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When choosing a ride-on for your toddler, it can feel overwhelming with so many different options on the market, but toddler scooter's continue to stand our from the crowd for their versatility, compatibility, and ease of use.

Our parent tester took the SmarTrike Xtend Scooter out for a spin, and here’s what she found.

SmarTrike Xtend ScooterSmarTrike


  • It grows with your child from three up to 12
  • It's lightweight making it easy to carry
  • It has ergonomically designed handlebar and footboard
  • The wheels have LED lights


  • It took a couple of attempts to adjust the tightness correctly on the handlebar when switching between sizes
  • Folding style:
  • Ease of use:
  • Durability:
  • Safety features:
Age Range:3 to 12 years
Box width:26.4cm
Box length:43.8cm
Box height:16.8cm
Box weight:3.5kg

Testing the SmarTrike Xtend Scooter

I am a mum of a 5-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl. Having moved further away from school, shortly after my son started reception, we travel to school using a bike and a trailer. I was looking for something my 5-year-old could use to get to his grandparent's house after school. It needed to be light so Granny could easily carry it to school on the days she picked him up.

It's no wonder this award-winning scooter impressed me. I was amazed by how quickly my son could scoot confidently, on a variety of terrains. The XL LED wheels are durable enough to take on chalk paths and bumpy pavements, which my son loved as he didn’t need to stop and start continuously. The scooter was easily manoeuvrable, with the controls making sense to each child who used it.

Child testing the Smart Trike
©Mother&Baby tester


The scooter was constructed with just a few simple steps and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. All the tools that I needed were provided within the packaging as well, which is always a huge bonus as it was clear what tool was needed for each step too. There is also plenty of product support online, via SmarTrikes user-friendly website.

The SmarTrike Xtend scooter is a one-of-a-kind design, enabling its use for children aged three to 12. The extendable footboard and handlebar height are easy to adjust, with just a few clicks.


My kids and their cousins (aged between two and 10) took turns using the SmarTrike at the park so that I could get a good idea how well it adjusted for each age. The ability to extend the footboard as well as the handlebar meant that it accounts for older children’s extra height and posture- meaning it is genuinely comfortable for every child to use.

The appearance of the SmarTrike scooter is impressive too. It has a stylish and sleek colour scheme, light up wheels and a unique folding mechanism.

Final Verdict

The SmarTrike Xtend scooter is a fantastic investment for parents looking for a more sustainable and versatile outdoor toy. It's a sleek design too with vibrant colour choices and is durable (which is ideal for kids and gives longevity!). The smooth performance meant it didn't hinder play use, and gives me confidence it will be used by my child for years to come.

Mother to three lively young boys, Robyn Cann is Features and Reviews Editor for Mother&Baby. She has written for various lifestyle and special interest titles catering predominantly to women.

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