Toddler sticker books for hours of focus and fun

Toddler sticker books

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Looking for a fun creative-play activity that'll keep your toddler busy without any of the mess? Sticker books are a must-have to keep them occupied and focused whilst still having endless hours of fun.

There's plenty of themed sticker books to choose from that'll excite your tot or more educational sticker books that'll still provide them with a riveting, stimulating playtime.

We’ve chosen sticker books for children aged at least 3-4 years and up so your little one can enjoy playing safely and with books that are aimed to boost their toddler development.

Are stickers good for toddlers?

Encouraging your toddler to play with stickers is great for their development and depending on the type of sticker book, they can develop a huge range of valuable skills.

Some books focus on learning, helping your little one to improve skills such as reading, counting and problem solving when filling in allocated gaps with stickers.

Other books focus more on creative play so your toddler can create their own fun scenes, outfits or stories using the stickers provided on the book's pages.

No matter the type of sticker book you choose, both will improve their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and shape recognition when playing with the stickers, invaluable skills for nursery and later life.

These books will keep them occupied and focused, a quiet sit-down activity makes them a great rainy day activity, or something to keep your little one busy whilst you're sorting life admin or doing chores.

As the books come self-contained with all the stickers, scenery and places to stick, sticker books are also great to carry on-the-go, whether that be to keep them quiet in the car or busy while visiting family and grandparents.

Why do toddlers love stickers?

Every toddler we know absolutely loves to play with stickers, and some even collect sticker books especially where their favourite character is involved. Sticker books provide them with hours of fun and are packed with bright colours, playful stories and endless opportunities for creativity that they love to share with family and friends.

The stickers themselves keep their little hands busy and offer a unique sensory experience with the 'stickiness' being a fascinating element to the creative play. They create no mess which parents can definitely appreciate.

Stickers can spark positivity too as most kids associate stickers with rewards, whether that be for a trip to the dentist or behaving well at nursery. With a whole book packed with stickers to play with, they're guaranteed to have an absolute blast!

Big Machines Sticker Book
Price: $18.59

Is your toddler obsessed with cars, diggers, cranes and trucks? This exciting book is packed with lively scenes where they can follow the simple text and add their favourite vehicles that best fit the surroundings.

Stickers: Over 300 stickers

Suitable for: 36 months and over

One mum said, "This is one of the best Usbourne sticker books - and we buy a lot of them! My little boy (2 years old) loves stickers and he loves tractors, diggers, trucks, cars etc too. This book is packed with sticker scenes each section on a theme around big machines. One section, for example, is all about different diggers and consists of 6 or 7 double paged scenes with a sheet of stickers to go with each scene. The book is excellent value as you effectively get 4 sticker books for only slightly more than one by itself."

What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday Sticker Book
Price: $14.54

Join the clever little crime-busting ladybird on holiday in this fun sticker book, packed with games, activities and of course stickers! What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday Sticker Book is a perfect companion for birthdays, rainy days and school holidays to keep your toddler busy.

Stickers: Over 400 stickers

Suitable for: 1-4 years

One Grandma was delighted: "Lovely book. I have bought one each for my little granddaughters (aged 2 and 4) and I know they will both thoroughly enjoy using the book. They have both read 'What the Ladybird Heard' and will be thrilled to recognise the characters they know so well from the book."

Peppa Pig: Peppa Dress-Up Sticker Book
Price: $20.36

If your little one loves Peppa, and dressing up, this'll be the perfect sticker book for them to keep them entertained and play with their imagination. This Peppa Dress-Up Sticker Book is packed with activities and sticker themes to dress Peppa as a princess, pirate, explorer and more.

Suitable for: 3-6 years

One mum wrote in her review, "This is a fantastic sticker book which I purchased for my daughter before Christmas and definitely the best sticker book I have purchased so far. My daughter is Peppa Pig mad and loved completing the individual pages with the stickers. This is a brilliant year round book and my son also enjoyed playing with this book with his little sister."

This huge sticker pad features just 5 colourful backgrounds, but these can be used again and again with the reusable stickers. Colourful and repositional, your toddler can create their own story on the interactive pages with this gift that keeps on giving. They can visit a farm, a prehistoric landscape, a desert oasis, a jungle, or the deep blue sea and let their imagination run wild.

Stickers: 150 stickers

Suitable for: 3 years and up

One mum shared her experience with this pad: "The children have enjoyed using these sticker pads for short periods of time. The variety and artwork quality of animals and backgrounds is really brilliant. I also love the fact that these are not single use stickers - they are reusable again and again and very durable. One of the children liked sticking them onto the windows, another liked sticking them onto the TV and pretending he was creating a programme about animals!

"I would say that these would suit a quiet child with a naturally long attention span who likes focusing for longer periods of time. Not quite so great for very boisterous little boys who prefer leaping around the room!"

Your toddler will enjoy using the stickers to fill the farm scenes. This Farm Sticker Book includes a busy farmyard, harvest time and collecting apples in the orchard, with over 150 colourful stickers of people, objects and animals.

Stickers: Over 150 stickers

Suitable for: 3-6 years

One mum found this to be a fantastic book with lots of stickers: "I love this book, the scenes are beautifully illustrated and there are tonnes of stickers. I bought it for my 18 month old who has really enjoyed randomly dotting the stickers about. I could see it being enjoyed by much older children too who could create proper scenes with the stickers.

"The stickers are well made and have all survived being repositioned multiple times. After the third or fourth time they do lose some of their stickiness."

Peppa Pig: 1000 First Words Sticker Book
Price: $18.23

Toddlers will love learning 1000 words with the beloved Peppa Pig, exploring words around the home, nature, animals, playtime, friends and more. They'll enjoy learning and playing with stickers, reading the words aloud before adding the stickers to fill the gaps.

Suitable for: 3-5 years

One parent considered this a lifesave for parents of Peppa fans: "We purchased this book for a second time as the first one has been worn out and all 1000 stickers used! My now 22 month old loves stickers and also Peppa - I do think this book has helped her to learn some new words but most importantly kept her entertained on numerous trips out!

"She enjoys trying to place the stickers in the right spot and hearing the names of all the words. Of course there are a few odd words that I doubt she will need to use any time soon but on the whole the topics are relevant to toddlers and/or relate to Peppa episodes."

First 100 Animals Sticker Book

Rrp: $9.99

Price: $6.99
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Organised into groups including pets, farm animals, and undersea creatures, the colourful pages of this 100 Animals sticker book feature fun learning activities and animal photographs to look at with names to read. A fun but educational sticker books for pre-schoolers to discover and enjoy.

Stickers: Over 500 stickers

Suitable for: 3-6 years

One mum said, "Such a lovely sticker book! Stickers are a lovely size and perfect for my 18 month old to be able to hold and put where he wants them. Lovely variation of animals and insects and there’s also stickers of the names of the animals so that your child can learn what each thing is called and stick those with the animal stickers! Would definitely recommend to others."

The Gruffalou2019s Child Sticker Book
Price: $14.67

Your toddler will love to join the Gruffalo's Child on a snowy adventure through the deep dark wood with this fun sticker book, packed full of activities, games and over 400 stickers! Based on the bestselling, much-loved sequel to 'The Gruffalo', it includes the trademark rhyming text and beautiful illustrations.

Stickers: Over 400 stickers

Suitable for: 3-7 years

One Grandma felt this was the perfect gift for a Gruffalo fan: "Easter gift for my 4 yr old granddaughter who loves this story being read to her. The stickers are a great size for little fingers. Really lovely pictures and the colours are so good. Well worth the money."

Little Sticker Dolly Dressing Rainbow Fairy
Price: $14.38

The Little Sticker Dolly Dressing range is perfect for toddlers who enjoy dressing up as princesses, fairies, mermaids and all things magical. In this sticker book, they'll follow Ruby the Rainbow Fairy as she flutters around Fairyland with lots of enchanting scenes to decorate, from an orange grove and yellow meadow to painting rainbows in the sky.

Stickers: Over 200 stickers

Suitable for: 4-7 years

One parent said, "My three year old daughter and I had a lovely time making rainbow fairy pictures with this gorgeous sticker book. It’s a little pricey for a sticker book but great for a one off treat."

It's also great for slightly older children as one parent wrote, "My five year old was over the moon, especially as she’s into rainbows, mermaids etc. Got it as a gift for working hard on her weekly spelling tests!"

Little First Stickers Dinosaurs

Rrp: $11.90

Price: $9.46

Perfect for a dino-mad toddler, this Little First Stickers Dinosaurs sticker book has over 200 reusable stickers of Triceratops, Velociraptors and more with a handy fold-out back cover to store stickers in when not in use. They'll love creating fun scenes with simple encouragement to steer their imagination.

Stickers: Over 200 stickers

Suitable for: 3-6 years

Mum Mairi said, "My 2 year old is obsessed with dinosaurs and has loved this sticker book. He can stick and take them off and restick them which is great. Just do note that you can take off and restick onto this type of book with glossy smooth pages otherwise they do tear off. I wish it had more writing in it like a story book, but it’s more pages of different scenery with a description on which to stick stuff onto. Still great though!"

Disney Frozen 2 1001 Stickers
Price: $3.95

Calling Disney fans! This Disney Frozen sticker book contains over 1000 stickers for your toddler to enjoy, including foiled stickers anda giant wall sticker for them to decorate their room with. They'll join Anna, Elsa and their friends in this fun-packed book that's full of exciting activities, games, simple puzzles and opportunities to doodle.

Stickers: 1001 stickers

Suitable for: 4-6 years

Reviewers said, "It's a good quality activity and sticker book. Lovely drawings and stickers, and a great array of different activities for any Frozen (2) lover." and "A perfect choice for kids and excellent quality paper used. An all in one picture book, colouring book, story book and much more. An excellent gift for a Frozen 2 fan. A must have for your kid. Not to be missed."

Peter Rabbit Hoppy Holidays Sticker Activity Book
Price: $8.59

Based on the classic tales of Beatrix Potter, join Peter Rabbit and his woodland friends as they get up to all sorts of summer fun in this jam-packed book that's perfect for taking on holiday. With stickers, word searches, colouring and spot-the-difference, your toddler is sure to be kept entertained for hours.

Stickers: Over 300 stickers

Suitable for: 0-5 years

First Sticker Book Nature
Price: $14.87

This beautifully illustrated book is ideal for learning about the natural world and for developing manual dexterity. Your toddler will discover the amazing animals and plants that live in gardens, forests, jungles, oceans and wild places with stickers of animals, plants and bugs perfect for each scene.

Stickers: Over 170 stickers

Suitable for: 3-6 years

One mum considered this a super sticker book: "Bought as part of a birthday gift for a three year old - want to buy one for my own three year old now! Beautifully illustrated and educational, teaching a wide range of nature vocabulary. Think this will become a go-to gift as will please children and their parents alike."

This bundle of three reusable sticker books are perfect for travel with their compact size making them a great activity to carry on the go. Each book contains 8 different backgrounds and 150 reusable stickers unique to each book theme - Animals, dinosaurs and farm. We also think this'll be a great option if you have more than one child to keep them busy at a great price.

Stickers: Over 150 stickers

Suitable for: 36 months and over

One customer wrote, "This set is pretty good value for 3 sticker books. There's loads of stickers for each one and they'll keep kids busy for quite a while. Don't expect the stickers to peel off easily for reuse though. The shiny pages mean it's possible but most likely the stickers will rip. My son just loves sticking stickers and there's plenty room in the book to add more if you buy another set separately."

Little Sticker Dolly Dressing Puppies

Rrp: $16.99

Price: $12.07

Another option from the Little Sticker Dolly Dressing book series, this is great for tots that adore puppies. Scenes include getting a new puppy, playing in the park, a winter walk, grooming salon and puppy school. There's over 300 reusable stickers of puppies, outfits and accessories to decorate the pages, plus a fold-out back cover to store stickers when not in use.

Stickers: Over 300 stickers

Suitable for: 4-7 years

Reviewers said, "Love all these books. Hours of fun for our little girls age 2 and 3, but also their friends 5 and 6" and "These sticker books are amazing. My 5 year old loves them and can spend hours doing them. They also have a few sentences that go with each picture which we enjoy reading together."

Hey Duggee: Super Stickers
Price: $14.75

Join Duggee and the Squirrel Club in this jam-packed collection of adorable puzzles and over one thousand stickers, all based on the smash-hit, BAFTA-nominated Cbeebies cartoon.

Stickers: over 1000 stickers

Suitable for: 2-3 years

Mum Lorna said this is perfect for any Hey Duggee lovers: "Bought this book for my 3-year-old son. He’s getting more and more into sticker books and loves Duggee so this seemed like a perfect combo - didn’t disappoint. Like it says on the advert, 1000's of stickers to keep your little squirrel entertained. Although there are just hundreds of random stickers, there are lots of stickers with specific purposes and some of the activists are quite hard for my 3-year-old (eg completing a dominoes layout) so this book would also be great for older kids. It’s also full of other activities such as join the dots, colouring in and mazes - well worth the money."

Pirate Peteu0026#039;s Potty sticker activity book
Price: $11.30

Pirate Pete is a best-selling, potty-training phenomenon! Now his well-loved potty adventure comes to life for the first time in an interactive sticker activity book, ideal for sharing with a potty-training child.
Pirate Pete is getting rid of his nappies and learning to use the potty like a big boy! Follow him on his potty training adventure and join in by adding stickers to the story. Then fill in your very own potty training reward chart at the end!

Stickers: over 70 stickers

Suitable for: 1-3 years

One amazon customer cannot praise this book enough: "Fantastic! My little boy got well into pirate Pete and it really helped with potty training. A note though, the story is the same as the book, so you might not need both. We did and he read both, but I think this would have done (and it's cheaper)"

How to make your child their own sticker book

If your toddler loves collecting stickers but has nowhere to put them (and to stop them ending up on the furniture) you can easily use scenery print outs for them to colour and add their stickers to, or encourage them to use a colouring book or notebook to use their beloved stickers in.

If they’d like to try making their own sticker book with stickers made and designed by you or them, you can use this tutorial from JuneBeautique. It’ll be a fun bonding exercise where they can explore their creativity and show off their creations.

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