Tommee Tippee Rechargeable Light & Sound Sleep Aids review

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Tommee Tippee Rechargeable Light & Sound Sleep Aids

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Tommee Tippee Rechargeable Light & Sound Sleep Aids at a glance:

This cute and cuddly night-time light companion will help you and your baby get a good night’s sleep. With a soft heart-shaped light, soothing sounds and gentle lullabies your little one will be reassured as they go to sleep. During the night, the intelligent crysensor listens out for any crying noises and plays your chosen sound or lullaby to help them drift back to sleep. Plus there’s no need for batteries to keep your Tommee Tippee Rechargeable Light bedtime pal listening out through the night as this light and sound sleep aid is rechargeable using a USB cable. Available in 3 cuddly designs.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Sherelle: This Tommee Tippee Rechargeable Light & Sound Sleep Aid is a lifesaver both on the go and at home. While at home I attach it to my son's playmat and he loves listening to the music and sounds while he is playing and very often falls asleep making it easier for me to get on with the housework. It's also fantastic for out in the car, I always have it on for him while I drive and it settles him almost instantly.

April: Tommee Tippee Rechargeable Light & Sound Sleep Aids has been really helpful for settling our baby. He has taken a dislike to the car seat recently (he is about 6 months old) and the lullaby setting is just right to distract him from his tantrums, engage his interest and then soothe him. The velcro fastening to hang the toy is really secure which is reassuring when you're hanging it above baby's face and this makes it quick to put into action. We keep this product in the car at all times ready to use on trips out and about. The low price point of this product means it's worth buying one purely for this purpose to save you from having to take it in and out of the house each time. It's also easy to switch it between car seat and pram to keep him soothed during the transition. I like how the volume is really simple to adjust with the sliding switch, and activating and cycling through the sounds using the button is simple through the plush toy, without having to open the velcro fastening each time during an outing. Having the lullabies and white noise makes this really versatile too.

Jennifer: We are using white noise as a sleep association for my little boy so having a toy that plays white noise whilst he naps on the move is great. It fits easily onto the pram or car seat, charges quickly and has a battery life that lasts for ages. It has multiple soothing sound options and the owl design is really cute too. It is also sensitive to noise so if my little boy starts to cry, the soothing sound will come back on.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Sarah: I would recommend this. I love that it is rechargeable and that it also has a cry sensor so the sounds start when baby starts to cry. This helps to settle baby in the car when i am driving the music starts automatically. This is a fab feature as it is often just enough to settle baby long enough to get to our location. It's really handy to have a white noise toy on the go.

Cat: I liked that it's a travel-sized and cheaper version than the full-size model. It's big enough to be used by newborns in the exact same way as the bigger version and it was great that it's rechargeable as I know the earlier versions of the toy are reliant on batteries. This was great for the longevity of the device and environmental factors

Sherelle: I think this travel sleep aid is fantastic, it's so easy to just strap it to the pushchair, car seat, playmat or the cot and just turn it on. I would highly recommend this to any mum to be, I shall definitely be getting my friend one when she has her baby! It's super soft and I love how cute it looks.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

April: I would choose the Tommee Tippee Rechargeable Light over a product such as the MyHummy for its brilliant value. The price point is low for a product that does what most people would need it to achieve. I also think it would be more attractive to most parents in comparison due to its smaller size and its ability to be hung in an almost decorative way! I prefer how the MyHummy lowers and raises its volume when it detects sound from a sleeping baby Although we've heard this sleep aid fade and restart, it definitely feels more aggressive in its stop-start nature in comparison to the MyHummy. With this in mind, I think it is great for travel, short journeys and nipping out in the pram. But beyond that, the toy would not encourage a deep sleep for our baby and we would find ourselves having to intervene too often overnight. The MyHummy or Ewan the dream sheep would provide better nighttime experiences and would be just as easy to pack for a night away. This product would cash in on its price point and small size, but not excel just based on portability.

Jennifer: I would choose this product above all others on the market. I feel it is good value for money, especially because we use it every day. The battery life lasts for ages and it is easily charged via USB. My little boy loves the cute owl design and it is much better than using a mobile phone in the pram to play white noise during nap time. Plus, it has a bedtime light which is good.

Sarah: I think I would buy this in comparison to other travel sleep toys. I like that it is charged with a USB and the size of it means it's really portable. However, I am not sure I would buy this as well as a standard sleep aid as they are quite expensive and I am not sure that I need two sleep aids even if one is smaller.

What changes would you make to this product?

Cat: A longer charging wire! The one that came with the product was really short and while I can understand this was probably for safety issues as it would be used and charged around young children, it was difficult to plug it in and unplug it while carrying a very small baby. That's a very small niggle however!

Sherelle: The only thing that I would change would be that it could play all of the sounds on one cycle rather than just the one sound that it plays unless you push the button to play the next one. Also would be nice if it had more white noise sounds as it only has a few. Other than that I really can not fault it, I think it's great.

April: I would love to hear a more gentle fade in and out. This would make it a product I could use all of the time for all naps and overnight sleeping, however, I understand this is perhaps not the aim at this price point. It would also benefit from a greater range of white noise, although having lullabies and white noise in one product is brilliant, it may not be worth compromising the range of white noise sounds for a newborn parent trying to find that magic sound! I would also prefer this product if it had the option of being battery operated should we be travelling for days and couldn't guarantee we could charge it easily. In this respect, the travel aspect has been compromised for the benefits of rechargeability - which is otherwise a brilliant feature. Finally, the only other thing I would change is the length of the product. Although the portability and velcro strap is great, particularly with a large, tall baby, the product does swing a little too close to baby for my liking in the car.

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