VTech Playtime Bus with Phonics review

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VTech Playtime Bus with Phonics

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VTech’s interactive Playtime Bus with Phonics features loads of melodies, sing-along songs and realistic bus sound effects, making it a huge hit with children! It also teaches phonic sounds (said correctly!), letters, vocabulary, numbers, counting and safety rules. Assimilating fun and education is a good way to improve children’s learning but a great toy should also be entertaining and the VTech Playtime bus is certainly that, with 26 letter buttons, 1-10 number buttons, brake, horn & driver buttons and an open and shut door. Chunky buttons on the top of the bus call out shapes while the smiling passengers say funny phrases when pressed .In fact, so enticing is the delicious red coach that you might even find your little one clambering on top of it in an enthusiastic attempt to play driver but not to worry, it’s low enough to the ground for it to be safe. The bus is made to be durable and will be hauled along as your child grows. Big thumbs up!

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VTech Playtime Bus with Phonics

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