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Babies spend much of their time lying down, which can lead to rubbing and friction on the backs of their heads from their crib mattresses, baby playmats and infant car seats. This can contribute towards tangling, matting, frizz, and bald spots. Even gentle fabrics made from cotton and bamboo can tug on delicate baby hair, while silk cot sheets provide a comfortable and breathable surface for little bubba to lie on.

Silk sheets are ideal if your little one has curly hair that is prone to knotting and frizz. The tightly-woven, smooth fibres of silk help keep moisture close to the skin, helping hair and skin to retain its glow. Because of this silk is also a good fabric option for those who suffer with eczema.

If you've noticed a bald spot on your baby's head, don't worry it's completely normal. A newborn’s hormone levels reduce right after birth, which can trigger them to rub off a patch of hair on the back of the head (leaving a bald spot). This usually happens when your baby is 3 to 6 months old.

Best at a glance:

• Best overall silk cot sheets: Etsy mulberry silk cot mini crib fitted sheet with mesh laundry bag, £74.37

• Best organic silk cot sheet: Promeed silk crib fitted sheet for toddler bed, £52.56

• Best hydrating silk cot sheet: Silk cot bed fitted sheet, £85

Silk cot sheets can help to prevent excessive hair shedding and bald patches, plus will help to keep your little ones locks free from frizz. Like hair loss after pregnancy, newborn hair loss is perfectly normal and usually grows back within a couple of months. But if you'd like to give silk cot sheets a go, here are some we'd recommend.

Best non-toxic silk cot sheets

These stunning silk bubs cot sleeves are created from 100% mulberry silk. The non-toxic material is free from damaging dyes and chemicals, that are not safe for baby. The design means you can still use your usual cot sheets underneath the sleeve while providing a comfortable surface that will encourage your little bubba to have a good night’s sleep, getting rid of hair knotting, tugging and breakage. If you're looking for something less pricey, then you might want to go for the next product in our list, the silk crib sheet for baby hair.

Review: "Definitely makes a difference to my little ones hair, I don't see any more little strands in her cot any more and her hair stays soft and hydrated."


  • Non-toxic
  • Free from harmful chemicals


  • Not many colours to choose from

Best durable silk cot sheets

Amazon silk cot sheets Amazon
Price: $9.99

This crib sheet will help stop your baby’s hair from frizzing, tangling, and breaking. Made of high-quality soft and silky polyester satin, this sheet will have you say bye to baldness. With a snug fit and measuring 52"L x 28''W x 8''H, it will fit perfectly for most standard crib mattresses.

Review: "I have noticed a huge difference in my daughter’s hair. She was born with a head full of hair, but when she got to around 3.5 months, she starting losing some hair on the head, so I decided to invest in this crib sheet. She is 5 months now and believe me, I have seen a major difference in her hair for the good."


  • Made of high-quality soft and silky polyester satin
  • Machine wash friendly


  • One size

Best mini crib silk cot sheets

Etsy silk sheets Etsy

This crib sheet is 100% Mulberry silk and also comes with a mesh laundry bag, to help keep it safe. With this, you won't have to worry about baby bald spots. You can also pick your preferred colour from blue, white, pink, grey, aqua, blue, black champagne and blush pink. If you've got your eye on this cot sheet, you might want to make a quick order, as they're selling out quite fast.

Review: "I cannot recommend these silk sheets enough! They're such great quality. My daughter has fine curly hair that tangles easily but these sheets make such a huge difference. Her curls look beautiful and less tangled and frizzy. She also has sensitive eczema and her other sheets really irritated her cheeks. Her eczema is gone from her cheeks after switching to these. Highly recommend!"


  • Handmade
  • Silk material


  • Only fits a small cot 120x60x8cm

Best breathable silk cot sheet

Dreamy Sheets Baby Crib Mattress Sheet
Price: $18.97

This classy looking silk baby bed sheet is suitable for babies and toddlers, as it measures 28 x 52 inches with an 8-inch-deep pocket. Its stretchy band around all four corners will ensure a warm, safe, and snug fit. The breathable fabric allows air and moisture to settle through easily, giving baby a comfortable sleep. 

Review: "Our daughter has had long curly hair since birth. She wakes up with absolutely wild and matted hair which then results in a meltdown while we brush her hair. This sheet has fixed it! We have put away all other sheets and will wash this one frequently so we can use it again! Can’t wait for more colours to become available!"


  • Skin and hair-friendly 
  • Cooling effect of silk ensures a comfortable nights sleep for your baby


  • Can only be cold washed

Best friction-free silk cot sheet

Mulberry park fitted silk crib sheet
Price: $117.50

A non-irritating fabric and very gentle on your baby’s skin and hair. This silk baby sheet will not only help reduce bald spots but will help decrease everyday skin issues such as eczema and cradle cap while keeping baby’s skin soothed and well-hydrated. Pure mulberry silk is also temperature adaptable, so it will help keep your little one comfortable no matter how much they sweat. 

Review: "This was the best price that I could find on a 19 momme crib sheet. The quality is good, but the colour selection is limited."


  • Fitted crib sheet (28" x 52" x 8" pocket)
  • Suitable for any nursery 


  • Colours are limited: Blue, green, pink, white and purple

Best organic silk cot sheet

PROMEED 100% Mulberry Silk Crib Fitted Sheet Set for Toddler BedAmazon
Price: $65.99

This gorgeous hypoallergenic silk sheet for your toddlers crib is a two piece set, which comes with a toddler silk pillowcase (13"x18") and a silk fitted sheet (28"x52"x8"), making your baby's cot look like royalty. Perfect for sensitive skin, this will help prevent itchiness, bald spots and frizzy hair, while keeping their body temperature constant.

Review: "I purchased this to help with my baby’s hair rubbing off the back of his head as he squirmed around in the crib. I was super impressed with the quality. The price is high for a crib sheet, but it’s very affordable compared to other silk crib sheets on the market. Overall I’m very pleased with this purchase! I hand wash it to protect my investment. Bonus is that it dries super quickly."


  • 100% silk 
  • Upgraded Grade 6a+ Mulberry Silk 23 Momme


  • One review said the sheets are super thin

Best hydrating silk cot sheet

Silk Cot bed Fitted SheetEtsy

A bit pricier than the rest, but amazingly features four large elasticated pockets which make it stress-free when changing the sheets. The 22 momme silk makes it super-soft, long-lasting, and breathable to shield your toddler's delicate skin, scalp, and hair. And, if you want to create a princess-looking nursery for your little one, then this is perfect.


  • Fits regular-size cot bed (70x140)
  • Perfect as a baby shower, christening or birthday gift


  • The colour of some items may slightly differ from the pictures

Best silk cot sheet for simplicity

grey silk sheets
Price: $48.00

If you want a more simple look then Cozysilk is for you. Super soft with no harmful materials, these stretchy sheets will help keep your little ones bedding in place. Perfect for sensitive skin and for those hot days, this reliable material will keep baby happy and those bald spots away.

Review: "I didn’t know baby bed hair was a thing. I saw some ads for another brand name product of the same thing - Mulberry Silk sheets, it was double the price for one mini crib sheet, and while I could afford it, I wasn’t sure if it was worth it, especially if it didn’t work and it’s only for bed hair not like it affects the baby’s actual sleep. Weirdly, it totally works!"


  • Designed to fit a mini crib mattress 24 x 38 inches, also fits standard pack 'n play 27 x 39 inches
  • Easy to take off 


  • May not be ideal if you love bright colours

Are there any other ways to prevent bald spots from forming?

If you're concerned about your baby's bald spots then there are other things you can do to help prevent hair loss. Avoiding headbands and hair ties will help to reduce tugging on their hair. You can also look for silk hair ties and hair bonnets to wear while sleeping. Adjusting your baby's head position slightly when they're sleeping and encouraging supervised tummy time can also help reduce or prevent bald spots.

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