Joie Aire Twin Pushchair review

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Joie Aire Twin Pushchair review

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Having multiple young children is not for the faint-hearted, and there's a lot to consider when shopping for the best puschair. Everything becomes doubly hard. From a simple trip to the supermarket or a fun-filled day out - especially when you are out as a lone parent. Being outnumbered but little people is never a good idea. Although we believe parents are real-life superheroes, pushing two separate pushchairs may be a step too far. So what is one to do? Well, we look at this buggy to see if this is the answer. Here is our in-depth Joie Aire Twin Pushchair review.

I have spent more than four months testing this affordable double pushchair with my two youngest children - who are aged one and two. We live in a city and as a mother of three under five, having a pushchair is essential to getting out of the house.

The pushchair went on a whole host of adventures with us, from taking the the stroller to the beach and on holiday to the supermarket and the local park. We tried different terrains, weather conditions and lengths of journeys.

Here is my Joie Aire Twin Pushchair review: the pros, cons and everything you need to know before purchasing.

Product testing Joie Double Pushchair
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Joie Aire Twin Pushchair Overview

What is the Joie Aire Twin Pushchair?

On the surface, the Joie Aire Twin is an affordable pushchair which can be used from birth until a child weighs 15 kg (approx. three to four years old). It made of lightweight aluminium, making it much easier for parents to transport. Weighing less than 12kg this is one of the lightest double strollers on the market. If you are out for the whole day and your little ones need a nap, the seats fully recline to support natural sleep.


Dimensions: L80.5 x W30.5 x H98.5cm approx.

Weight: 11.8kg

Age Suitability: Birth to 15kg

Key features

  • Both seats are individually adjustable

  • UPF 50+ sun canopy

  • Free standing when folded

  • Flat reclining seats

  • Deep shopping basket

  • Adjustable hood also with a parent window

  • Wheel suspension

  • Padded five-point safety harness

  • Harness adjusts to three heights

  • Reversible, double seat liner

  • Folds up flat

Product testing Joie Aire Twin
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•  Lightweight - This pushchair is really easy to lift in and out of the car. It makes going on journey's much more manageable. As any parent of multiple children will no, getting everything into the car a huge task, made ever more difficult if the pram is heavy.

•  Reversible covers - I loved that you can switch the covers over from blue to pink. Having two boys meant that we had our covers blue but you can switch to having a variation of all pink, all blue or a mix of the two depending on your children's genders.

• Flat reclining seats - Each side of the stroller can independently lay flat, which means that the child who is sleeping does not effect the child who is not. This was a fantastic addition when we were out of the house for long periods.

•  Flat fold - The pram lays completely flat which is something that I haven't seen in many pushchairs. When we went on holding this meant that the pushchair could lay on the bottom of the boot with the suitcases stored on top.

•  Deep shopping basket - The shopping basket can easily hold multiple bags of shopping. This is great when you have a large family.

•  Value for money - It's an unbelievably good pushchair for the price tag.


• The shopping basket is not easily accessible when the seats are laying flat. I found it very difficult to get into the shopping basket when my little ones were having a nap. This often meant I had to sit them up to get out the bags.

• This pushchair is wide. I have a seven-seater car with a large boot, so for me, this wasn't an issue but is worth mentioning for people that have smaller vehicles. The width of the pram is not adjustable.

• Wear and tear - Unfortunately when using this pushchair the brakes broke. This was very quickly sorted by the team at Joie, who offered to send a replacement and said this is not an issue with most of the pushchairs but rather the individual fault with the one I received.

• Terrain - For day-to-day use in the city this pushchair is perfect. However, when going over more difficult terrains like rocks or sand this pushchair did struggle.

• Customisation - This pram is a double stroller but it cannot be changed to a single stroller. This was sometimes an issue when I only had one of the children.

Joie Aire Double Pushchair
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I have now had more than five prams and pushchairs. So when I say this pushchair was a breath of fresh air in terms of affordability, I am speaking from lots of experience.

Usually, pushchairs and prams are an eye-watering expense - this price seems to multiply as expected with a double stroller. This pram is very affordable, there is no doubt about it.

The fact that this pram can be used from baby to preschool, means this buggy should last - [as long as you don't suddenly need a triple buggy]{href='' target='_blank' rel='noreferrer noopener'}.

Testing the Joie Aire Twin Pushchair

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Without a doubt, I would recommend this pushchair to other parents. I couldn't believe how easy it was to set up and use. If you are a mum who wants a simple pram for popping out and about this is it. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that more expensive pushchairs have, like deep padding or the ability to use it for just one child. However, it is gentle on the bank balance and comfortable for short journeys. My boys often had naps in the pushchair and did not seem to find it comfortable.

Napping in the Joie Aire Double Pushchair
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How did this product make your life easier?

This made my life easier because it was so easy to carry. It can also stand up when folded. When I was popping in and out of errands this pram made my day much quicker and smoother as I didn't have to battle with a heavy pushchair which is often the case with other buggies on the market.

What changes would you make to the Joie Aire Twin Pushchair?

If I was going to change anything, I would like to be able to adjust the pram so that it could be used as a singular pushchair when required. For short trips to the park, my older child could walk and didn't need his side of the pushchair. However, it was useful for storing my heavy changing bag.

Overall thoughts

My overall thoughts are that I really do like the Joie Aire Twin Pushchair. It does exactly what it says it's going to do. Both seats are spacious but lack the comfort of some of the more expensive models. For this reason, I wouldn't use this pram from birth but would definitely use it for a child who is sitting up. I love the five-point harness which made me feel confident that both the children were secure. The straps can be adjusted as your children grow. Although I previously mentioned that this pram is wide, I did not have any issues getting it through standard doorways. It is easy to push on flat even surfaces, so day-to-day use is literally a walk in the park. The sun cover was perfect for nap times as it blocked out the sun.

What's in the Box

  • Chassis

  • Hoods

  • Wheels

  • Bumper bar

  • Basket

  • Rain cover


How do I clean my Joie double stroller?

To clean your Joie pushchair you should only use warm soapy water and a cloth. Do not use bleach as this may irritate your bubba's sensitive skin. The removable seat covers can be cleaned in the washing machine. Always dry to the metal chassis to prevent rust.

Will the Joie Aire fit in my boot?

It is important to check the specification of the pram to ensure that it will fit in the boot of your car. This pram will not fit small boots and the width and height cannot be adjusted.

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