TotsBots Reusable Swim Nappy

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TotsBots Reusable Swim Nappy

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TotsBots Reusable swim nappy at a glance:

The TotsBots reusable swim nappy is the perfect swimwear addition to any swim kit. Ideal for lounging at the seaside, paddling in the garden or splashing at the local pool. This swim nappy has elasticated legs and adjustable waist for a super-soft flexible fit and neoprene free so no chaffing for baby. Quick and easy waist fastenings means no pulling down poopy nappies over baby's legs and with soft fleece interior next to skin too for maximum comfort in and out of the water. Made from recycled plastic bottles and manufactured with love in the UK.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

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How did this product make your life easier?

Jo: We tested this product while we were on our staycation holiday and were taking my daughter swimming in the pool. By using a reusable product, it minimised the amount we needed to pack by saving on the use of disposables. The wet bag that came with it was very handy for keeping the nappy separate from other clothes after use. We all know how much we all need to take with us with a baby so any extra help is appreciated. The fit was great too, so I didn’t need to worry about leaks etc coming from the sides and the expandable sides were enough to keep all in place.

Keira: These swim nappies were really easy to use; There was no fiddling around or awkward poppers to contend with and the change into the swimwear was very straightforward. The easiest part was at the end of the swim as I was able to simply wrap it up along with the swimming costume and towel and throw it in the washing machine when we got home.

Rebecca: I like that this swim nappy is reusable, therefore reducing so much waste in comparison to standard one use, disposable swim nappies. Given this is reusable it also means you don't have to spend money regularly buying disposable nappies, it is always there and ready to go! The adjustable velcro tabs ensure the nappy grows with my baby!

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Rebecca: The nappies come in a range of colourful designs to suit all different styles. This nappy is so soft and smooth inside which must feel so comfortable to wear. It is absorbent and easy to clean. The elasticated band around the legs give you confidence that any accidents will be well concealed! The nappy is so soft and flexible making it super easy and convenient to store and transport, taking up barely any space at all.

Keira: I’d recommend these swim nappies as they were really easy to use, lovely and soft on my baby’s delicate skin and washed really well. I love that they are reusable and good for the environment too. I’ve previously used disposable swim nappies for my older child but after using these I don’t think I would go back to them. These nappies really seemed to work just as well as the disposables.

Natalia: I really don’t like to use ordinary nappies for swimming because once the baby is wet, those nappies are a nightmare to get off. These reusable nappies have a different design and due to velcros are very easy to put on and off. Also, since these are velcros and not poppers, it’s even easier to put it on a baby. My baby is quite active, so matching all the poppers in one go is often impossible, but with velcro I can do that in seconds. Obviously, reusable nappies save money – it’s an additional bonus.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Keira: I probably would choose this product over others available on the market because the quality is really good, they performed and washed really well and the patterns are bright, fun and unique. The price is great too. Ultimately, my favourite thing about this product is the sustainability factor, they are made with sustainable materials and can be used again and again to help reduce the number of nappies that end up in landfill.

Rebecca: I think this nappy is really great. I've never seen a nappy with such a soft and smooth lining, it looks extremely comfortable to wear. The thing I struggled with while using this nappy is attempting to actually get it onto my incredibly wriggly 2 year old. Comparing this with other nappies on the market, the pull up nappies are just so much quicker and more convenient in this aspect.

Jo: I would choose the TotsBots reusable swim nappy over any other reusable swimming nappy because I like the choice of designs. They’re really good quality, well made and all in all a good all round product.

What changes would you make to this product?

Natalia: I am not sure I would want to change much. My baby is quite slim and while he was smaller I did have to wrap the nappy around him quite tightly. Once he started growing this was no longer the issue but a bit of flexibility around legs would be a nice benefit. Also the price is at the top price range for reusable swim nappies which might be a negative point for some. As with any reusable nappies they do take quite a bit of water, so I had to squeeze them quite a bit before I put them into a wash bag and then they took a while to dry.

Jo: The product is fantastic and there is not much I would change about the swim nappies. However, if there is one thing then that would be to make the product acceptable for all baby swimming groups, such as water babies, because when enquiring about lessons I was told that these nappies would not be accepted in the class. Therefore if I was paying for this item, I would have to purchase another set of nappies.

Keira: The only thing that I think could improve this product is if it came with a reusable bag or pouch that could be used to store the dirty nappy in. Whilst I didn’t have a problem with wrapping it up in the towel we had used to dry off, I think things may have been a little messier if my child had done more than a wee in his!

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