the move. The wipe-clean material looks great and is easy to keep clean. I also found the storage basket really handy – I loved the separate compartments, the bottle holder and how accessible it was compared to other pushchairs on the market.

How has this product made your life easier?

Nicola Heaton: The Cosatto WOW has been a pleasure to use in all areas – it has made days out a lot easier and the frame itself folds down small enough to fit into my Vauxhall Corsa boot with the seat unit on top. Previously, I have struggled to find a travel system that fits in my car. When getting the pushchair out it is lightweight and easy to assemble. I have been on many wooded walks, on a variety of terrains with this pushchair, and the Cosatto WOW has handled well, with four wheels to keep it balanced. Also, the WOW has a very good-sized basket, enabling me to take everything I need out with me.

Lucy Chapple: It is a very attractive product that my daughter couldn't wait to sit in. She was happy to be pushed around, enjoying the view from her upright position without any quarrel. It gave us plenty of discussion points, and a lot of people stopped to ask me about the fun pattern and design. I also loved how much storage the large shopping basket gave you – it made life easier having certain pockets and areas for different 'mum' stuff, knowing where I could find the rain cover or a drink in a hurry.

Chloe Bartlett: The Cosatto WOW made my life easier in a number of different ways. The one-handed open and close function is great and the pram is easy to assemble. The pram itself was very light and this was helpful when putting in and out of the car. The basket was really accessible, even when the carrycot was on the chassis and the secret zipped pocket in the basket was very useful. Finally, the hole on the top of the carrycot allowed a pram toy to be attached which was great when on the go with an unsettled baby.

Nicola Marchant: Certain parts of the Cosatto WOW actually made my life a little harder, as I didn't feel comfortable using the car seat that came with the travel system. I loved the woodland design, but I didn't feel that it was as sturdy or as padded as my Maxi Cosi car seat. Unfortunately, as my baby still sleeps in the car seat, I was disappointed that I could not use my Maxi Cosi car seat on the frame, on a positive note, the travel system car seat is spacious and I don't feel that little ones would be cramped up in it.

Kerry Tiffin: The storage basket definitely made my life easier – it was really easy to access and I loved the bottle holder and hidden, zipped compartments. The extra-large sun canopy is great and completely covered my baby on warm days. The Cosatto WOW is really easy to initially put together, and to fold up and down when on the go. Also, it is really easy to move the seat with your baby inside.

Would you choose this product to win?

Nicola Heaton: I would choose this product over others on the market because of the large shopping basket which has been cleverly designed. I love the zipped compartments and the water bottle pocket. The pushchair is made from tough durable material, which is very soft and comfortable, making it good value for money as it will last.

Lucy Chapple: The main thing I loved was the design of the Cosatto WOW, which definitely makes it a winner in my eyes as it was so fun and vibrant and it got lots of compliments and attention.  I also loved the different compartments and zipped pockets in the basket, and the large cover hood with the peekaboo flap.

Chloe Bartlett: Personally, I wouldn't choose the Cosatto WOW to win a Mother & Baby award. Whilst the design of the pram is great, as is the accessibility of the basket, the one-handed folding system and how lightweight it is, it wouldn’t be my top choice. I live in the middle of the countryside where lots of the roads, paths and pavements are very uneven. The pram wheels were unable to keep up with the terrain and at times felt quite unsteady – unfortunately, the suspension wasn't great and didn't seem to be suitable.

Kerry Tiffin: Unfortunately, compared to my Cosatto Whoop and my Baby Jogger, I found this pushchair heavy to push up the curb and noisy on bumps in the path, so I wouldn’t choose it to win a Mother & Baby award. I felt it wasn’t as sturdy as others on the market and myself and my husband both accidentally kicked the brake multiple times when walking, which isn’t ideal.

Nicola Marchant: I would probably not choose the travel system as a whole purchase (i.e. the car seat) above others, as there are a few little things that I would change. That said, the actual pushchair itself is great, but the seat unit is fairly big which is great as it is roomy for a growing toddler, however, it does take up quite a lot of room in the car boot. It would be better if the seat unit was able to fold in half somehow.

What changes would you make to this product?

Nicola Heaton: I have struggled to find any faults when using the pushchair – the only issue I had was that the hood seemed to be in the way sometimes when my child was front-facing. I had to pull the hood back in order to see my baby. Also, when walking with the pushchair I repeatedly kicked the break by mistake, resulting in the pushchair coming to an unexpected stop.

Lucy Chapple: The brake took a bit of getting used to as initially, I kept tripping on it and catching my feet in it, but I got used to that after a while. I would also maybe add chunkier wheels to accommodate for slightly rougher terrain, however, I understand that is not its intended use.

Chloe Bartlett: The main aspect of the pram that I would change would be the wheels and suspension – it wasn't always a smooth ride when going over drain covers or uneven floorings. At times, my daughter woke up when going over uneven ground.

Nicola Marchant: One of the main things I would change was the straps on the seat unit of the pushchair – these were frustrating as the two parts kept coming apart when it was opened and I would have to put them together before I could connect them to the main centre clip, all whilst trying to contain a wriggly toddler.

Kerry Tiffin: The brake needs to be moved as it is very easy to stand on when walking. Also, the handle doesn’t feel very sturdy when at its highest setting and does rattle a lot.

Product Information

  • Suitable from birth up to 25kg

  • Dimensions: 89 x 58 x 96 cm

  • Seat unit suitable from 6 months up to 25kg

  • Carrycot suitable from birth to approx. 6 months

  • Parent & world facing seat unit up to 25kg

  • Car seat carrier (car seat sold separately)

  • Stacked with on-the-go solutions.

  • Compact fold

  • Telescopic leatherette handle

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