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Children love animals and for many little ones, dogs are their absolute favourite. And with soft fur, waggy tails and bounds of energy, what's not to love?

If you don't already have a furry friend and would rather not take on the work by getting a real one, a dog toy is a way for your tot to get their pup fix without the extra responsibility for you. Which is why you'll love our round-up of dog toys including pull-alongs and cuddly pooches.

The best dog toys for kids

Take Waggles for a walk on his red lead to see him wiggle his bum and wag his tail. Your little one will love petting him on the head to hear his cute puppy barks and reactions.

Review: "Got a toddler? Want a dog, but without the hassle? Sorted! My toddler lives Waggles, you get a lead so it looks like you are really talking him for a walk, I say walk, his little legs go ten to the dozen and that tail ha. Waggles also makes noises when you push his head, this is the stop / start action. He does walk in one direction, so relies on human intervention to direct."

Price: £34.99

This isn't just any toy dog - it's a robot dog who can speak, walk, sing, dance and follow your youngster's commands. The pup comes with a remote control for command plus a USB charger to supplement energy.

Review: "Great fun interactive toy. Brought this for my son and he loves it. Works well and batteries last well too. Easy to set up and isn't tricky to get working and play with. Good price too. Recommended."

Encourage your child to get involved in roleplay with this 16-piece play pet vet set which comes a with plush dog, scissors, hair dryer, brush, faucet, food box, shower gel bottle and other accessories. The set comes in a case, providing storage space to keep everything together and preventing anything from getting lost.

Review: "Brought this for my granddaughter who is two. She sat at the window waiting for her delivery and has not left it alone since, she takes it everywhere she goes. It's fantastic that you can carry it as a back pack. Well worth the money, its not too big but also not too small for her. Happy granddaughter, very happy nanny."

The perfect first puppy for your child, your little one can grasp Snoop's leash and pull him along, watching as he turns his head, wiggles his ears, shakes his tail and barks, just like a real pooch.

Review: "What a lovely toy. I ordered this for a friend's one year old and she absolutely loves it. I first saw this toy when my niece received it a couple of years ago and know what a popular toy it is. It is well made and sturdy, so any time that it is dropped on the floor or kicked by accident I'm not worried that it is going to break. The little red leash is a nice touch and I think little children enjoy this aspect as it is like they are taking their own puppy for a walk. The tail moves and the puppy's head turns and ears wiggle while it is being pulled along."

This adorable rainbow husky needs her barks translating through her magic stethoscope. Simply hold it to her chest so you can understand what it is she wants or needs your child to do. Then use her fun accessories; syringe, thermometer, bone treat u0026 recovery collar along with seven buttons and sensors to make sure Hope gets what she needs.

Review: "This is a great little present! Such a clever toy for a kid. It's bigger than your average toy but not too big."

Toy Story Slinky Dog
Price: $24.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$30.90View offer

You surely must recogonise Slinky Dog from the Toy Story films, with his iconic slinky body and floppy ears. Stretching from 5 inches to 14 inches with a cute slinky waggly tail, pull Slinky by his cord lead and watch him walk. A must for any Toy Story fan.

Review: "The rope will not necessarily work for its purpose but he keeps being Slinky and he is so awesome at it. The perfect size, sturdy, good looks and good quality. My 2 and 3 years old keep saving Slinky from all possible cliffs."

Hape Pepe Pull Along

Rrp: $26.99

Price: $23.79
Alternative retailers
Macy's$26.99View offer
Tractor Supply$32.99View offer

A pull along toy is a classic for children and this is an oh-so-cute choice. This lovable pup doesn't just go for a walk - he also wobbles, wiggles, and wags his tail as he moves along. He can even sit up with a little help and beg for a yummy treat.

Review: "Bought for a one year old. Absolute smash hit with him. As was a similar one with my mum 60 years ago when she was a baby. Pull along dogs will always be a good toy and this particular one is sturdy and cute."

Pup figurines
Price: $13.99

This 12 piece set of mini plastic puppy figures includes many dog breeds for your child to discover such as a Pug, St. Bernard, Bernese Mountain Dog, Boxer and more. Not suitable for children under 3 years. For use under adult supervision.

Review: "You receive 12 dogs (including a Labrador and a Dalmatian) and a piece of scenery comprising of four plastic fences that can be slotted together to make one long fence. The dogs are small, about one to two inches or so long, and you can see they have been hand-painted, at least in part. These would make an excellent stock filler for a child above 4 years old, and would encourage imaginative play. They are particularly appropriate for children interested in dogs and animals as a whole."

Help your baby to learn shapes and colours through two different levels of play with this adorable wooden dog where the objective is to turn the rotating rollers to align identical shapes or those that are the same colour.

Jellycat toys have been loved by babies for years and for good reason! This soft and cuddly puppy has a cute nose, tactile arms and ears that are just the right size for little hands. As he's filled with beans, he will happily sit wherever he is placed.

Review: "This dog is so soft. A good size for young children to hold. But be warned. I bought one for my 3-year-old grandson and he was delighted. So was my one-year-old granddaughter and she claimed it as hers! So I had to buy another one. Likely to appeal to most children and therefore possible you will end up buying more than you expected to. They are addictive."

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