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Nature Ninety Nine Aqua Wipes

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Aqua wipes have applied extensive expertise in skincare development to formulate a unique new baby wipe that is both eco-friendly and pure, ensuring both the environment and your precious baby, are given the ultimate level of care that they deserve. Aqua Wipes contain over 99% Purified Water ensuring they are natural, caring and suitable from birth. Aqua Wipes are also 100% biodegradable, meaning that you can care for the planet as you care for your child.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Cathie: These wipes are really good, I would definitely recommend them as they are handy and do exactly what they are supposed to. They are good for babies bums as they are 99% water. They come out of the pack properly too without dragging five or six more wipes with them which is always a benefit and a cost saver.

Kelly: These baby wipes are very usable. The packaging is average and I don't think the yellow branding is nice. The baby wipes are of a good quality, not too thick nor too thin. They generally pull out of the packet one at a time. They are, however, very wet- you can easily ring water out of them. As a mum, I don’t like a ‘dry’ wet wipe but I also don’t like a soaked wipe.

Kerry: I think these wipes are a great, natural, safer alternative for baby, especially those with more sensitive skin. They are soft and very wet which makes wiping easier although they can stick to each other making it harder to get out. They are easy to store my children didn't have any reactions using them which my youngest normally does. I find there is no smell and they are almost cloth-like.

How did this product make your life easier?

Louise: The wipes were very moist making nappy changes easy and quick to do. When changing your little one you felt like you were giving them a good clean. You feel reassured that they were soft on their bum and gentle for newborn skin. The dispensing of the wipes was easy and it only removed one at a time.

Kirsty: This product is great as it is all natural and kind to the baby’s skin. It would be ideal for a newborn baby as there aren’t any harsh chemicals that would affect their new skin. The wipes are easy to use, they do the job well and they come in a good sized packet ideal for both travel or at home.

Alice:  I use reusable cloth wipes with water at home but sometimes when out and about I need a disposable option. Aqua wipes have made this easier as I try to be as eco-conscious as possible and these are biodegradable, plastic-free and vegan. This means I have a relatively clear conscious and I don't need to make sure I have enough washed and dried cloth wipes and a bottle of water with me when rushing out of the house.

Would you choose this product to win?

Lydia: I’d choose these wipes as they are natural and feel good. They are strong and just wet enough to clean up the mess without leaving drops of water everywhere but definitely not dry. Aqua wipes have built on other water wipes and they are even better.

Cathie: I think these wipes are brilliant but as they are priced at over two pounds a packet I would really have to think about whether they are truly worth spending so much on when there are cheaper wipes on the market. With all the saving I would do on not having to dump the top wipe each time (as it doesn’t dry out) and also not pulling a string of wipes out at once means the price is probably worth it. So on consideration, yes I would choose this product.

Kelly: They are relatively expensive in comparison to alternative wipes. As a family go through a large volume of baby wipes and the expense would be a lot if we solely used this brand. Personally, these wipes shouldn’t win in my opinion. They are too wet and the packaging isn’t the best. The yellow colour of the packaging is not appealing.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kerry: I use a similar brand but I wouldn't pay over £2 for a pack of wipes. If they were cheaper then I would be more likely as I like the texture and the fact that they are so moist. I would make the release of wipes a bit easier so they don't stick to each other.

Louise: I would make the dispensing of the wipes easier. Taking a wipe was not hard but this could have been made easier if the wipes were not so stuck together. This aspect would make a nappy change just that bit easier especially when you have a two-year-old who hates having their nappy changed.

Kirsty:  The only thing I would change about this product is the price. Although they are great, for a family on a budget it is just not cost effective when there are other wipes at a fraction of the cost. If you can afford it then it is good value for money but probably not suitable for many families trying to cut costs.

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