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Other than garden and outdoor toys for your little ones, the next best way to encourage them to be outside is with the best children's gardening sets.

Being in the garden has a lot of health benefits for both you and your child and developing a love of gardening is also a great way to bond with your child too. Children love copying their parents and gardening is another way they can do that.

Our favourite children's gardening sets shortlist 2023:

Our favourite overall children's gardening sets: Bigjigs Children's Garden Tool Bag
Our favourite grown your own children's gardening sets: Grow Your Own Kit for Children
Our favourite children's gardening sets with wheelbarrow: Bosch Garden Set

With children's gardening sets, they will be able to help you and learn about different plants and develop a good relationship with food through growing different fruits and vegetables. It's also a great sensory experience for them, as they will be able to feel the different textures, smell new scents and even hear different sounds from bugs and insects.

So next time you need to get out to do some gardening, leave the garden games in the shed, check out our other fun and creative garden activities for kids, and best of all encourage your little one to help you with the best children's gardening sets.

The best children's gardening sets 2023

Best overall children's gardening set

Price: $18.99

This Bigjigs Children's Garden Tool Bag has everything your little one will need when it comes to gardening. With practical tools for digging and raking, it comes with a pair of gloves to protect their hands, and a watering can. It also has a handy bag so that they can store or carry their equipment around the garden.

One review said: "The tools and watering can were a big hit with my 20 month year old grandson. He particularly enjoyed filling and emptying the watering can. The trowel has had multiple uses, largely as a scoop for anything that can be placed in his dumper truck, including mini cars. The bag is a handy place to store the tools in one place. As yet the gloves are too big and not even a consideration, but they might feature in some future bit of garden fun."


  • Practical bag to store all the equipment in
  • Elasticated wrist gardening gloves


  • Some said the gloves are too big for smaller children
Suitable for ages:3 years+
  • Watering can
  • Hand spade
  • Trowel
  • Rake
  • Gloves
  • Gardening bag

Best pink children's gardening set

Available in green as well, the Jardineer Kids Garden Set comes with seven accessories that will help your child become the best little gardener. It comes with a handy carry bag and even an apron to protect their clothes when they're digging in the soil.

One review said: "I really like this gardening kit for kids. My children are 8 years and 3 years and they both love it. The quality is really nice and the little carrier that comes with it is great for storing it away at the end of the day. Nice pattern and colours."


  • No sharp metal heads on tools
  • 7 piece set


  • Some found it too small for children over the age of 6
Suitable for ages:3 years+
  • Carry bag
  • Watering can
  • Apron
  • Gloves
  • Trowel
  • Spade
  • Rake

Best grow your own children's gardening set

Containing actual seeds for growing, this Grow Your Own Kit for Children can teach the fundamentals of gardening and patience as they learn to grow something from scratch. They can grow wildflowers, sunflowers, cress seeds and much more by following the simple instructions provided.

Includes: Five packs of wildflower, sunflower, bean, cress and pea seeds, five planting labels, five plant pots, five compost discs and five activity sheets for kids.

Review: "I very rarely leave reviews, however I felt compelled to after receiving this cute little package today! I ordered this for some home learning for my 7 year old boy. It arrived so beautifully packaged with some really personal touches and the wooden pencil is just gorgeous! Thank you so much, we are very excited to plant the seeds and (hopefully) watch them grow over time!"


  • Can be grown all year round
  • Educational and fun


  • Might need more planting pots
Suitable for ages:3 to 8 years
  • Five packs of wildflower
  • Six sunflower, six bean, six cress and six pea seeds
  • Five planting labels
  • Five plant pots
  • Five compost discs
  • Five activity sheets

Best wheelbarrow children's gardening set

Just like their parents' gardening tools, this Bosch Garden Set is perfect for getting your little ones to feel like grown-ups. They can be pulling out weeds and loading them up into their own wheelbarrow, with work gloves to keep their hands protected.

One review said: "Daddy's little helper has had so much fun helping in the garden with her wheelbarrow and tool set. All of the items included in this set are very well made, mini-sized versions of daddy's tools. Little one loves that she can help out in the garden with digging and transporting plants. A lovely little set, which I heartily recommend."


  • Wheelbarrow that's easy to move
  • One-size fits all gardening gloves


  • More suited to smaller children
Suitable for ages:3 years+
  • 1 shovel
  • 1 rake
  • Set of gardening gloves
  • 1 wheelbarrow

Best Little Tikes children's gardening set

The Little Tikes Growing Garden Hand Tools and Bag are the perfect size for children. The tools are made out of durable and lightweight metal to make them easier to use and carry, and it even comes with a booklet full of little gardening tips. The box it arrives in can also be turned into a planter!

One review said: "I bought this as a present for my Granddaughter aged 2yrs & she loves it. The garden tools are sturdy & well made & will last a long time. The basket is so cute. Highly recommend."

Another review said: "This was a birthday present and it was loved so much! Something a different for kids to get outside and play with! Highly recommend"


  • The box can be re-used as a planter
  • Tool bag has plenty of storage


  • Doesn't include a watering can
Suitable for ages:3 years+
  • Tote sized tool bag
  • Gardening tips book
  • Hand shovel
  • Hand rake
  • Hand thatcher

Best children's gardening set play set

The perfect introductory gardening set for your little ones, with everything you need all in one convenient gardening trolley. The DeAO 26 Piece Kids Gardening Tools and Trolley Play Set is not only great for helping them to plant real flowers, but also pretend garden play.

One review said: "Toddler wanted to get involved with the gardening so we bought this so that she could join in. She absolutely loves it, especially potting her own little pretend plants. Great toy."

Another review said: "My great niece is 3 years old and has just started to enjoy planting seeds in her garden. This is a lovely little kit with everything she needs. It comes in a box and you will need to assemble it."


  • Comes with soil and seeds to plant
  • Comes with pretend flowers and soil too


  • Some mentioned the tools were not the strongest
Suitable for ages:3 to 10 years
  • Gardening trolley
  • Plant pots
  • Gardening tools
  • Real seeds and soil

Best ELC children's gardening set

Price: £16 (was £20)

This colourful Early Learning Centre Wheelbarrow Set is a safe way to keep children entertained while you’re doing all the gardening. With tools to help them dig, move plants and soil and a helping hand from their watering can, the garden will be beautifully blooming in no time.

One review said: "Although the write up for the wheelbarrow says 3-7, I bought it for my 2 year old Great Grandson. He loves it! It is bright and shiny, he has found out that he can push it along with two hands and he loves digging in Great Grandad's sand and mixing it all up with the spades and rakes. Thrilled with this purchase."


  • Colourful set
  • Easy to hold handles and tools


  • Some mentioned that it's more suited towards younger children
Suitable for ages:3 years+
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Bucket
  • Watering can
  • Three garden tools

Best magical cottage children's gardening set

This Fairy Tale DIY Miniature Gardening cottage set will allow your little one to get their hands dirty without ruining the flower beds you've worked on for months. They can create their very own little enchanted forest which will provide more than a few hours of entertainment.

One review said: "This is perfect for my daughter. We dont have a garden however this is amazing for her. She can make her own garden. It came with the seeds so I did not have to worry it plays music inside and has flashing lights. Everything worked and it works perfectly. I can not recommend this enough!!!"


  • Sound and light features
  • Easy to follow instructions


  • Some mentioned it could be worth buying own flower seeds
Suitable for ages:3 years+
  • Seed packet
  • Watering can
  • Self-assemble gardening station
  • Cottage accessories
  • Gardening tools

Best gardening belt children's gardening set

Price: $11.60

This Bigjigs Toys Children's Gardening Belt and Tools set features everything a little gardener needs to get involved in some serious gardening. With tools and the perfect place to store it all, it’s made for real work and perfect for digging in the dirt.

One review said: "Bought this for 3 year old grandson who loves his own version of gardening. He seems to feel grown-up using this. It's well made, not flimsy, and the tools are sturdy and feel "real". Good value for money as it's a great product at a fair price."


  • Adjustable Velcro gardening belt
  • Sturdy gardening tools


  • Some mentioned the gloves felt a little bit thin
  • Velcro gardening belt
  • Spade
  • Fork
  • Gloves

The best children's gardening sets: All you need to know

At what age can children start gardening?

Children can start gardening at any age, and the earlier you begin to encourage them to garden the more they'll love it growing up. With the help of age appropriate children's gardening sets, you can teach them how to dig, pot soil and take care of seeds.

One of the easiest ways to get your child involved in gardening is to grow simple vegetables. Choose easy crops to grow like strawberries or tomatoes, or fast-growing vegs like salad leaves and radishes.

You can also choose foods to grow that they like too. Not only will it help them understand the food they like to eat more, but growing their own plants and foods can help teach your child patience and commitment.

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