15 of the best kids’ beach toys for hours of seaside fun

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With the summer holidays well underway now, you've probably exhausted your list of fun activities to keep your kiddies occupied and are wracking your brain for some more.

Have you considered a day at the beach? From splashing in the sea to building castles, there's plenty of fun to be had at the seaside. And with our list of children's toys that are perfect for the beach, you can take that fun to the next level.

Best at a glance:

  • Best overall kids beach toy, Joyin 24 Pcs Beach Sand Toys Set: Buy on Amazon, [£25.99](https://www.amazon.co.uk/JOYIN-Beach-Sand-Water-Wheel/dp/B07NX9X5J6?tag=qmabarticle1281-21)

  • Best beach toy set with bag, Beach Tote with Mesh Panel and 11 Funky Sand Toys: Buy on Amazon, £17.95

  • Best kids beach toy for lightweight, Dobble Waterproof: Buy on Amazon: £10.00

  • Best kids beach toy for creativity: Little Dutch Beach Play Set, 9 Piece: Buy on John Lewis, £8.95

Think flying kites against the coastal breeze, throwing and catching games as a family, and of course, riding against the waves. If any of that sounds right up your child's street, read on to discover our kids' beach toy picks.

The best kids' beach toys to play with on the shoreline

Best overall kids beach toy

Your little one will love using this set to create masterpieces in the sand. They can create different shapes using the moulds and use the tools to move the sand just how they want to.

Review: "Everything your little one would want for a trip to the beach. My three-year-old son loves it. We have lots of fun"


  • 24 pieces inside to keep little ones occupied
  • All in one package


  • Some reviews have mentioned some of the moulds have sharp edges

Best beach toy set with bag

Beach Tote with Mesh Panel and 11 Funky Sand Toys
Price: $31.10

From your standard bucket and spade to a watering can, pinwheel and dump truck, this bag is stuffed full of fun for little ones.

Review: "Super beach bag full of goodies - really high quality and an excellent price!"


  • Good quality for the price
  • Phthalates and BPA-free


  • Some reviews have commented that the bag broke after a while

Best waterproof card game

With over 47,000 reviews on Amazon, it's clear that Dobble is a super popular card game. If you want to get in on the fun at the beach, there's now a waterproof version so the cards won't get ruined by the sea and sand.

Review: "A friend recommended we bought Dobble to take on our holiday. I spotted this waterproof Dobble so that we could play it beside the pool and not have to worry about it getting damaged. The game is so easy and also very addictive. We had so much fun playing this and are now hosting a Dobble games night. This is totally worth ever penny."


  • Tests speed, observation and reflexes as you match the images between card
  • Fun for the whole family


  • Some reviews mention the waterproof cards can sometimes slide around because they are laminated/coated

Great value beach ball set

The Ultimate Skip Ball – Water Bouncing Ball
Price: $14.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$16.99View offer

A ball that's made for the water. The Ultimate Skip Ball will skim over waves and float on water, making it super easy for kids to play catch with in the sea.

Review: "Bought these to play with in the pool for holiday. Great product. There are 2 balls and 1 skimmer. Had fun at the beach and in the paddling pool skimming them across the water."


  • The set contains two Skip Balls and a Skip Disc
  • Phthalates and BPA-free


  • Some customers expected them to be bigger

Best kids beach toy for portability

bestway panel beach ball
Price: $8.98

Another great ball to take to the beach is this one by Amazon. It's illustrated with different colours to help introduce your little one to different colours, giving their beach trip a day to remember!

Easy to inflate and to deflate, the blow up beach ball is easily portable and is perfect for taking on your travels and to store.


  • Textured rubber surface makes it easy to throw, kick and catch
  • Ideal for learning about different types of colours


  • It's designed to be bounced but it might not have the same impact on sand

Best catching beach game

toss and catch beach game

Rrp: $19.99

Price: $13.99

Who remembers this bat ball game set from their childhood? You can relive those days as you play with your little one, as you toss the ball to each other and try and catch it on the sticky pads.

Review: "I got this for my kids so they can use it to play outside and just have fun throwing and catching. Of course it teaches them a lot such as co-ordination etc etc. Took it camping and since it has 4 paddles all of us could play with it at the same time and it just gets kids wanting to play outdoors as well as hopefully gets them wanting to play sports. I would highly recommend it for everyone - keeps you young for sure!"


  • Has an adjustable hand strap to fit hands of all sizes
  • Easy to use


  • Pads may not be as effective if they get wet/sandy

Easy to store beach bucket

Best beach bucket toy set

OR OR TU 6Pack Foldable Beach Bucket Toy Set

Rrp: $19.99

Price: $17.99

Bulky buckets are annoyingly difficult to store, but you won't have the hassle of that with these buckets. They are made with a foldable silicone material in the middle so they collapse down to save space when you're putting them away.

Review: "These are fantastic, made it so much easier packing for a beach day, without all the bulkiness. My children said they were brilliant as well. Would definitely recommend"


  • Includes three buckets and three beach tools
  • Multi-purpose


  • They were smaller than expected for some customers

Best beach water pistols

What kid doesn't love the chance to soak their friends, siblings and even parents with a water pistol? Kiddies can fill them up directly from the sea and shoot the water up to 32 feet away.

Review: "These are great for the pool and beach. Shoots a fun, non-harming stream. Easy to fill and shoot. Fun for the 2-70-year-olds in your pool."


  • Can shoot nearly 60 times when it's full
  • Ideal toy to help kids cool down


  • It has a pressure pump, so little ones need to be careful not to aim directly at faces and eyes as it could hurt

Best beach kite toy

large octopus flying kite
Price: $10.99

Flying a kite is a simple but fun activity for kids to do while they're down on the beach. You certainly won't miss this octopus gliding through the skies. It's easy to control, so it's ideal for beginners.

Review: "We bought this to play with on the beach and it was an instant hit with our two-year-old. It flew very easily and quite well, and I would definitely recommend this product."


  • Lightweight
  • Durable parafoil kite 


  • Some reviews mention that the instructions were not straightforward to follow

Best surfboard-style beach inflatable

Does your child love to splash around in the sea? They'll be able to ride waves with the help of this inflatable surfboard-style rider. It's got two handles to help them stay stable.

Review: "You definitely need a pump to inflate it, once done though, it's great. Used by two 7 year olds on a two week beach holiday. It kept them well amused catching waves of various sizes."


  • Comes with a repair patch
  • Two handles for stability


  • Some customers have had difficulty with inflation, you don't get a choice on colour

Best beach toy for building sandcastles

RAINBOW TOYFROG 13" Plastic Sand Digger Grabber Toy
Price: $18.79

Part of the fun of going to the beach when you're a kid is looking for shells and creatures. These sand digger grab toys make it even easier to find treasure, especially if your little one doesn't like the feeling of their hands in the sand.

Review: "Just got these but my three year old has already claimed them as his digger hands. We’ve played with everything from picking up cars, blocks, animals, to food! Tomorrow we try them in our sandpit!"


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy


  • The claw mechanism can be hard to move when filled completely with sand

Ideal for imaginative play on the sand

Playmobil SAND Bakery Sand Bucket
Price: $24.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$24.77View offer

Little ones can create their very own sand bakery using this play bucket from Playmobil. Children can sieve the sand ready for 'baking' before decorating and serving their 'beach cakes'. It also comes in a castle version complete with a knight in shining armour and horse figures.

Review: "The sand toy is great. It feels very good and you can build with it in the sand. So far, we have not discovered any qualitative deficiencies. Would therefore buy it again and again. Our kids love it. In my opinion, it is more stable than other sand toys."


  • Encourage fine motor skills and cognition
  • Includes ten play pieces


  • May not be as fun for older children

Best beach toy for role play

This sea-creature-inspired set also has a baking theme. It includes shell-shaped measuring cups, a whisk, and a spoon plus a turtle lid that doubles as a sifter, so your little one can whip up a sandcastle in no time at all.

Review: "Bought for our daughter when we went on Beach holiday. It kept her occupied for hours. The only jiggle is that the lid (colander) doesn't fix on so it can be tricky for little hands to carry the whole set together. But it is the usual Melissa and Doug quality item."


  • An exciting twist on a more traditional bucket and spade
  • The perfect gift for active outdoor play


  • Some reviews mention the turtle lid doesn't stay on the mixing bowl bucket very well

Best kids beach toy for little architects

Best digger beach toy

Playmobil SAND Drilling Rig

Rrp: $26.68

Price: $22.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$26.78View offer

If your child is a fan of construction toys, you need to get them this truck to play with on your beach trips. It's designed to be used on sand so little ones won't have any issues pulling it across the beach.

Review: "Great size and loved by the recipient."


  • Includes a pretend sand drill so children can easily churn up sand
  • Fun for little architects


  • Some customers think younger children would struggle attaching the drill bit to the truck as it's a bit fiddly

Best beach toy for younger children

little-dutch-ice-cream-bucket-set-pink-ocean-dreams-flat.jpgLittle Dutch

This dutch beach play set is sure to keep your littlest youngsters happy on their visit to the beach. They can use the ice cream moulds to create sand ice creams for the family, and serve up pretend sweet treats. It's a good way to encourage siblings to play together. The bucket is easy for little hands to carry and collect water and we love the cute pastel coloured theme.


  • Helps to develop fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills
  • Different textures and surfaces help develop sensory perception


  • Limited colour range

Kids' beach toys FAQs

What do you pack for a family beach day?

Now you've got the kids' beach toys sorted, let's think about what else you need to pack when you're going on a family beach day.

When you've got little ones, there is so much stuff you need to remember to bring with you before you even head out of the door. It's so easy to forget small things that will make a big difference once you're out and about.

To help make planning your beach trip a little easier, we've put together a list of things you're bound to need:

  • Swim shoes to protect their feet for particularly shell-filled/rocky beaches

  • Even if you're visiting a UK beach, it is important to pack sunscreen to protect kids from the sun's ray

  • A towel for them to wrap up warm after a dip in the sea

  • Somewhere for you all to sit, whether that's a camping chair or a picnic blanket

  • Snacks and drinks to save you from needing to find somewhere to stock up once you arrive

  • A first aid kit as we all know how accident-prone little ones can be

  • A change of clothes for travelling home

They may feel like obvious items, but trust us, when you're trying to organise the whole family, you'll be thankful we've reminded you of the basics.

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