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Cut from luxurious grained leather, the Bonnie & Kind Baby Kit has been thoughtfully designed to house all baby essentials for when you’re on the go - it's a stylish leather changing bag that your ‘old self’ would have loved and bought and it just happens to beautifully hold all of baby’s essentials.

Refined and elegant, the Baby Kit is perfect worn on its own as a cross body bag, plus it slides beautifully into any one of your favourite tote bags and fits perfectly under the pram or in the car. No more compromising with cumbersome baby bags.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Katie: This product is great for a quick visit out the house where you don't want or need to take everything other than the essentials. It's a great stylish handbag design that can be used across the body or over your shoulder rather than put in the bottom of the pushchair. It's quite small and therefore only nappy/wipes and changing mat fit in alongside a small purse or phone.

Lauren: This bag is amazing! It makes life so much easier being able to fit all the baby products and essentials needed into a small and stylish bag. I am able to fit in wipes, nappies, change of clothes, bibs, snacks plus space for mummy's things too - purse, mobile and keys. It also has a changing mat inside which I love.

Sophia: This product is beautiful and stylish, and to be honest I'm shocked at how much is actually in it like changing mat etc. It gives you the ability to still feel like yourself, when becoming a mum everything changes right down to how we dress and the accessories we used, so it's really great that this makes you feel more normal.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Hollie: I would highly recommend if looking for something stylish and compact. Easy to carry around, very light with a handy shoulder strap. Really good quality materials. Comes in a cute box and bag to keep it safe and clean when you're not using it! Definitely haven't seen a changing bag style like it before.

Katie: I would recommend this product to best suit a breastfeeding mum or someone seeking a second bag for quick trips out when only the essential items are required. It is a very stylish and expensive-looking design which makes it easily cleanable. It would replace the need for a handbag and goes with most outfits.

Lauren: I would definitely recommend this product to my friends. It's a stylish baby changing bag that you can fit everything in. I am also planning on using it after I no longer need a changing bag as it's so stylish you wouldn't even know. It can also be slipped inside a bigger bag. What's not to like about this!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Sophia: It looks great, the quality is fantastic and there are very limited products on the market which look the same so in that respect it is very unique. Practically though I don't see how useful it is, or it would be aimed at parents with children of a certain age. Whilst the quality is great, it is very expensive and again I think would be aimed at particular parents that could afford such items.

Lauren: Yes I certainly would choose this baby changing bag above all others. I don't think I have ever come across a baby changing bag so stylish and small but yet fits everything in that is needed. It includes a changing mat and pack to add wipes to. It also arrives beautifully packed with a dust bag and box.

Hollie: I personally wouldn't choose it for a mum of multiples as I am because its not quite big enough to take out for the day with needing spare clothes snacks etc. I would definitely choose it to take out for a trip to the park or supermarket with it looking more like a stylish handbag than changing bag.

What changes would you make to this product?

Katie: I would change the size of the bag or internal compartments so it can house a bottle of formula easily. It is a tight squeeze having wipes, nappies, phone and purse. Being a mum to multiple children I need bigger practical bag. The wipe container is not essential and the hard case takes up a lot of room.

Hollie: I would reccomend offering this in larger sizes for mums with multiples or who have to take extra stuff out with them. There isn't really anything else other than the size that could be improved. I would definitely still offer this size but would recommend offering a larger version for people if required.

Sophia: I wish the bag was slightly bigger, all the different areas for storage within the bag are great however once you start filling the back out with bottles, change of clothes, milk power or ready made bottles, nothing fits. It's great for slimmer items such as nappies and wipes. I also think the price is very expensive.

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