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Have you chosen to invite children to your wedding? If yes, you may decide to provide a special children's wedding activity pack. During weddings. it is common for toddlers and children to feel restless or bored, which is why investing in wedding activity packs for children is always a great way to keep them entertained.

Having a little pack waiting for them at their seat will most definitely have them feeling extra special, and should hopefully (fingers crossed) keep them quiet at the table during the emotional speeches.

Best activity packs for children at your wedding at a glance:

• Best overall wedding activity pack for kids: Children's wedding activity pack book with ribbon - buy here on Amazon
• Best creative wedding activity pack for kids: Yo Yo-Me Child's Wedding Activity pack Box - buy here on Not On the Hight Street
• Best personalised wedding activity pack for kids: Born gifted kid's personalised Wedding Activity pack - buy here on Not On The Hight Street

Bear in mind that if you do not want a lot of scribbles on the walls or toddlers having a lullaby session, then it's ideal to provide toys and activities that aren't too noisy and don't require close adult supervision. Also, avoid opting for smaller items, as these can be choking hazards.

If you're looking for ideas to keep the kids entertained at your wedding, take a look at our amazing list of wedding activities for kids.

Best activity pack for creativity

activity packs
Price: £1.75

This beautiful brown front-covered book, hand-tied with white organza ribbon speaks simplicity. With multi-coloured crayons, to create a wonderful keepsake book to amuse your special guests this wedding pack will help keep the kids calm.

Front cover
Swop-a-point crayon pen with 11 different colours
20 Wedding themed activity sheets (word searches, mazes and colouring pages)

Best for personalisation

Who doesn't love seeing their name personalised on a gift? that's what makes it special and thoughtful. Complete with an activity pack, sweets and tissue paper, this activity/treat box will help to keep the kids entertained during the best man speeches. Suitable for both boys and girls, designs may vary however they will always be gender-neutral.

Personalised box with activity pack
Sweets and tissue paper 
16 page mini puzzle book
4 colour pencils
12 stickers
Mini notebook
Mini Haribos 
Includes the bridal couple image

Best for stickers

Although so much for adults, weddings can be boring for kids, which is why this stickers activity pack, is such a fabulous idea. stuffed with fun activities: such as puzzles, word games, colouring in and spot the difference, you can't go wrong. It also includes stickers that feature the child's name, how cool is that? This would make a lovely gift idea for your page boy or flower girl. 

Personalised kid's wedding activity book with stickers.
Many different activities.
Includes sticker selection.
Personalise with the child's first name up to 12 characters which appears on the front cover
A personal message over 4 lines of 20 characters per line which appears on the first page.
Softback book contains 28 fun-filled pages.

Best for photography

Say cheese! Suitable from ages 3-9, this gorgeous wedding-themed things-to-do box, is perfect for kids who love to be creative and think outside the box. It will keep little guests entertained, especially during the busy parts of the day, and will also give you peace of mind.

A5 wedding alphabet doodle pad
Swap point crayon, wooden watch toy
Mini bubble wand
A wedding colour-me-in card
Pack of table confetti
2 balloons
2 sheets of alphabet wedding stickers.
Toy camera

Best for bubbles

Although perfectly packaged, this is a great idea for older children, as it contains felt tip pens (which might not go down well with toddlers around). From spying to glowing and bubble-blowing, your little guests will have the time of their lives.

Activity book
I spy sheet
Felt tips
Bag of sweets
Make your own wedding card
Toy yoyo
Scratch art unicorn
Make your own name bracelet
Glow stick bracelet

Best for Peppa Pig fans

Great for helping learning development, kids can experiment with different colours and improve their drawing skills. This kid's art case features three tiers that neatly tuck under each other for easy storage.

Contains over 30 colouring pages 
Includes four colouring pencils 
Ideal for keeping the kids entertained whilst travelling 
Hours of fun and creativity

Best for concentration

Now, if you want the kids in full concentration mode (hopefully!) and solving their way out of the mystery puzzle book, then this is your go-to product. it also comes with a pack of four colouring pencils, that will keep them colouring away and creating beautiful portraits.

Nicely packaged crayons
Pack size: 12x12cm 
The puzzles include mazes, word searches, colouring in, spot the difference, crosswords, join the dots and drawing games.

Best for personalisation

This cute personalised kids pack, will have the children amused (probably for ages). With lovely selections and well-themed, this will keep them fully entertained and far away from feeling tired and bored, not only will your wedding day run smoothly, but so will theirs.
20 staple bound activity pages such as a wordsearch
Noughts & crosses
Colouring pages
Math puzzle
Word games
Personalised on the front with the child's name, the Bride and Grooms names and the wedding date.
Thank You Poem on the rear.
11 piece swap point crayon,
12 wedding award stickers

Best for candy fans

Ah sweets! show me a kid who doesn't love them. This kids' activity pack will have your wedding guests having so much fun! and while the best man is making that (emotional) speech, the kids will either be playing with their toys or drawing.

Party Book
Pencil Crayons
4 in a Row Game
Stretchy Toy
Chewy Sweet
Micro Bubbles
Packet of Sweets

Best for interacting

Now, if you would prefer not to have the kids making so much noise at your wedding (that includes using the tables as a drumming session, due to the sugar rush!), then this wedding activity pack, is most definitely not for you. But, the good thing is, that it will have the kids interacting and focused, especially with the maze and puzzle book.

6 page A6 puzzle book
4 colour pencils
12 stickers
Mini maze puzzle
Mini notebook
Mini Haribos

Make your own wedding activity packs for kids

If you prefer making your own wedding activity packs for kids, here are a few ideas. Bear in mind that some venues will have restrictions – for example, if you're getting married at a heritage site or a fancy hotel you may want to avoid play-doh and stickers (the last thing you want are toddlers and babies decorating the walls!)

1. A disposable camera – disposable cameras are so inexpensive these days, provide one for each child and let them click away.

2. A sketchbook and pencils/crayons (no felt tips or paint) – let the children get creative. If you decide to have a children's table, you could cover it with brown craft paper or rolls of thick white paper and let them draw on the table itself!

3. Activity book – you can buy pre-made activity books or make your own. You could include simple mazes, colouring pages and templates.

4. Finger Puppets – for a little imaginative and furry fun! You can buy finger puppets in sets of 5 (usually a more cost-effective option) or if you're feeling crafty you could create your own simple felt finger puppets.

5. Bubbles – a little pot of bubbles is always a winner!

6. Treats – you would need to find out about the children's dietary requirements for this one. You could include fun-size packets of Haribo or chocolates. Or healthy treats such as packets of grapes, carrots or apple slices.

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