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Eclipse i-Size Travel System with Mercury Car Seat and Isofix Base from Ickle Bubba at a glance:

Superior in style and practicality the Eclipse bundle is the ideal pushchair set, featuring a carrycot, pushchair, i-size car seat and Isofix base. This luxury i-size travel system will appeal to those who want to future proof their pushchair, for their next little one or parents with a pre-schooler and a newborn baby on the way. The Bubba Board can accommodate up to a 20kg child standing on the built-in board, whilst your baby is safely snuggled up on the carrycot, pushchair, or car seat. The chrome chassis contrasts beautifully with the leatherette detailing and beautifully soft fabrics.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Antoinette said: "The design is what really draws me to this product. Easy to clean fabrics in bold, standout colours – no more worries about yoghurt stains on the fabric as it can just be wiped off. The seat design is really inspired, allowing your toddler to sit upright at a good height to allow them to be a part of the world around them. The best thing about the seat is that with one push of a button, there is a smooth reclining feature and your toddler can lay flat with their legs supported without waking them up in the process. My daughter absolutely loves having naps in the pram and it’s comfy enough that you don’t feel you have to take her out of it when you arrive home. When combining the newborn with a toddler, the inbuilt buggy board is just perfect to get everyone to where you need to be quickly and safely. Easy to fold down the pram with one hand and also to change seat to being inwards or world facing. The size of the storage basket is just amazing and makes like far easier."

Tammie said: "The school run is much quicker with the buggy board, it makes it that little bit less stressful on those early morning rushes. My little boy loved the buggy board, it made him feel part of our new journey with a newborn baby. The carry cot can be used for occasional overnight sleeping, making weekend trips a bit easier with one less thing to pack!."

Charlotte said: "The pram is very easy to fold up (with one hand) and unfold. The under pram basket is very spacious. But in addition to this, the change bag that comes with the pram is also huge and attaches neatly on the back. Easy to access both the change bag and basket on the go. The pram is very stable- even with a full change bag attached to the back, it did not tip when my toddler was stood up in the seat. This is much better than our other pram and is very reassuring. It is very easy to push and manoeuvre, even with one hand. The wheels are big so don’t often get stuck on things like gravel etc. We even took it on the beach and it was great! Tilting the seat back for nap-time is the easiest I’ve seen on a pram- just push in the buttons and tilt! No straps to grapple with or material to gather up. He found it very comfortable to sleep in as unlike other prams the whole seat tilts which means his legs weren’t left hanging over the end of the pram."

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Lavanya said: "I would definitely recommend this to another parent as the product was very easy to assemble. The materials meant I could easily wipe clean with a damp cloth which is perfect if you have a messy baby like mine. It can be folded down with one hand and small enough to fit in the boot of a standard car."

Michele said: "I would definitely recommend this product to other parents because it comes as a complete package and you really don't need to buy anything else. It is so easy to change between the carrycot/pushchair and car seat and the fact that you can choose either parent or front facing is brilliant. As my daughter is getting older she much prefers to see what is going on in front of her than to look at me! Mostly I would recommend this product because it is an absolute dream to push and steer. It is so easy and lightweight to get up and down curbs and my daughter sleeps beautifully in it. With my older children I have always had a main pushchair and a lightweight one for travelling, with this one I don't need to as it ticks all the boxes."

Elizabeth said: "I would recommend this travel system for its design, functionality, ease of use and price. The vast majority are a lot more expensive and cheaper ones I’ve seen look just that, cheap! This looks expensive without the price tag but it also meets up to expectation and gives you what you want from a travel system. I particularly loved how much shade coverage my baby got and how smooth the hood is going up and down, it didn’t click and wake my sleeping baby!! I also love that the carrycot part is collapsable and therefore easy to store."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Louise said: "The little extra design features make this stand out for me. I loved the pattern on the inside of the hood which kept little one entertained once he became more aware. It is easy to lift the baby in and out of. The sunshade which comes with it gave excellent coverage so you don't have to constantly keep checking or use various different items to ensure baby is in the shade."

Charlotte said: "The Everyday 3-in-1 stroller is amazing value for money. For the price, you get so much all at a great quality. This product sees your little one from birth through to toddler. I loved that the stroller also came with every accessory you could need including a changing bag for mum complete with changing mat, cup holder and bag hooks for the pushchair. The pushchair has been designed clearly by mums and dads who know what they need to make life easier!"

Antoinett said: "Positives about this product are definitely the sturdy well-made frame, beautiful fabrics used (with easy to wipe surfaces which is so important with a toddler), large storage space, easy to manoeuvre wheels and very smooth ride. I love how easy it is to fold down and the interchangeable seat height and built-in buggy board. The fact that they thought of that and don’t make you spend more money having it as an add-on is a massive bonus. The pram feels like a real luxury to have and for the price compared to others it seems brilliant!"

What changes would you make to this product?

Tammie said: "I would add a cup holder to the pram to make those long walks a little easier. When the carrycot is in its lowest position (when you are able to use the buggy board) it is really hard to get things in and out of the shopping basket. The car seat is really heavy compared to other car seats, especially after a C Section"

Charlotte said: "If I could change one thing it would be to have a handlebar brake. This would be useful as when you have a baby and a toddler on board the pram is heavy and it would feel more reassuring to have this when you’re walking downhill. The only other very small thing was I received an extra car seat cover in the box which did not fit the car seat I was given (already had a built-in cover). I wasted approx. 20mins trying to figure this out but in the end contacted Ickle Bubba via their Facebook Group and received an instant message within 2 mins confirming what the cover was for."

Lavanya said: "A change I would make to the product would be to make it more lightweight as it was quite heavy to carry. I would also have an adjustable foot rest so as she grows her foot would not hang past the bottom of the seat and it will offer more support to the child. Overall, I think the product needs very little changes."

Product Information

  • 6 modes straight from the box enabling you to use the system for a single child, or 2 children with the use of the built-in Bubba Board for your toddler

  • Suitable from birth up to 22kgs (approx. 4 years)

  • Seating Recline positions: 3

  • Shopping basket capacity: 5kg

  • Weight: 8.6kgs (chassis with wheels)

  • Lockable front 360° swivel wheels

  • Interchangeable UPF 50+ extendable hood fits both the carrycot and seat unit

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