Lupilu Baby Wipes New Born review

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Lupilu Baby Wipes New Born

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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These LupiluBaby Wipes New Born wipes from Lidl are suitable for your baby from birth and work great on your baby's sensitive skin. If you’re after wipes that are soft, absorbent and at an excellent price, these are for you.

How did this product make your life easier?

Verity: These Lupilu Baby Wipes represent a reasonably good value for money compared to similar products of a similar description. For mums on a tight budget they would be a good choice. The sealed ‘lid’ makes them useful for being out and about and stops them drying up but is probably unnecessary given the amount and rate that wipes are used for all those newborn pops!

Laura: The wipes are easy to use and easily fit into a nappy changing routine. A favourite feature was that when pulling one wipeout, only one wipe came out! As opposed to other brands for which a clump of about five wipes comes out with one pull! The wipes were smooth to use and cleaned the baby's bottom gently.

Juliette: Wipes are essential for being on the go, especially with a toddler and newborn. The pack size and click down lid are good features and are positives of this product. My little girl has sensitive skin, so the fact that they are fragrance-free and dermatologically tested was reassuring for me to able to use them.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Sophie: Yes I would definitely recommend these Lupilu Baby Wipes to other mums. They are fantastic value for money. Perfect price to keep little stashes for sticky fingers and messy babies. They smell amazing and are a really soft cloth so perfect for babies and children of all ages especially the fragrance-free/sensitive ones.

Wendy: Yes, the design is easy to throw in a bag but the extra flap over the opening stops them drying out. They are easy to use and smell really nice which I think is also something we are drawn to when using products on our baby. Long shelf life. the only downside is they are not recyclable - more could be done in this area.

Samantha: If you are on a budget then these wipes are brilliant. They do the job you need and are made with babies and their sensitive skin in mind. They are easy to chuck into the changing bag and use on the go. The design is eye-catching and fun. My little one loved looking at the packaging and appeared to find something new each time!

Would you choose this product to win?

Jill: I would always try to buy a more environmentally friendly product but where this was not available I would be happy to purchase these Lupilu Baby Wipes. They would be the second choice to either a biodegradable or reusable wipe. I really do think they are a good value for money compared to direct competitors of similar nonbiodegradable wipes.

Jocelyn: Yes I would choose to buy these wipes in place of my current wipes. I think they are a good value for money and are effective in use for nappy changes and for general clean-ups. Unlike some cheaper wipes, they don’t seem to tear and they clean well whilst appearing soft. There’s no chemical smell so I would feel confident using them in a new baby.

Chloe: The price would tempt me to buy these wipes, however, I am not convinced that they should win. In terms of features, the wipes are very basic. There is no big selling feature that would convince me to choose this product over any other in the category. The material of the wipe is thin and the scent of the comfort wipes is overbearing. I have previously used Waterwipes and am happy to spend a bit more money on the thicker material and gentle clean.

What changes would you make to this product?

Samantha: Make the wipes thicker! All other aspects of these Lupilu Baby Wipes are fantastic. They smell amazing, the price is brilliant and the design is outstanding. The only reason I wouldn't purchase these for everyday use would be because of the thickness of wipes, I would end up going through them twice as quick as I would be using them 2 at a time.

Wendy: Recycling. We use so many products on a baby that this is something that makes it stand out in the market. They have a lovely product here but some people may not consider it because its not recyclable and stick with an inferior product because of it. Overall though this product ticks all boxes for a mum on the go.

Jill: The one thing I would change is to make the product more environmentally friendly- mainly biodegradable. The wipes are great and brilliant value for money. They are a product I would buy but only for occasional use. For me to purchase them regularly I would want them to be biodegradable. Otherwise, it is a good product and made my life easier for being out and about.

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