Pampers Splashers Swim Nappies review

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pampers splashers swim nappies

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Pampers Splashers are the best baby swimwear for little ones to splash around in. Unlike regular nappies, they have a no swell core which makes them a comfortable fit when wet or dry. Splashers 360° stretchy waistband and dual leak-guard barrier gives the feel of swimwear but still prevents any messes and they have easy tear sides to help with a quick and easy removal.


  • Easy to put on and simple to tear off too
  • Nappy stays secure for swim time without swelling


  • No sticky tab on the back for disposal


Pampers Splashers Gold Award 2024

Pampers Splashers Swim Nappies won a 2024 Mother&Baby Award for Best Swimming Product.

Testing Pampers Splashers Swim Nappies

Amy: This product is easy and quick to put on. The last thing you want is to mess about with an awkward nappy when your little one wants to get on and have some fun. The easy tear side strips make getting the nappy off quick and easy too, so you can get on with getting changed quickly and not getting cold.

Rachel: These nappies were great, I loved how they were so easy to use and much more durable than other brands I have used. The stretchy sides were very useful when putting on a baby, I found them to be easy to pull up even on a wriggly baby. The nappy doesn’t swell like other brands which meant the baby was secure for our swim. The easy rip sides were great for pulling when trying to get the baby dry after the swim.

Hannah: They were very easy to use when we went to the beach and in the sea. It was easier that they were pull ups so I didn’t have to lay him down to put it on and take it off. It didn’t get really heavy either when he went in the sea. Much quicker to use than a disposable nappy because they can be pulled up/down in standing.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Christina: Yes, good quality and no leaks at all. Good pack size (not too many that they will grow out of them if you don’t go swimming often), they look comfortable and did the job perfectly. Could fit a happy nappy over the top (as required by lots of swimming pools), but equally she could have worn it on its own in the paddling pool at home.

Lucy: I would recommend these mainly because I liked the way that they didn’t feel overwhelmed with water - other swim nappies can feel really weighed down and this wasn’t the case with these - again the easy year sides are another reason to recommend them to my family and friends for their own little ones.

Katy: They are good value for money. My son was comfortable splashing around and sitting in these nappies. I felt that the nappies did not get too full of water and were nice and soft for him to wear so that he hardly noticed wearing them. I think that overall they are affordable and make life easier so I would definitely recommend them to friends.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Karen: I would purchase this product again, I wouldn’t choose the product over or under another. I think they are very comparable to others on the market. I like the packaging, it very clearly states what they are whilst also being baby/child appealing with the pictures. They are very absorbing and lasted a good few hours of play.

Leanne: I probably would stick to using Huggies swim nappies as my daughter likes the disney designs on them but budget wise I would choose the swim nappy that was on offer at the time. With times how they are at the moment, every penny counts especially for items such as these. With swimming seen as a luxury for lots of families, you have to buy the product that is cheapest at the time.

Natalia: These Pampers are nice to touch and are made of high quality material. My baby seemed comfortable in them and they sat tight on him, so I was sure that no accidents would happen. These Pampers actually work as intended without absorbing any extra excess water and becoming too bulky and heavy. I think these two points are what I am looking for in a swim nappy and I’d score 100% for those. The nappy stays on even after a long use and they don’t swell up with water. The baby was comfortable in it throughout the whole time which is great.

What changes would you make to this product?

Rachel: The one thing I would like to see on these nappies is a sticky tab on the back. Some nappies have a pull sticker to tape the nappy together for easy disposing. It’s not an essential add on but given hygiene and bins, this would just contain any accidents fully rather than just folding up. Also, this would help when changing so its secure especially if you have another child with you, they then can’t get into it.

Karen: The only major thing I would change would be the sizing of the splashers. I think issue needs to be looked at I understand that they need to be a snug fit but a happy balance needs to be found. At present I would recommend buyers to purchase one size up on their child’s weight to avoid tearing before you’ve pulled them up. At present you have to take extra care to manoeuvre them up the body before use.

Lucy: The only thing I could think of personally would be the pricing point – you don’t get very many for the money really against just a standard nappy and it’s a little higher than many others available on the market Other than that the product works well and contains what it needs to. I have faith in the item itself.

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