Sweet Dreamers Bamboo Sleep Swaddle Bag review

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Bamboo Sleep Swaddle Bag

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Super soft, super snug Bamboo Sleep Swaddle Bag. The Sweet Dreamers sleep/swaddle bag easily converts from swaddle to sleeping bag with the click of a popper! It also features a clever two-way zip making night nappy changes a whole lot easier and less disruptive to your baby's sleep.

Find out how our Mother and Baby awards testers got on with the transitional Sweet Dreamers Bamboo Sleep Swaddle Bag.
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  • Lovely soft fabric
  • Breathable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Two-way zip


  • Better if it came in different colours


Love to Dream Swaddle Up Warm

The Sweet Dreamers Bamboo Sleep Swaddle Bag won Bronze in the Mother&Baby Awards 2024 for Best Bedding.

Testing the Sweet Dreamers Bamboo Sleep Swaddle Bag

One mum said: "I would recommend this product for a comfortable sleep. The product highlights include its material, zip design and versatility changing from a sleep to a swaddle bag. My first impression was how soft the bamboo material was, it felt super soft against my skin and stayed soft after being washed repeatedly. I love the softness, but also the stretch, as it remained a snug fit but allowed my daughter to grow. The material is really breathable which is great for hot nights!

The two-way zip allows for easy access for completing nappy changes without having to remove the whole product. The biggest advantage of this product was the arm poppers, which allow the product to be used as either a sleep or swaddle bag. The poppers themselves are strong and easy to use, and the versatility is great as you get 2 products in one! Saving buying multiple products as well as disruption in using different products was an added benefit!"

Another said: "This is the only swaddle I have managed to find that fit my newborn that was born at 7lb 8oz without me having the worry he was going to drop down into it/ risk suffocation. He settles well in it and have to sometimes unzip when doing night feeds as he doesn’t wake up fully as he is sleepy in it. Definitely made a difference to his sleep and love that I can change him overnight without removing fully due to double zip design and also no fiddly fastenings."

Final thoughts

The Sweet Dreamers Bamboo Sleep Swaddle Bag is the perfect solution for swaddling your baby. It takes away the worries of: Have I done this right? Is it too tight? Is my baby too hot or cold? With two zips you can just place your baby into it and zip it up, swaddling your baby in seconds. The zips also make it easy for nighttime nappy changes, as they won't have to be fully removed from it. It also transitions to a sleep bag so your baby's arms can move freely by undoing the side poppers, and positioning your baby in the arms up position which becomes natural to your baby and helps with self-soothing, whilst meeting the latest British Safety Standard, BS EN 16781:2018 / EN 16781:2018(E).

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