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So you have found the perfect pram, but now you want all the pram accessories that will make getting out of the house easier. Well, look no further - we have found some brilliant must-have's. These nifty tools will make going out - a walk in the park. These gadgets are a great practical baby shower gift for a mum-to-be or new parents. So whether you are searching for a useful present or making a purchase for yourself, we have something for everyone.

From a lightweight pushchair, to buggy clips and drinks holders to soft cosy liners and sun shades. We have found everything you could need for your outdoor adventures.

Whether you have a double pram or a compact stroller, there will be a gadget for you. Pram accessories are a great way to make your pram more comfortable for you and your tired tot. Gone are the days when you have to juggle your changing bag, pram, a baby bottle, all whilst trying to calm an overtired screaming tot. Fear not super mum - you can now make things much easier. You will no longer have to dread long days out.

Forget stressing about your next expedition and lighten your load with these amazing pram accessories. Shop our top picks below.

The best pram accessories 2023

The best pram accessory for sturdyness

Buggy Clips by Baby Uma
Price: £8.99

When you are out shopping the worst thing you could do is try to store all of your bags underneath the pram. These buggy clips make life much easier. Just be careful not to overload the pram.

One reviewer said: "These are great, they fit round the handle perfectly as they're Velcro straps. They hold a lot of shopping and they can be balanced out each side. I've already recommended these to all my friends. Really happy with my purchase"


  • The sturdy pushchair clips hold up to 5 kg each.
  • The handy pushchair hooks are made from industrial-grade alumnium, lightweight enough to chuck into your handbag to bring them along wherever you go.


  • Stitchings may come out.

The best pram accessory for mobility

Stroller Cup Holder
Price: £9.99

There is nothing worst that trying to juggle a hot drink whilst pushing a pram. Often it leads to you literally crying over spilt milk. This stroller or pram cup holder not only holds your beverage but your phone as well.

One reviewer said: "I absolutely love this, made walking with the pram so much easier. Make sure travel mug has a lid that is completely closed (some have like a sipping hole) you couldn’t buy a Costa or Starbucks and walk along with it because the coffee would go everywhere with the movement of the pram. Closed lid drinks only as you will quickly realise."


  • The inner container of this bottle holder has soft silicone petals, which can fix the cup in place to prevent the beverage from moving and overflowing. 
  • This two-in-one pram cup holder is equipped with a mobile phone holder, which can hold milk bottles and mobile phones at the same time. 


  • Clamp isn’t strong enough.

The best pram accessory for hot weather

Pram Fan
Price: $10.99

An overly hot tot is an unhappy toddler. Help your child stay nice and cool in warmer weather with this pram fan. The fan has small slits so that your bubba won't trap their fingers.

One reviewer said: "Easy to attach to baby pram and great to have in hot weather! It has 3 settings and battery life lasts depending on how long it’s being used for and on which setting. We bought this for travel to hotter climates for a 12months old and it made a massive difference."


  • This Stroller Fan, Portable Handheld Personal Baby Car Seat Mini Small USB Desk Clip On Fan considerate ultra-fine spacing design that keeps baby’s fingers safe. 
  • Made with the upgraded bendable metal and silicone surface, the legs are sturdy and bendable flexible to attach the baby stroller that keeps baby cool and comfortable


  • Does not use batteries and can only be charged via USB.

The best pram accessory for putting your little one to sleep

Rockit portable baby rocker
Price: $39.95

Why is it that the moment the pram stops moving, your little one's eyes ping open - no matter how tired they are? Well, this amazing device keeps the pram rocking so, you don't have to do endless laps around the block.

One reviewer said: "Wish I'd found this 6 months ago when my baby was born! He's not a big fan of sleep and still wakes about 6 times in the night and will not nap at home. I have to take him out in the pram and he would always wake the second I stopped moving. Not any more! I can stop for a coffee or a sit down, he doesn't wake whilst I'm waiting to pay in the supermarket, and I can even bring him in the house, switch this on and he keeps sleeping. Can't rate this highly enough. Still on first lot of batteries using several times a day and into my 3rd week now. So happy with this."


  • Fits all makes of strollers and prams.
  • Safe to use from birth onwards.


  • Uses batteries.

Best pram accessory for creating soothing sounds for your baby

Wooshh by Rockit
Price: $21.21

When you are out and about it's always much easier if your little one can sleep soundly. Have you ever stood in a supermarket shushing until your lips hurt? Look no further, the Wooshh can be clipped onto any pram to create soothing sounds for your baby.
One reviewer said: "Absolutely love this little thing. So handy for taking out and about and for using in the house too. The main reason I bought it was for in the car and pram and it’s been great! Battery seems to last a good length of time, and it doesn’t take long to charge back up either. I have had so many people comment on it. Love how it can just clip onto anything and everything. Highly recommend buying one if your baby likes white noise! I’ve also found my baby likes a whole range of the different noises on it too. 5 stars from us, and I wish I’d had something like this for my other children too!"


  • Small enough to fit in a carry-on bag or backpack or even in your pocket and is just 2.3" (6cm) in diameter. 
  • Has two alternative timers: push once for 1-hour mode, which turns off automatically so you don't have to walk in and do it, or press twice for 10-hour all-night mode, which is ideal for those extra tough nights.


  • Low battery life.

Best pram accessory for protecting your baby from bright light

 SnoozeShade Original
Price: £19.99

Another thing that doesn't mix very well is babies and bright lights. Their delicate eyes and precious skin cannot handle the sun's bright rays. The NHS guidance is that all babies under six months should keep out of direct sunlight. This SnoozeShade creates a blackout sunshade which will allow your baby to stay cool and safe - and hopefully have a nap.

One reviewer said: "I also have used the SnoozeShade whilst on holiday for daytime naps whilst we were out.
I would recommend the SnoozeShade to everyone, in fact I have told all my friends about them who have babies, I only wish these were on the market 18years ago with my other two babies!"


  • Made from our scientifically-tested air-permeable mesh, SnoozeShade also protects from wind, chill, light rain, midges and is a great mosquito net. It attaches easily with stretchy straps and sides.
  • It removes distractions and keep baby's naps on track while you get out.


  • Limited colour options.

The best pram accessory for keeping your little one cosy

Naturally Sheepskins Lambskin Pram/Stroller Liner
Price: £44.00

Liners are a fantastic way to keep your little one nice and cosy when you're out and about, especially in the colder months. They also stop any of those sticky snacks from getting onto the pram's material.

One reviewer said: "Brought for my newborn I'm really impressed its lovely and warm.. perfect size for pram.. also comes in a beautiful bag. I would be very pleased if I received as a gift. Great priced too."


  • Machine washable.
  • Can also be used in strollers, joggers and car seats. Suitable for ages 0 – 36+ months.


  • Light colour.

The accessory for toddlers who love exploring

Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi+
Price: £135.00

If you have multiple little children, getting out of the house can be even more difficult. This Lascal BuggyBoard is superb for families, as it allows your older child to hitch a ride on the back of the pram when they become tired.

One reviewer said: "I have two girls ages 2 and under, I was originally considering to get a double pushchair but my two year old refuses to sit in her old pushchair so I knew that wouldn't work. The item is easy to assemble, surprisingly sturdy and just a well made item. It is honestly worth every penny!"**


  • Universal Fit – With the Easy-fit connection system and its universal size, the practical pram board fits almost every kind of buggy and pushchair. 
  • Safe and Secure – The large non-slip surface, side protective frame and solid, spacious platform ensure your child's safety and comfort while riding.


  • It is not compatible with all prams and strollers.

The best pushchair accessory for doing your shopping

Lights and Sounds Red Buggy Driver for Pushchair
Price: £27.99

If your little one gets bored when you are doing your supermarket shopping, this is the toy for you. It clips into their pram and will keep them distracted whilst you dash through the aisles.
One reviewer said: "My five month old Granddaughter loves this it fits on her pushchair and on her bouncy chair. Excellent value with nice bright colours and sounds."**


  • Your young baby can explore the Lights and Sounds Buggy Driver with their hands and begin building strength and coordination in their little fingers.
  • The Lights and Sounds Buggy Driver has a steering wheel to turn, horn to beep, ignition to turn on, indicator lights, side mirrors and a gear stick.


  • No lower volume settings.

Best buggy accessory lights for feeling safe

Buggi Lights Baby Girl Pink
Price: £23.99

Travelling in the dark with an infant can be intimidating. These Buggi lights will illuminate your way so that you can see your surroundings and feel safe.

One reviewer said: "My husband was knocked down when our son was 4 weeks old so I was desperate to get lights on the pram to make sure it's seen in the dark. These look nice, are easy to put on the pram and light up well. They fit on both our prams which is good."


  • Hard wearing - the stretchy silicone rubber strap is sturdy and designed so it fits all bars 
  • Lights are visible from 500 m away in dark.


  • Not rechargeable.


Are these pram accessories suitable for all prams?

It is always important to check the manufacturers guide to ensure that the item will fight your pram safely and securely. With so many prams on the market, it is best to check prior to purchase that this will work for your pram.

Remember accessories compliment your babys pram and also give you the peace of mind that you need and want when out and about.

It can be tricky tom know which accessories are best suited to yours anbd your baby's needs, but one thing is fr sure - theres an abundance of baby accessories.

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