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Once they’ve outgrown a pushchair, a baby trike or balance bike is usually a toddler’s first official set of wheels. But in recent years, scooters have sky-rocketed in popularity for children. As you may see by the rows of scooters parked at nursery school gates! A scooter might not be on your radar as an essential bit of kit for your tot, but it’s an ideal accessory for toddlers who are growing in independence.

A scooter is easier to ride than a first bike but allows a bit more momentum (ok, speed…) than a trike, so it’s a brilliant buy for a toddler who’s not quite up to walking everywhere, yet considers themself too cool to ride in the pushchair.

Whether you take it to the park for outdoor fun at weekends or use it every day to help make the walk to nursery a little easier, a scooter is a great way to encourage exercise.

Best first scooters for toddlers

Best 3-in-1 scooter

This cleverly designed scooter is easy to convert from a ride-on toy to a first scooter that adapts to your child’s needs as they grow. There’s a seat for extra support until your child finds their feet (at around 18 months) – brilliant for growing legs that tire quickly – and an O-bar handle to help her scoot with greater control. Replace it with the T-bar once she’s whizzing away confidently (around three years).

Suzanne: Harry got the hang of this scooter straight away. I wasn’t sure what he’d think of the ‘O’ style handlebar, but he’s finding it really easy to steer. It doesn’t fold, but it’s really light and easy enough to carry. This has been our favourite. Brilliant value for money, the range of play positions ensures you’ll get years of use out of it, and it’s really sturdy so has plenty of hand-me-down potential.

Setareh: It’s super smooth on all types of ground and the steering is very efficient, which made it easy for Parisa to find her balance and scoot along happily. She was improving after each go and quickly gained confidence – and speed! I love that it’s so compact – it fits easily in the car and under the pushchair. I think this is a quality product that will stand the test of time and grow with my child.

Chelsea: I was really excited to test this out as I’d heard lots of good things about it from friends. It’s so easy to put together; we literally had it built and in use within seconds. Adjusting it between modes was a bit trickier. My son absolutely loves this scooter. It’s so easy to use and very sturdy. You can see it’s a quality product as it has wheel suspension and gives a really smooth ride.


  • Adapts as your child grows


  • On the pricey side

Best three wheeled scooter

Cleverly designed to help two-to four-year-olds learn and develop their sense of balance, this three-wheel scooter has a patented steering system that allows you to turn the front wheels whilst simultaneously tilting the deck in the direction you want to go. We like the adjustable, removable handlebars. And we love the different coloured designs, which are super funky and cool.

Suzanne: This looks better suited to older children. Harry managed just fine, but it didn’t seem to appeal to him as much as the brighter, more tactile scooters. It’s easy to build and adjust, folds quickly, and it’s fairly light, but unfortunately, Harry didn’t seem to find the seat as comfortable and he didn’t want to play with it for all that long.
I think I’ll end up carrying it more than he’ll actually ride it.

Setareh: A lovely bright scooter. The colours are bold and really appealing to kids. It feels very sturdy. The steering is quite different to other scooters as you need to turn it rather than lean into it. I think it’s easier for an older child to manoeuvre and gain confidence scooting about. My daughter wasn’t as fast on this one. It’s easy to dismantle and handy to transport in the car or to pop under the buggy.

Chelsea: Really easy to assemble in minutes. The fact that it’s customisable is amazing for a child like mine who has a new favourite colour every day. The handlebars are so easy to remove. It’s very sturdy and feels very safe and secure, so it’s ideal for a child who’s a bit nervous about using a scooter. My son is very tall for three but he still has plenty of room to grow with this scooter.


  • Funky colours


  • One of our parent reviewers thought it may be better suited to older children

Best seated ride on scooter

This versatile three-wheel scooter converts from a ride-on toy and walking bike to a scooter, suitable all the way up to age nine, so it’s excellent value for money. It’s super-adjustable so you can fiddle around with it to suit your child’s exact stage of development. The adjustable T-bar handle means it’ll grow with your child. In scooter mode, we love that there’s a footrest to help prevent scuffed shoes - genius.

Suzanne: A big hit! It took a while to build. It’s heavy and doesn’t fold, so I wouldn’t want to carry it far. It also takes up quite a bit of space but as it’s heavier and sturdier than others, I feel Harry is really safe using it.
The light-up bell is a fun extra and comes with a USB charger, rather than batteries. Great value for money – it’ll last well past Harry’s toddler years.

Setareh: We love this scooter! It’s fab on rough terrain; the rubber wheels glide effortlessly and the seat acts as suspension, bouncing up and down over the bumpy ground. It’s a good alternative to taking the buggy out – no chance I’ll end up carrying a tired toddler and a scooter! There’s a knack to steering it but after a couple of times, it’s really easy. It’s a versatile and well-made product that’ll grow with your child.

Chelsea: This looks seriously impressive. I was very pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to build. My little boy was zooming up and down the living room within 15 minutes of opening the box. There are three modes and he really enjoyed the walking bike mode. The scooter mode is really easy for him to use. The lockable wheels came in really handy on long country lanes, ensuring he didn’t end up in any bushes!


  • Removable footrest


  • Some reviews mention it can be difficult to steer

Best purple scooter

If your little one is scooting around during dusk, they'll be easily seen riding this scooter. It's got multicoloured lights in the wheels and deck, which will not only keep them visible but will also add some razzle-dazzle to their ride.


  • Adjustable handlebar height


  • No reviews yet

Best scooter with bumblebee design

Your child will be completely buzzing to ride this scooter. It's designed to look like a bumblebee, with bright yellow handlebars and a black and yellow striped deck. When playtime is over, the Scootiebag has a fold-down handlebar for easy transportation and storage.

Pros: Has chunky wheels for stability
Cons: Some parents thought that it was hard to sheet

Review: "This is a really well built little scooter, perfect for very young kids starting to learn to use scooters. The build quality seems excellent and it folds in seconds. Having 2 wheels at the front is great as it’s easier for young ones to balance, and the fact the front wheels steer just by leaning to one side or the other is great! Would happily recommend this."

Best vintage-style scooter

We wish this vintage-style scooter came in adult sizes! The pastel pink colour and wicker basket give it a timeless, Scandinavian feel. Of course, there's more to it than just a pleasing aesthetic, it has Banwood's patented Easy Ride Steering System, a wide deck and rubber bar grips for a smooth yet safe ride.


  • Looks beautiful


  • Not suitable for children under three

Best 2-in-1 kickboard and scooter

For a scooter with serious curb appeal, consider this one from Scoot & Ride. It's sleek and modern looking in its sharp blue steel tone. It easily converts from a three-wheeled kickboard to a two-wheel scooter without tools, with a built-in safety pad for added stability and an ergonomic handlebar for the comfort of tiny hands.


  • Suitable from one to five years as it grows with your child


  • No reviews yet

Is my child ready for a scooter?

Scooters with three wheels don’t require the same degree of balance and control as two-wheeled models. so they’re perfect for toddlers and young children. They'll find it easier to get to grips with scooting if they're steady on their feet and walking well.

Features of a scooter to look out for...

Handles: A scooter with a height-adjustable handle will fit your child through different stages of growth. Check how easy it is to adjust, and if you’ll need to hunt for a screwdriver first.

Wheels: Light-up wheels will help your child be seen by traffic – handy if you plan on scooting to school or nursery at dusk. Remember that your child won’t see the wheels when they're scooting, so don’t pay over the odds for this feature unless you really need it.

Seat: Some of the toddler scooters we tested have the option of adding a seat. That’s a handy feature for younger toddlers who tire easily, but older children will want to progress to a ‘proper’ scooter quickly.

Folding mechanism: A scooter that folds is a wonderful thing; it’ll take up less space in the car, and some fold small enough to fit in the shopping basket of your pushchair. Check it’s easy to collapse but sturdy enough to withstand repeated folding and unfolding.

Brakes: Toddlers will use their feet to stop the scooter, but a brake is a useful feature for older children who might get up quite a speed. Make sure the brake is simple enough for your child to use safely.

Helmet: A scooter helmet is a must – encourage your child to scoot safely, and never leave home without one!

Whichever scooter you go for, choose one that’s light enough to carry home from the park – or compact enough to fold and pop in your pushchair basket – when little legs get tired of scooting, as they inevitably will.

How we selected the best toddler scooters:

We have selected the scooters on this list using a combination of research from our Mother&Baby shopping experts, and recommendations from mums. Some of the scooters on our list have been tried and tested for us by Suzanne, Setareh and Chelsea. Find out more about our mum testers below.

Suzanne Deller: 31, from Edgeworth, is mum to Harry, 24 months.

"I’m looking for a compact scooter that won’t add to the stuff cluttering up the hallway."

Setareh Hardman: 34, from Lancaster, is mum to Parisa, 30 months.

"I need a sturdy scooter for a petite toddler – ideally one I can stash under the buggy when not in use."

Chelsea Morgan: 26, from Runcorn, is mum to Reggie, 36 months.

"I’d like a lightweight scooter that’s easy to carry when my son gets tired."

How much should you spend on a scooter?

You can spend anything from a tenner to over a hundred pounds on a scooter for your toddler. Whether it’s worth shelling out for an expensive one depends on your lifestyle.

A cheaper model is all you need for playing in the garden or for occasional trips to the park.

If you plan to let your toddler scoot when you’re walking older siblings to school, look at different things; look for scooters that are robust, lightweight and that will withstand daily use.

How long will a scooter last?

That all depends on how old your toddler is, as well as their height and weight.

Some scooters are suitable for use from 12 months. We’ve included one of those in this Big Test – but others are designed for children over the age of three years.

Broadly speaking, you can expect to get at least a year or two of use from a scooter. So, you'll probably get longer if you choose an adjustable scooter that grows with your child through various stages of development.

If you plan to pass your toddler's scooter onto a younger sibling in the future, it’s worth spending a bit more on a durable model that’s built to last.

Always make sure your toddler wears a helmet when they are scooting.

Even at a cautious pace, taking a tumble off a scooter could do serious damage. So, a helmet is essential to protect their head in the event of an unexpected bump.

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