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Farm animal toys are a great choice when looking for something new for your little one to play with. These unisex toys are brilliant for encouraging imaginative play and role play as well as helping to teach your tot hand-eye co-ordination.

We’ve pulled together our favourite farm animal toys including everything from plush animals, toy farm sets, puzzles and games.

Learning Minds Jumbo Farm Animals
Price: £26.5

Designed especially for little hands, this set includes seven large animals: a horse, pig, cow, goat, sheep, rooster, and goose. Made from vinyl, which is sturdy enough to withstand play, but not too hard that they’ll damage walls or floors, the animals come in a carry box for handy storage.

Review: "I bought these for my granddaughter’s first birthday. The family are living with us at the moment so I have seen first hand how much she loves them. Initially she liked carrying them around and mastering the animal sounds. Now she is 14 months you can name each animal and ask her to fetch them. I think there are many more games to play as she develops, like building a farm out of cardboard boxes, collecting ‘food’ in the garden for the animals."

Bigjigs Toys Wooden Farm Playset
Price: $29.49

There's lots to get involved with, in this 50 piece farm animal set. Made from quality, responsibly sourced materials, the set features a functional stable, windmill, vegetable patch, kennel, pond and more! You'll also receive a baseboard for the accessories to be arranged upon.

Review: "I have now had a chance to play with the set on a couple of occasions with my nephews who absolutely love it! They call the farmer and his wife 'mama' and 'dada' which is adorable. I was amazed at just how much came with the set - a dog and dog kennel, a cowshed, floor, crops, windmill, buckets, animals, farm tools - all sorts. Well worth the money and I'm sure will last a good couple of years (even if parts do go missing over time!)."

New Classic Toys Wooden Farm House Playset
Price: £32.62

This brightly coloured farm set is built to last for generations so your children can pass it onto their children. Helping to encourage hand-eye co-ordination, there are 20 play figures witch can easily be clutched in little hands.

Review: "Lovely classic toy for a toddler! Once constructed (couple of screws) stays together really well despite being dropped etc! Little one loves it and all the figurines. Smaller pieces may be too small for younger babies - duck, rabbit and cat have been confiscated until little one learns not to put them in his mouth!"

LEGO 10870 DUPLO Town Farm Animals
Price: £28.99

This chunky Duplo set is ideal for small children and includes a chicken, calf, piglet, and cat plus a chicken coop, trough, water bucket, pitchfork, and flower.

Review: "A fantastic value set which is great for introducing toddlers to farmyard animals. The animal pieces look great and the set overall is a great addition to a Duplo collection for the unique pieces alone. Not too many options in terms of creativity and different designs, but it's still very good value."

Battat Wooden Activity Cube
Price: $59.32

There's a whole lot for your tot to discover with this wooden activity cube. It's full of great activities on each side including a spinning animal alphabet, a wooden bead roller coaster and more. This exciting toy encourages your little one to explore the farm and experience the fascinating world around them, one animal at a time.

Review: "This is a great toy. Bought for my 9 month old son. He is already very entertained by it and I can tell that he will continue to find it entertaining in different ways as he grows. It is also lovely looking - looks almost antique because of the very traditional design, like the kind of toy that might have been passed down through a family."

Orchard Toys Farmyard Jigsaw Puzzle
Price: $7.46

We love Orchard Toys games and these puzzles feature friendly farmyard animals with two simple, chunky pieces to fit together. These farmyard jigsaw puzzles can also aid speech development by encouraging your child to say aloud the name of the different animals.

Review: "This is a brilliant little set of puzzles. Great for vocabulary building and observation as well as fine motor skills development. I bought it for my 18 month-old grandson who, at first, was happy just to identify the right pairs of animals and make the relevant noises.

However, the pieces and the interlocks are a good size, and perfect for small hands, so it wasn’t long before he was fitting them together with hardly any help. Once he’d mastered the farm animal puzzles, we mixed them together with the jungle animals pack to make things a bit more challenging."

Plush Creations Farm Animals
Price: £29.99

This five-piece set comes with four plush farm animals that talk and make realistic sounds, and a plush barn stable to store the animals in when done playing. Every individual miniature plush animal measures 5" inches in height, and the plush barn house carrier is 7 x 9 inches, making it the perfect size for little hands to carry indoor while at home or take-along on the go.

Review: "Very impressed with this! Bought it for my little one for Christmas and she absolutely loves the animals!"

This sweet set includes a brightly coloured wooden tractor and an attachable trailer, both with moving wheels. Children can stack the duck, pig, cow and sheep figures into the trailer and wheel them around.

Review: "Lovely set, my 17 month old loves to push this around and take the animals in and out of the trailer. The trailer is detachable and the animal toys are a good size although quite slim, so not easy for him to stand up on the carpet but this isn't a problem to him. Love that it's wooden too."

This two in one pull along toy can also be used as a stacker as well as styled on a bedroom or nursery shelf too. The four farmyard animals and farmer slot onto wooden pegs before being take on an adventure, great for developing their fine motor skills as well as encouraging your todler onto their feet.

Review: "Beautiful wooden toy - great quality, bought it as a gift for a 1 year old who hasnt stopped playing with it!"

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