Peter Rabbit Changing Backpack review

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Peter Rabbit Changing Backpack

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Featuring Peter Rabbit on an easily wipe-down PU fabric, off-set against pastel splashes of colour on a cool grey background, this changing bag measures 37cm x 28cm and is perfectly sized to fit everything a baby and mum might need while enjoying a day out together, just like Peter and Mrs Rabbit.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Michelle: I opened and used this as soon as it arrived, it's such a wonderful bag, with many pockets which make it easier to store everything you need when taking the baby out. It's a really good size too, which makes it easier as quite often you either get one too small or on the opposite scale way too big, especially once filled. The size of this is absolutely ideal.

Laura: The compartments inside the bag are very handy and make it easy to find all your nappies and wipes quickly and there is a large section between the compartments which is great for larger items. The top of the bag opens really wide making it easy to access at all times and having the large handle at the top makes the bag quick and easy to grab as you are leaving the house.

Sarah: I have had many comments about how gorgeous the bag is. It has many pockets which are useful but many other changing bags also have lots of pockets so this is not a unique feature. It’s wipe clean which does help when you have a toddler. IT has a (almost) secret pocket at the back which is good for phone and keys if you have no pockets.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Tanya: I would highly recommend this bag. It's easy to carry, quite small but yet opens big and it looks good. There are loads of different size pockets to fit all the little baby bits in. No matter what is inside the bag, it doesn't affect the use of it. You can still wear it comfortably on your back without having stuff digging in you.

Samantha: The variety of different pockets available in the bag are great for keeping everything separate and easy to access. The top of the bag has a solid edging around which, when fully unzipped, provides a good size opening to access the bag easily and view the inside fully making it easier to find what you need. This is a great feature to the bag and the edging is very solid so doesn’t feel like it would bend out of shape over time.

Nicola: The changing bag has a beautiful and tasteful Peter Rabbit design and is a neutral blue-grey colour with multicoloured spots. The bag is a great size and fits everything in for a daytrip with your little one. The handy pockets/ compartments make it practical and easy to organise and, as the main compartment remains open once unzipped, I found it very easy to access the contents when changing. The shoulder straps did however require rethreading through the black plastic buckle on occasion, which I found rather frustrating when on the go with my little one.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Charlotte: For its aesthetic look it's absolutely gorgeous as a product and although it's not quite big enough (for me anyway) if I was more clever with my packing this wouldn't be a problem. So I would recommend for someone who loves a more traditional feel product and has one baby (there's definitely not enough room for two little ones things) but I would warn them to pack things cleverly to make the most of the space. But it's clever with its pockets so you can easily get to the important things you need.

Natalie: This product is fantastic and worth every penny. This has been the best changing bag that I have ever used. The bag is beautiful and the colours are lovely. I love the fact that it is a backpack and my partner will carry this on his back also. I don't like shoulder bags as much as they can be quite sore to carry on one shoulder at times. The bag is easily wiped clean, keeps bottles warm and holds plenty of items needed for newborn babies.

Michelle: This product truly stands out due to its beautiful Peter rabbit design, and the fact it's a rucksack or you can carry it normally. It has plenty of room to carry everything you could possibly need to take on your outing with baby, or to be fair a child could also use it as a unique bag for nursery or school.

What changes would you make to this product?

Laura: The one thing I would change would be adding something to attach the changing bag to a pram. This was a major inconvenience and quite problematic when recovering from a c section. Maybe have it come with an additional D ring on the front of the bag and come with some form of clip or a large strap that can be hung over the pram handles.

Tanya: The only thing I would change about this bag is the straps that go over your shoulder and down your back. I have found that the straps do not stay without the clips for long. The clips don't seem to have little teeth in to hold the material. The bag has fell off a couple of times but since then I have found a way for the straps to stay within the clips.

Sarah: If I could change one thing it would be the straps. The straps are flimsy and often come undone. They also don't seem long enough for my husband to be able to carry the bag comfortably. I would change this for sure and also probably the fact that there are no insulted pouches in the bag which is essential if bottle feeding baby.

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