9 cosy kids reading corner ideas

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If you’re looking to get your toddler more interested in books with the hope that they’ll fall in love with reading as they grow up, then you could consider creating a kids reading corner.

The Literacy Trust says that spending time reading with your tot is not only important for building their literacy and academic skills, but also their vocabulary, imagination and it even improves their sleeping pattern (result!).

While you may be happy snuggling down on the sofa or bed to read, you may want to create an area purely dedicated to curling up with a good book that’s a little more separate for your tot. From bedroom corner ideas to built-in niches, we’ve rounded up nine kids reading corner ideas to give you and your tot a cosy and cool space to cuddle up with their favourite book.


9 kids reading corner ideas

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CREDIT: Room for Tuesday

1) Create a cosy corner

We love this modern reading corner byRoom for Tuesday, which would be easy to recreate in your living room or tots nursery with a snuggle chair and a few bookshelves.

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2) Enter Narnia

No room for a reading corner? Why don’t you try turning a wardrobe into one like Bless’er House. We love its compact style and Narnia-inspired interior. Also, the fact you can close everything away when it’s not in use means less mess too.

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4) Set up a tent

This reading corner designed by Mild City Interiorshas a teepee tent as its dedicated spot for reading, so book time can always feel like an adventure.

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5) Use a curtain

Again, if you’re tight for space why not section off part of your tot’s room with a curtain like Five Marigolds? It’s simple, yet having the option to pull across the curtain helps it to feel closed off and cosy.

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6) Transform a window seat

Transform a window seat into a cheerful reading nook like Marian Louise Designs, which also includes two cosy bean bags, making it a comfy space for your kids to enjoy their favourite book.

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7) Keep it contemporary

A neutral kids reading corner, like this one from Rock My Style, is perfect if you want a space that will still feel suitable for your toddler as they grow up.

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8) Keep things simple

Glitter on a Dimeshows us that you don’t have to go crazy when creating a kids reading corner, and that a few bookshelves, a footstool and some comfy cushion can still look and feel cosy.

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9) Make a library wall

Transform a bare wall into a library wall like Project Nursery. Your tot will be mesmerised by all the different books to choose from then to make things comfy you can add cushions, bean bags and a few throws.

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