Bambino Mio swim nappy and swim rash top

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The swim nappy and swim rash top is the perfect baby swimwear for when your baby takes a dip in the summer. They both include UPF 50+ protection so your baby's delicate, sensitive skin is protected in the high temperatures.

How did this product make your life easier?

Clare: The Bambino Mio swim nappy and rash vest are easy to use and very good quality. The reusable swim nappy means I no longer use a disposable nappy and is more environmentally friendly and hopefully more cost-effective long term. The rash vest means better sun protection for my child when on holiday.

Sarah: I really liked this product, it is such a cute design and made my little big boy look super cute. I loved how it is a two-piece as it is much easier to put on whilst at the swimming pool. Some one-pieces are so fiddly and with a wriggly baby, anything that can speed up the dressing and undressing is an absolute bonus.

Natasha: It's been lovely to find a swimming product for a child that doesn't stick to them when you try and change them after a swimming session. As a mother of triplets, and now also 7-month-old, we have tried a lot of swimming products and this one is lovely. The material is great and very pretty and the drawstring to the front of the bottoms makes it very easy to get it on over swim nappies and so on.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Carly: I would recommend this product to my mum's friends because it seemed really well made, and lasted a long time. Compared to disposable swim nappies, my baby doesn't get a rash, and I have not had to worry about buying new disposable nappies. The swim nappy looked like it fit my baby really well too, and didn't restrict his movement as some disposables do.

Christina: I would recommend this product as I think it is very cost-effective when you take into account the money saved from buying swimming nappies. The pants are much more comfortable than nappies too! The design is really cute. Both the vest and pants are lightweight even when wet and do not take up much room in a swimming bag.

Amy: It is a comfortable fabric that is lovely and soft on my daughter's skin, and the design is fabulous! I can just pop it in the washing machine after our swim and that means less waste going into landfills as I can use it again and again. I would absolutely recommend this product to friends because it will save our pennies too from having to buy expensive disposable nappies.

Would you choose this product to win?

Sarah: I think the design of this item makes it stand out. I haven’t found any other swimsuits with the Speedo design and separate top. All others are fiddly and hard to get on. My only problem is that I wouldn’t be able to use this in the sun, as obviously you have no protection on the leg area. So I would recommend this item only to be used in an indoor swimming pool.

Clare: I do think the Bambino Mio swim nappy and rash vest should win. It is a good value environmentally friendly alternative to disposable swimwear. The patterns and designs are pretty and the rash vest provides a good level of sun protection. The swim nappy is nicely padded with an elasticated waist and has a string tie making it easy to put on. The legs are also elasticated to prevent leaks but not so tight they leave marks.

Carly: I think this product should win because it is an environmentally friendly product that really helped to make our swimming lessons easier. Not having to buy or remember disposable swim nappies is fantastic, and the nappy is super easy to clean in the washing machine. The rash vest looked lovely and comfy for my son to wear compared to his old swimming wetsuit.

What changes would you make to this product?

Natasha: I think both the swim pants and the rash top has been made very well. It ticks a lot of boxes with regards to sun protection and baby's ability to move around it in, the ease of getting it on and off. It's very true to its size which is lovely. If I had to change one thing about the product - I would maybe offer it in a t-shirt option as well as a long top version. Overall, its a great product!

Christina: I think the sizing is small. My baby is small for her age but grew out of the pants quite quickly. They appear to come quite down often showing some of her bottoms. The designs are lovely but more choice and variety would be great. We love a unicorn theme. If it came with a little costume bag that would make this product even better!

Amy: I would not change a thing. I am definitely going to buy another in a different design I love it so much. The nappy and rash top has made my life so much easier and made the post-swim nappy change so easy. I have found some of the disposable nappies we have used in the past have left my daughter's skin looks sore, but these reusable ones have stopped this completely!

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