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Eco-friendly hair brushes don't only last so much longer than normal brushes, but they are fully biodegradable and haven’t been designed using damaging chemicals, oils, or other commercial ingredients, making them ideal for combing through your beautiful hair, and more gentle for your child's hair too.

Using a wooden or eco-friendly hair brush for your children's hair can provide many benefits. Unlike plastic hair brush, wooden ones are gentle on the hair and scalp, reducing the risk of itching and hair loss.

The best eco-friendly hair brush at a glance:

Best overall eco-friendly hair brush: Combetter Natural Bamboo Hair brush Set, buy on Amazon, £14.50

Best bamboo eco-friendly hair brush: Boar Bristle Hair brush, buy on Amazon, £7.99

Best eco-friendly round hair brush: Round Hair Brush, buy on Amazon, £8.99

Best eco-friendly hair brush for babies: Natural Baby Hair Brush, buy on Amazon, £8.99

Best eco-friendly hair brush for price: Hair Brush for Smoother Hair, buy on Amazon, £8.99

It's very important to check and research about what kinds of materials your hair equipment is made out of. Quite often, the brushes we use are combinations of plastic or another non-biodegradable material, which end up hurting the environment. From hair-detangling brushes to bamboo brushes, we've selected the best eco-friendly hair brushes for you.

Best hair brush set

Combetter Natural Bamboo Hairbrush Set
Price: $13.99

This four-piece set includes a large paddle brush, a mini brush for travel or children, a wide-tooth comb, and a skinny tail comb. Made from 100% natural bamboo, with a wooden handle designed to make it comfortable for you to hold, the paddle brush will make your hairstyling days a breeze. It will help your hair look shiny, and with its large paddle, it will allow you to brush your hair smoothly, while giving it a mini hair massage; one customer said: "Very sturdy set of wooden hair brushes and combs. They are very comfortable to use and definitely more than worth the price."


  • Both paddle brushes feature a soft cushion with an air hole
  • Good value for money with two brushes and two combs for one price


  • One review said the combs and brushes could be better finished

Best for thick and curly hair

Now, if you’re looking for something to comb through your bouncy curls, then this is for you. The URTHEONE boar bristle hair brush is made of natural boar bristles (70 per cent) and detangling nylon pins. It easily brushes through fine, normal, thick, and coarse hair, and those stubborn knots; one reviewer said: "This hairbrush is such an amazing upgrade from my previous one, which is more expensive than this one. I have quite thick long hair, and this brush helps untangle those knots. My previous one ripped apart in my tangles, while this one doesn't have a problem with my hair. My partner has thicker hair and he found it a little harsh on his scalp, while I on the other hand found it very comfortable. It came with a comb for wet hair and a brow brush too which is absolutely amazing for the price."


  • The boar bristles easily penetrate through normal and thick hair
  • The ergonomic wooden paddle handle feels comfortable


  • Only available as a brush and comb set, or brush and mini brush set, not a trio

Best for reducing hair breakage

Regrowz Bamboo Paddle Hairbrush with Round Bristles
Price: $12.99

If you've got fine hair, the last thing you want is a hair brush that causes hair breakage due to its harsh material. This soft bristle hair brush is created with bent bristles and a wooden paddle that is kind to your scalp. The bowed bristle spikes are especially designed to detangle curly, kinky, and wavy hair without causing breakage, and leaving your hair looking healthy; one customer review said: "I love this so much. The quality is great and seems like a product that will last me years, and I’ve noticed so much less breakage! It’s great for your hair to use a wooden brush so I happy I found a good quality one at a cheaper price."


  • Soft yet firm to use
  • Lightweight to hold


  • One review said hair can get trapped in the brush

Best eco-friendly hair brush for babies

Naroa ® Natural Baby Hair Brush Soft
Price: $9.99

This quality baby and toddler brush is made from naturally treated FSC-certified beech wood with an ergonomic handle. It has super soft natural goat hair bristles and hasn't been made with any harsh chemicals, making it extra safe for you and your baby; one reviewer said: "Really soft! We have been using it for the last two months and it keeps the soft sensation to the touch. We haven't found any issues so far and it is still as good as the first day (fingers crossed)."


  • Designed for babies and toddlers
  • Smooth goat bristles glide on your baby’s head perfectly distributing natural oils 


  • Does not come as a set

Best eco-friendly round hair brush

Although this brush doesn't come with a brush holder, it has a curved bamboo handle, and a hole on the end of handle for hanging storage, which means you won't have to worry about dropping it on the floor, and will keep your hair healthy, soft, and tangle-free; one review said: "I love styling my girls' hair with these two as helps straighten/smooth hair out after a bath. Thank you for the additional hair band and brow brush, very happy customer!" It comes in a set with a skinny tail comb, too, which is great for teasing and detangling.

If you're looking for something with a brush pouch, then you might want to opt for the Kokoso Baby Wooden Brush (below) instead.


  • The tail comb is made of carbon, which is anti-static and heat-resistant
  • Easy to store with a hole on the end of the handle


  • Doesn't come with a brush holder

Best natural baby hair brush

With no synthetic materials or low-priced plastic bristles, this brush is made from quality beech wood and natural boar bristles, which will help your little one's brush last longer. It's the perfect newborn hair brush and also comes with a protect keep-sake pouch, so you can brush baby’s hair wherever you go.

It's also a great brush to use for toddlers who aren't keen on having their hair brushed; one reviewer said: "My 3 year old hates having her hair brushed and kicked up a fuss every time she saw a normal hair brush. Gave this one a try after some advice and we can finally brush her hair without a scrap ensuing. She even wants to do it herself."


  • Natural beech wood and natural boar bristles
  • Comes with a super cute protective pouch made from natural jute


  • Some reviewers found the bristles harsh for babies

Best hair brush for design

Suitable for all hair types and great for travel, the metal combs encourage a massage-like feel, which helps to calm your scalp, allowing loose hair strands to be removed, making your hair stronger and improving the power to grow new hair; one reviewer said: "I have long and very curly hair. Detangling is always my least favourite thing to do but it's something I can't skip unfortunately. I have invested money in so many hair brushes but I feel like I will stick with this one. It was the easiest detangling in my life so far. It did not hurt at all, it did not pull out half of my hair and it did not leave my scalp hurting, also it was the quickest as usually it takes me almost an hour to sort out my hair. The other pro is the shape of the brush, it's so comfy and easy to use."


  • The metal bristles suit all hair types
  • Made from FSC-certified beech wood


  • One review said it doesn't remove larger knots 

Best for anti-static bristles 

Now, this is what you call a game changer. This hair brush has ultra-soft bristles, making it soft and comfortable for when brush your hair for those special events, or for bedtime - and it comes in a set of two. With this brush, you’ll be saying goodbye to split ends and hair breakage, giving you healthy hair.

The stiff but bendy ball-tip nylon pins are able to glide through long thick hair, giving you peace of mind; one customer said: "I always get knots in my hair, as it’s thick and naturally wavy, so I decided to get a brush like this and I’m actually amazed at how good it is. It doesn’t hurt your head for a start and practically glides through the knots and untangles with ease. I love the fact there’s two in the box and they come in both of my favourite colours. I highly recommend this set, they are the best I’ve ever used in my 40 years of life on earth."


  • Comes in two funky colours
  • Soft bristles detangle hair with ease


  • It's a shame there aren't other colours to choose


Why is an eco-friendly hair brush better for the environment?

Well, that's because it is made from 100% sustainable and safe materials, making it safer for the planet.

Why a eco-friendly hair brush is better for our health than plastic?

A plastic hair brush can be extremely harsh on your hair causing breakage, whereas eco-friendly ones are much gentler on those knots and tangles.

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