The best child bike seats for cycling with your baby

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Even if you didn’t previously particularly enjoy getting your bike out pre-baby, when you’re a parent, going on a family bike ride with a baby in tow seems a whole lot more appealing. But there’s plenty to think about when it comes to buying a bike seat suitable for children.

From nine months of age, most babies are able to support their heads which means they can safely travel in a baby bike seat on your bicycle. You will then need to consider whether you want front mount seat or back mounting system.

Front mount:

A front-mounted child and baby bike seat is installed at the front of an adult bicycle over the top tube and just behind the handlebars.

  • Means you can you keep in contact with your child as you ride.

  • Font mounts can take up space where your knees would normally go.

  • Have lower maximum weight limits.

  • Less effect on your balance when riding.

Back or rear mount:

The most common type of child bike seat, a back mount can mount to the frame of the bike or a rack.

  • Can take bigger children.

  • Can make manoeuvring your bike tricky.

  • Means you have a clear view of what’s upcoming.

  • You may miss being able to keep an eye on their child.

  • Suspension for bumpy rides.

Don't forget to pick your little one up a bike helmet too.

With integrated lock to prevent theft, the Yepp Nexxt Maxi five-point harness is secured with a child lock so that your child can fasten the harness but cannot open it while on the road, offering you peace of mind. Although it has a mounting option for rear lights, lights are not included.

Suitable from: 9 months - 6 years
Maximum Load Capacity: 22 kg

This Hamax child bike seat fits racks between 120-180mm wide and features integrated suspension for maximum comfort for your youngster. Easy mounting with just four screws, the footrest system can be adjusted one-handed and the sliding backrest can be adjusted to accommodate various heights, ideal as your tot grows bigger. There's also a one-handed reclining dial up to 20 degrees so your baby canride in comfort and maintain an ideal head position while resting.

Suitable from: 9 months
Maximum Load Capacity: Up to 22kg

We love the reasonable price of this child seat. The double buckle system means you can strap your child into the Hamax Siesta quickly and securely and there's plenty of protection with tall back support and double wall sides. Thick, removeable padding means your child will be comfy.

Suitable from: 9 months
Maximum Load Capacity: Up to 22kg

With a universal quick-release bracket and fitting most bike frames, the built-in reflector and safety light attachment point of the Thule RideAlong will increases visibility should you be riding when it's dark. It's ideal when your child gets sleepy as there are five different reclining options which can be easily adjusted with just one hand.

Suitable from: 9 months to 6 years old
Maximum Load Capacity: Up to 22kg

Britax Römer Child Bike Seat

The headrest and harness of tis bike seat can be adjusted to nine different positions to suit your little one's height perfectly with just one movement. The protective spoke covers provide complete protection, ensuring your child’s feet and clothes won't get caught in the wheel while you’re riding.

Suitable from: 9 months - 5 years
Maximum Load Capacity: Up to 22kg

Adapting perfectly to your baby's size, thanks to its straps and adjustable foot rests, your child will be comfy throughout the journey, seated on the seat's ventilated cushion.

Suitable from: 9 months - 5 years
Maximum Load Capacity: Up to 22kg

This ergonomically shaped seat with soft rubber water repellent cushion takes just five minutes to fit securely, and you can take it on and off in mere seconds. The five point safety harness snaps on and off easily but it takes two clicks so your youngster won't accidentally undo it.

Suitable from: 9 months - 6 years
Maximum Load Capacity: Up to 22kg

Polisport Bicycle Child's Seat

Coming with two different sized brackets so it can fit a large variety of bike frames, the safety arch of this bike seat will protect small fingers and keep your tot safely in position, as will the five point harness.

Suitable from: 9 months
Maximum Load Capacity: Up to 15kg

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