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Early Learning Centre Key-Boom-Board

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2015 – Toddler Toy 24 Months+ Award!

The Early Learning Centre’s Key-Boom-Board is tantamount to hours of fun! It is easy for children to operate and as a multifunctional keyboard-drum-microphone combination the tot is great value for money.

The boom-board includes a variety of different instrument sounds and fun animal noises as well as ‘follow me’ lights on keys and drum pads that encourage children to play rhythmically. The scratch pad is also good fun! As children get older they'll be able to use the toy to record their own music although the boom-board has only enough memory for one recording. It even comes with an MP3 docking station so little ones can jam along to their favourite tunes.

It has great volume (you might want to vacate the premises when the kids crank the sound) and is sturdy enough to withstand the gesticulations of enthusiastic wannabe musos The accompanying stool is a bit flimsy and the drum noise iffy (for a drum!) and without a ‘single beat’ feature but otherwise a fabulous toy that children are sure to love for as long as it lasts.

2014 – Shortlisted for 'BestToddler Toy 24 Months+' Award!

The Early Learning Centre Key Boom Board is easy to assemble and will keep children entertained for hours! It includes a load of different features and settings – including keyboard, drum, microphone and scratch-deck functionality. It also plays nursery rhymes and has (sanity-saving) volume control!

The Boom Board is a great way to introduce children to music, with step-by-step instructions on how to play the keyboard (follow the light to play a tune). But, as we know, little ones also like to rock ‘n’ roll on their own and the toy is great for exactly that purpose – inspiring creativity in a way that’s both fun and educational.

On the negative; the drums have to be properly walloped to initiate any decent sort of sound and the microphone isn’t very clear. Neither batteries nor headphones are supplied and there is no automatic ‘off’ for the background tune, which will go on and on if forgotten by little ones. The batteries also seem to run out quite quickly.

Overall, it’s a great little station. It appeals to a wide age bracket and is easy to use, brightly coloured, a little plastic-y but good value for money!

Product Information

Early Learning Centre Key-Boom-Board

Features 2 animal sounds, 6 demo songs, 6 learning songs, 2 drum sounds and 4 rhythms

Includes stool, keyboard and stand

Requires 4 x AA batteries

Not suitable for children under 36 months

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