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Chicco Trio Best Friend

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The Chicco Trio Best Friend really is going to be your new best friend from now on! Travel with the Trio Best Friend's carrycot, car seat, and a stroller that's luxurious yet multifunctional. This has everything you and your little one needs, from newborn to toddler.

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How did this product make your life easier?

Chantelle: The fact the bassinet attachment on the Chicco Trio Best Friend collapses flat is an excellent feature and it allows you to fit the pram more comfortably in the car. A lot of other brands do not do this and you end up using space on your back seat to store parts of the pram! Also, the lightweight nature of the pram with the seat attachment is good too. Many others are obscenely heavy! It is easy to fold down too which is great!

Mhari: The pram attachments on the Chicco Trio Best Friend were very easy to attach together to swap between the pram and bassinet and also to collapse down to transport. The pram also folds nicely and doesn’t take up much space. The material used on the car seat, however, is impractical due to its being mesh and therefore very difficult to clean which is disappointing at the car seat can often need cleaning.

Kim: The pushchair with seat (Chicco Trio Best Friend) was extremely easy to assemble/put up and down. It was lightweight and pushed easily, even with one hand. My baby was happy in it and looked comfy. The straps are easy to do up and didn’t seem to get tangled as some pushchair straps do. I didn’t use the car seat and carrycot as my baby was too big but I did like the fact that they were both very lightweight as well.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Rachel: I think it's so easy to fold and put all the different elements on and off. The black is very stylish and easy to wipe. All the linings are easy to assemble and take off to wash. It's great to fit into the boot of a small car, and easy to manoeuvre. It's also great around the shops. It seems very comfortable and safe for the baby.

Helen: I would recommend this pram based on the ease of use. It is easy to lift, it is easy to unfold and easy to fold down for travelling. The attachments it comes with very easily attach and unattach and the straps to fasten baby are very to fasten and would be very easy to wipe clean after the baby's been in it.

Laura: I would not recommend the Chicco Trio Best Friend product to anybody at all. The design is not good, it is a fiddle to get the bassinet off the frame. The pushchair seat did seem comfortable. The biggest flaw is that the frame is far too flexible and when trying to turn corners, the handlebar retracts into the frame itself.

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