The best kids’ bike trailers for cycling with your tot

best kids' bike trailers

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If you want to whizz off on a cycling adventure with your tot but they’re still unable to ride a children's bike, then you may need a child bike trailer. Luckily, we're here to help with the best kids' bike trailers for cycling.

Child bike trailers look very similar to a chariot or a small carriage. They usually come with one wheel on either side of the seating area. Single or double, they offer a comfy space for your little one, usually with a great view. Plus, they allow you to still be able to enjoy some quality time on your bike.

Our picks

Best for visibility: Burley Bee, 1 and 2 Seat Lightweight, Kid Bike-Only Trailer – Buy now at Amazon
Best for comfort: Croozer Kid Keeke 1 Child Trailer – Buy now at Amazon
Best for storage: Bellelli Bike Taxi Child Bike Trailer – Buy now from Halfords

We've rounded up the best kids' bike trailers currently available based on size, ease of use, how easy it is to build and most importantly, how comfortable your little one will be on their journey.

The best kids' bike trailers for your tot - UK 2023

Best for visibility

As well as a high visibility flag for safety, this bike trailer also has a full internal aluminium roll cage for protection if you were ever in an accident. It can carry a weight of 34kg and can be attached to e-bikes as well as normal bikes. The tinted windows have 50+ ultraviolet protection. There’s plenty of room in the rear cargo area for shopping or toys.

One parent reviewer said: "The components are well put together, and the trailer itself is almost assembled in the box. It's reassuring that the one part you do have to connect, is quite stiff and difficult, which results in its sturdiness. I honestly can't think of anything negative to say about this trailer. My kids are 5 yrs and 2yrs old and they love going to and from school in it."


  • Space for two
  • High visibility


  • Fabric colour can fade

Best for off-road adventures
Burley Du0026#039;Lite X Child trailer
Price: $999.95

The 20” wheels on this bike trailer make it suitable for on and off-road adventures. Carrying a weight up to 34kg, this trailer has a full internal aluminium roll cage for extra protection. Inside is an adjustable, seat with a cushion for extra comfort. Plus, the windproof, waterproof and UV-protected cover will shield your little one in rain or shine. Once you arrive at your chosen destination the trailer can also be turned into a stroller, so it’s perfect for cycling and walking.

One parent reviewer said: "We absolutely love how easy this bike stroller is to use. Assembly was difficult to bring back the bar as it does make mention this may happen due to the tightness of the material. Hardest part. Everything else was super easy and we are loving it!"


  • Good quality fabric
  • Adjustable seat


  • Difficult to assemble

Best for older children

This child trailer isn’t suitable for those under 6 months, but has a comfortable interior for little ones with reclining seats and large windows so they can get a good view of their surroundings. The carrier is easy to fold and transport, and versatile in use for all kinds of terrains. With adjustable suspension for increased comfort, little ones will feel secure and steady on the journey. It also comes with a spacious rear area with storage, plush interior and an adjustable five-point harness, this trailer offer comfort and safety. It can hold a maximum weight of 40kg and is suitable for up to two children.

One parent reviewer said: "I've had a way cheaper bike trailer before I got this one and I'm so happy I've made a decision to spend a bit more and invest in Hamax. I could straight away feel the difference in quality. No velcro needed which is great compared to the cheaper trailers, as they wear off easily and simply don't stick in place. The space between kids heads and the top of the trailer is big enough even with helmets on, so it will be comfortable for another 3-4 years, at least (my twins are 2 years old now). Reclining seats and seatbelts- a lot more comfortable and great suspensions for comfortable ride. The only issue is the width of the trailer- you might struggle with it especially when used as a buggy."


  • Large windows
  • Good storage


  • Heavier than other trailers

Best for comfort

According to Cycle Sprog, Crooze has been making some of the best child trailers for decades. This particular child trailer looks fab and can either be attached to a bike or used as a buggy if you’re walking. The AirPad suspension automatically adjusts to the weight of the trailer, ensuring a smooth and safe ride for your tot. Along with a high visibility flag, the passenger compartment has a 5-point safety belt and the trailer has a wide wheel base for excellent road holding. It’s easily transportable too and can be folded up very flat, making storing easy.

One parent reviewer said: "We bought this trailer for a 10-week-old during the lockdown and absolutely loved it. We are now able to get out for family bike rides straight from our door and find some sanity in the crisis. Very safe and sturdy our little guy loves it. Pricey but worth it. This is the only brand we could find where we could take such a small baby on the bike."


  • Sturdy
  • Clever storage solutions


  • Difficult to assemble

Best for adventurous parents
Price: $999.95
Alternative retailers
Bloomingdale's$999.95View offer
Backcountry$999.95View offer
Albee Baby$999.95View offer
L.L. Bean$999.95View offer

It may be pricey, but this bike trailer will stand the test of time. As well as being able to bike and walk with it, you can also purchase the ​​Thule Chariot jogging and skiing kit to take your adventures to the next level. Holding a maximum weight of 45kg, this trailer has a maximum height recommendation of 110cm and can take two kids per journey. Additionally, it has a 5-point safety harness to keep your child secure and there is an extra large cargo space for storing any child must-haves.

One parent reviewer said: "Excellent. The rain cover is a bit difficult to fit though. The rain cover "clips" tend to fall if barely touched, and the rear tear red light probably fell in the same way and lost it within the first week. But the trailer works well both on bike and in hand-pushed mode."


  • Doubles as a stroller
  • Can purchase add-ons for skiing and jogging


  • Rain cover is difficult to fit

Most affordable

A great option if you don’t want to splash too much cash, but still want something safe and of good quality. Not suitable for children below 12 months, this affordable bike trailer from Halfords fits all bikes. Plus, it can be assembled in just 10 minutes. It seats two children, can carry up to the weight of 36kg and comes with a high visibility flag to ensure your child’s safety, as well as two safety harnesses, a bug screen and a rain shield.

One parent reviewer said: "This trailer looks good, is well built and very sturdy. It is very light and runs very well, very smooth. It is smaller than the photos suggest though. Your children would have to be very young to fit in this trailer. Any average-sized child over three would struggle to fit in here, let alone two! It's strange that Halfords don't give any dimensions for this trailer, apart from the height. You'd think the internal measurements would be critical to making a decision on the purchase. I had to guess, based on the photos. It worked out well for me, fortunately, but if you're looking to carry your children in it, I'd be very wary, as the space inside is tiny. You can buy similar trailers for much less money, although the build quality is very good."


  • Built very well
  • Runs smooth


  • Very small

Best for storage

This striking trailer comes with a host of raving reviews and its mid-range price point makes it ideal if you want to test the trailer waters. It has a hard-bottomed trailer for better protection from bumps and wet conditions and can carry up to two children at a total weight of 14kg. Plus, there are pockets on the inside too to store any journey essentials, two 5-point safety harnesses to keep your tots safe and windproof and waterproof protection.

One parent reviewer said: "Absolutely love this trailer. We had one for our son when he was younger, he's now 11 and off to high school. Our little girl is heading towards 2 and absolutely loves being out and about! You can fit so much in there too; toys, picnic things, blankets etc. It's absolutely fab!"


  • Bug and weather shielded
  • Spacious for two children


  • Doesn't recline

Before you jump into your purchase, you may be wondering what type of bike you'll need for a kids' trailer. Additionally, you may have questions like what age your tot needs to be to go in one and how much they roughly cost.

How old does my child have to be for a kids' bike trailer?

Cycling UK says that most child-carrying trailers can be used for babies aged 12 to 18 months+.

However, it’s important to be aware that bike trailers do have weight restrictions. So, always make sure you check this in the spec before purchasing.

For babies, it’s important that their neck is strong enough to hold their heads up. Plus, there are special insert seats that you can buy for bike trailers specifically made for babies.

Some bike trailers will come with a minimum age restriction, so again always check this before purchasing.

Does my child need to wear a helmet in a bike trailer?

100 per cent. Just because bike trailers usually come with covers doesn’t mean your child shouldn’t wear a baby or toddler bike helmet, as this only protects them from weather conditions and wouldn’t protect them in an accident.

Always make sure your child wears a helmet in a bike trailer.

What bike will I need for a kids' bike trailer?

As you’re going to be pulling the weight of the trailer and your child, you’re going to need quite a sturdy bike.

Cycling UK recommends a bike with decent traction with easy gearing, so something like a hybrid or mountain bike.

Always remember to check your bike over before you set off and that your brakes work.

How much do kids' bike trailers cost?

Kids' bike trailers are a lot more expensive than a child's bike seat and can cost anywhere in the region of £100 to £1000. But when your child’s safety is at hand, it’s well worth the investment.

However, if buying a kids' bike trailer is completely out of your budget, you could rent one. Kids Bike Trailers allows people to rent kids' bike trailers and will post them to your door. Or - you could even buy a secondhand one on Facebook Marketplace, eBay or Gumtree.

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