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Whether your little one loves to collect treasure or is a fashionista in the making, they will need a special storage place to stash their treasures, which is why it's worth investing in a nice children's jewellery box for them.

These enchanting boxes aren't just for keeping their precious gems safe – they're also a way to express their unique style and personality by adding extra decoration to their room. They can fill them with matching jewellery, friendship bracelets and little trinkets, or pebbles, hairbands, little toys and secret notes if they prefer!

The best children's jewellery boxes at glance:
Best for personalisation: Lisa Angel Personalised Butterfly Musical Jewellery Box, £46 on Lisa Angel
Best musical jewellery box for children: Vlando Musical Jewellery Box, £19.54 on Amazon
Best for travelling: SECONDS Personalised Jewellery Organiser, £23.60 on Etsy

From musical jewellery boxes to children's travel boxes and whimsical designs, it's time to dive into the wonderful world of kids' jewellery boxes and discover the perfect one for them.

Best children's jewellery box 2024

Best for personalisation

Lisa Angel Personalised Musical Jewellery Box, KidsLisa Angel

Available in pink or white, you can add a name or personalisation (up to 10 letters) to the top of this Lisa Angel jewellery box. One reviewer loved this jewellery box for its beautiful design and said, "I loved that I could personalise the box with my niece's name." Inside you'll find a heart-shaped mirror and a twirling ballerina. It contains a tray with different compartments for different pieces of jewellery like rings and bracelets. The tray also lifts out to reveal more space underneath. A buyer described it as an excellent jewellery box for their granddaughter saying, "The quality is exceptional. I will definitely order it again."


  • Soft velvet interior will protect jewellery and keepsakes
  • A variety of compartments keep jewellery organised
  • Tray lifts out with more space underneath for larger items


  • One reviewer said that the music isn't very defined
Dimensions:18.6 x 13.5 x 13.6 cm
  • Twirling ballerina
  • Personalised in-house with name
  • Daisy and butterfly printed design
  • Soft velvet interior
  • Heart-shaped mirror
  • Available in white or pink

Best musical jewellery box for children

Vlando have created a beautifully simple yet practical jewellery box. The half-moon style allows it to slot neatly onto their dressing table or bookshelf and there's a soft handle for them to carry it around. One customer who bought the jewellery box for their granddaughter said it looks better in person than it does on the website, and they like the quality and price. Another customer was disappointed with the size and says to consider the fact that the measurements include external things like the height of the handle, and so don't necessarily refer to the amount of storage space inside.


  • The compartments help kids to organise different pieces of jewellery
  • The pull-pur drawer is nice and deep to fit extra keepsakes
  • The velvet lining is smooth to protect jewellery inside the box
  • The PU leather exterior is durable, dirt-resistant andwaterproof for easy cleaning.
  • The box coes with a key to lock special items safely away
  • Available in a broad range of colours to suit every child's taste


  • Overall the box is small with misleading measurements
Dimensions:17D x 25W x 17H cm
  • Wind-up music box with pirouetting ballerina  
  • Plays the classic tune of Cannon
  • Separate compartments for organisation
  • Large pull-out drawer
  • Round mirror in the lid
  • Premium quality PU leather exterior
  • Velvet lining

Best for Disney fans

Disney's Wish Children's Jewellery BoxAmazon

Rrp: $29.99

Price: $19.78
Alternative retailers
Macy's$11.99View offer
Target$20.99View offer
JCPenney$36.80View offer

Disney's Wish Jewellery Box plays the iconic song from the film (at the touch of a button). Underneath you'll find a drawer to keep that includes a capsule, pen, paper sheets to write wishes on and a ring. One reviewer said they were surprised by the quality considering the price. They point out that there are different music modes that include a demo, instrumental and singing. To play music and light up the box does need batteries, but these do come with the box. The drawer for storing things is quite small but the box is designed as a "wishing" capsule to write down wishes for memory and store them away with one or two special keepsakes, like the star ring included.


  • Perfect for Disney fans as it's designed on the animated film WISH
  • The tree lights up when you open the drawer so it's easier to see inside it
  • Batteries are included
  • The "wishing paper" makes it a fun memory capsule box as well as for stroing jewellery


  • Drawer is quite small
Dimensions:19.05 x 11.43 x 26.67 cm
  • Plays "This Wish" from the Disney film
  • the tree lights up when the drawer opens
  • Features 10 x sheets of "wishing paper" and pen
  • Includes a star ring
  • 3 AAA batteries required. (included)

Best for travelling

SECONDS Personalised Jewellery OrganiserSECONDS, Etsy
Price: £20.65 (was 29.50)

Made for travelling, this personalised jewellery organiser is compact and easy to slot into a suitcase or bag and it zips up for security. You'll be surprised that despite its size, it has elasticated pockets, hooks for bracelets or necklaces and ring rolls – plenty of space to organise jewellery. One happy reviewer said it's good quality and that they'd love to order a larger one. Another customer who bought a second one said that the name was a bit off-centre compared to the first, so keep in mind that there may be some variance.


  • The box is lightweight, portable and compact for taking to a friend's house for play
  • It zips up for added security so nothing falls out into your kid's bag
  • You can add a name or word for cute personalisation
  • Choose your kid's favourite design: unicorn, giraffe, whale, rainbow
  • Lots of useful compartments to easily organise different pieces of jewellery
  • Soft interior proects jewellery while faux leather exterior is easy to wipe clean


  • Doesn't play music
Dimensions:10x10x5 cm
  • Four designs to choose from
  • Name personalisation
  • Faux leather exterior
  • Velveteen interior
  • Compartments for rings, necklaces etc

Best musical jewellery box for little girls

Jewelkeeper Unicorn children's Jewellery Box for GirlsAmazon
Price: $25.99
Alternative retailers
Macy's$25.99View offer

If your little one is obsessed with unicorns, they'll adore this Jewelkeeper jewellery box. It has plenty of magical decoration and there's also a soft lavender lining to protect their jewellery. Fairy, horse and superhero varieties are also available. One reviewer who bought it for their granddaughter describes the jewellery box as "charming" and "an absolute delight!" They liked the intricate detailing and vibrant colours, sayihng these caught their granddaughter's attention and that it looked great in her room. They said, "The spacious compartments are ideal for keeping her tiny treasures organised, and the mirrored interior adds a touch of magic as she admires her collection. It’s not just a jewellery box; it’s a magical treasure chest that sparks her imagination and keeps her precious trinkets safe. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase!" Another customer commented that the box did have a bit of a cardboard-feel, which is common for these types of kids' jewellery boxes, so be careful if wiping clean the exterior.


  • The box has a soft, protective lining to keep jewellery from scratching
  • Deep top compartment for plenty of storage, with a separate ring section
  • The box has two drawers with lots of space to store and organise keepsakes
  • Choose from fairy, horse and superhero designs


  • Customer mentions a cardboard feel
Dimensions:17.2 x 13.3 x 15.2 cm
  • Glitter rainbow and stars unicorn-themed Jewellery Box
  • The unicorn spins and the box plays music
  • Star-shaped mirror in the lid
  • 2 Pull-out Drawers
  • Crafted with durable pine fibreboard material
  • Stylish gold-tone latch

Best for older children

Harry Potter Children's Musical Jewellery BoxAmazon
Price: $31.99

A great gift for Harry Potter fans, this jewellery box has a smart black and gold design and is not limited to one house. It plays classic music (not Harry Potter-themed) and has two hinges to hold the lid in place when you open it. one reviewer was disappointed that despite being "a really cute jewellery box, the music it plays is not from the Harry Potter movie". They thought it was a decent product though and made from sturdy cardboard.


  • This box has a robust design that will protect its contents
  • The gold details are eye-catching - perfect for Harry Potter fans
  • The soft velvet lining keeps jewellery safe from scratches
  • The main compartment has a separate ring section to help organise jewellery


  • Doesn't play music from the films
Dimensions:11.5 x 18 x 10 cm
  • Black and gold harry Potter-themed jewellery box
  • Spinning Hogwarts crest that plays music
  • Velvet lining
  • Lift-up lid with main compartment and ring section

At what age can children start wearing jewellery?

Some babies may wear teething necklaces, but generally, many parents start allowing their children to wear jewellery around preschool age, typically between 3 to 5 years old. They may enjoy wearing simple pieces like stud earrings or bracelets under supervision.

However, it's essential to ensure that the jewellery they're wearing is age-appropriate, safe, and comfortable for the child to wear (as many pieces of jewellery could be a choking hazard to babies and small children).

As they grow older, they can gradually explore wearing more jewellery and be taught how to store it and look after it properly,

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