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At some point throughout parenthood, your little one will become obsessed with a song or TV show that they want on repeat, and if they've already discovered the character JJ, you might already be familiar with a range of CoComelon songs.

While we don't recommend sitting your child in front of a screen and listening to songs on repeat all day to help them understand and learn routines, you can listen to CoComelon songs through Tonies Figures, Spotify and YouTube, and introduce singing to remember different routines.

Best CoComelon song products at a glance:

Best CoComelon product for getting ready: tonies Getting Ready with JJ, buy now on Amazon, £14.99
Best CoComelon product for play: CoComelon Switch It Multi Character Tri Scooter, buy now on Amazon, £29.99
Best CoComelon product for bath time: CoComelon Bath Book, buy now on Amazon, £5.99
Best CoComelon product for bedtime: CoComelon Official Musical Bedtime JJ Doll, buy now on Amazon, £19.99

How can CoComelon songs help with daily routines for kids?

The creators of CoComelon, Moonbug Entertainment, revealed through research that 34 per cent of British parents struggle to follow routine with their little ones, and struggle mainly with the bedtime, brushing teeth and mealtime routines.

Almost half of parents asked (48 per cent), say a that routines help their children, and found they cooperate more with a routine in place, but how do you go about creating a routine?

CoComelon songs that can help with routines

CoComelon also have a range of products that you can use within your routines to help.


This is the Way Dinnertime song

Tiny Trees song

Yes Yes Vegetables song

Bathtimes and brushing teeth:

The Bubble Bath song

Hair Wash Day song

Yes Yes, Brush your Teeth song


Yes Yes, Bedtime song

Good Night World Song

Nina's Bedtime song

Doctor's check-ups:

JJ Gets a Checkup song


JJ's Playground song

From their very own JJ to snuggle with at bedtime, to a CoComelon dinner set, here are our favourite CoComelon products to support your little ones routine, with the help of CoComelon songs.

Best CoComelon product for getting ready

tonies Getting Ready with JJAmazon / Tonies

With 20 song tracks, the tonies Getting Ready with JJ is a screen-free way of introducing a routine of getting ready. Tots will feel encouraged to move and get ready for the day.

Best CoComelon clothing product for getting ready

Toddler CoComelon Graphic T-ShirtSamantha Ball
Price: £3.90 (was £7.90)

Made from 100 percent cotton, the Toddler CoComelon Graphic T-Shirt features the iconic bus from CoComelon on the front. It's a lovely shade of yellow and is available in three different sizes.

My daughter loved this top, and shout's JJ when she see's it laid out for her to wear, and is eager to wear it when she see's it.

Best CoComelon product for play

CoComelon Switch It Multi Character Tri ScooterAmazon
Price: $127.02

The CoComelon Switch It Multi Character Tri Scooter is a great way to encourage tots to play outside, and with interchangeable plaques, they can pick their favourite to attach to the scooter.

Parents have found it to be good quality, and robust with its three wheeled design.

Best CoComelon product for learning about time

CoComelon Shape N Sort Learning ClockSamantha Ball

Ideal for learning shapes and for helping with telling the time, the CoComelon Shape N Sort Learning Clock was loved by my daughter. She enjoyed counting the numbers as she took them out of the clock, and enjoys sortign the colours and shapes too.

The pieces could go pissing, as they don't fasten securely into the clock, but otherwise it's a really lovely, multifunctional toy for children.

Best CoComelon product for hygiene

CoComelon Musical Buddies Ladybug Soap Dispenser and Singing Toothbrush HolderBargainMax
Price: £12.99 (was £17.99)

Helping to encourage little ones to wash their hands and brush their teeth, the CoComelon Musical Buddies Ladybug Soap Dispense and Singing Toothbrush Holder is also fun!

It helps to teach good habits, with songs encouraging to brush their teeth for two minutes and wash their hands for 20 seconds.

Best CoComelon product for dinner

Cocomelon Kids 6 Piece Reusable Dinner SetSamantha Ball

This lovely dinner set is perfect for mealtimes. The CoComelon Kids 6 Piece Reusable Dinner Set comes with everything you need for dinner time, with a bowl, plate, cup and cutlery set.

I've struggled to get my daughter drinking out of a cup, she would much rather have a cup with a straw in, but since using this set she's loved drinking from her JJ cup, and has been more open to eating what we put on her plate, rather than just picking at her meals.


Best CoComelon product for bathtime

The CoComelon Bath Book brings magic to bathtime, as the pages change colour! Your little one can also learn their numbers, colours and animals as they explore each colour changing page.

Best CoComelon product for bedtime

CoComelon Official Musical Bedtime JJ DollSamantha Ball
Alternative retailers
Walmart$24.15View offer
Kohl's$24.99View offer

With three sound modes, including singing the bedtime song, this JJ Doll is a lovely bedtime companion. My daughter is obsessed with her JJ Doll, and insists on tucking him into bed and singing him to sleep at night, before getting into bed herself.

What lessons does CoComelon teach?

Not only can CoComelon help to teach your child about different routines, but it can also help children to understand different kinds of sports and also how to read different social cues. There are plenty of songs about sports, from basketball to taekwondo, as well as songs about where to use 'sorry' and 'excuse me'.

CoComelon songs help introduce different scenarios, words and understandings through fun sing-alongs.

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