Boho Chic Luxe Developmental Gymini review

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Boho Chic Luxe Developmental Gymini

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Using warm calming colours to gently stimulate baby, this baby gym features over 20 interactive features including a plush detachable Koala doll, natural wood gripping rings, dream catcher mirror and much more. The Boho Chic Developmental Luxe Gymini is part of the new Boho Chic collection from Tiny Love, specifically designed by experts to promote babies' cognitive, emotional and physical growth. Not only will the neutral earthy design help to soothe and entertain baby, but the Boho Chic Luxe Developmental Gymini also looks beautiful in your home.

Boho Chic Luxe Developmental Gymini
Price: $109.99

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Louise: As a first time mum, it’s hard to find products that hold your babies attention. This product is not only beautiful to look at and looks fab in his nursery, it entertains him. I love watching him talk to the koala bear, and hold the monkey's hand while snacking on the rattle. I was bought another play mat and he is not interested in it.

Roseanne: This play mat/gym has a good variety of sensory features and is much more aesthetically pleasing than other baby gyms due to its neutral colour scheme. However, my baby prefers a much more brightly coloured play mat that we have which keeps him stimulated for much longer than this one. Although, despite this, the product has kept my baby entertained for a while on many occasions, particularly due to the large variety of sensory elements to explore. It could be improved with more auditory/musical features as it is just the sloth-like creature that plays music when the baby hits it but this is just for a second or two.

Claire: The lovely large mat provides somewhere safe for little one to develop and explore. The mat is well cushioned and can be used on any floor so no need to worry about ensuring is is placed on a thick carpet or rug when out and about. The numerous activities give parents and baby lots of learning activities.. The development cards provide inspiration and activities to do with baby.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Emma: I would recommend the product namely for its design. I love that it provides a gymini that is more neutral in colours then other products on the market. This allows baby to engage in play without overstimulation and is stylish enough where you are able to leave it out when not in use. The product also folds away neatly and can be stored easily. I like that it also comes with developmental milestone cards.

Claire: Yes, I love fun features. The mirror attaches to the side allowing little one to glance at her reflection. The kick leaf and rattle leaf provide sounds encouraging leg kicking. The quality of the materials are excellent and the thick play mat provides excellent comfort. The monthly development cards are a great added extra with tips on the back to aid your child's development.

Roseanne: I'm not sure I would because it is quite expensive and our other cheaper playmat seems to keep my baby's attention for longer. I have also been a little disappointed with the quality as a couple of the sensory features have broken off very easily. It is also not particularly portable and could be improved with more auditory/musical features.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Louise: I would choose the product over any other on the market, it has exceeded my expectations and my baby has loved playing with it. I love it’s clean and simple design and the quality of the product is amazing. I am a really big fan of this product, it has entertained my baby more than any other toy he has got and it really is beautiful.

Sallyann: I would choose this product over others. It’s design is very stylish and looks great. It looks very neat and tidy in my living room and I have had lots of people comment on how attractive and stylish it looks. You can transport it easily by folding it away simply and taking it with you wherever you go. It can be taken to someone’s house or taken away on holiday with you to keep your little one entertained and happy. This product helps your little one progress with the different features. The dangling objects tempting them to reach out and touch objects in front of them. The singing slough is great for touch and response development in your baby, knocking it and making it sing and making your baby realise that they did that. Looking and smiling at themselves in the mirror. The soft padded mat to comfort them and to play on safely can be easily wiped or washed in the washing machine if needed. The frame can be easily cleaned and wiped to minimise your child catching any bugs, which is also very important at the moment with covid 19.

Katie: I really love this product, all the colours are right up my street and I would be more inclined to choose this product because of the subtle colours and design. Tummy time is so important for little ones and it promotes this brilliantly as well as there is ample space on the mat. I found it easy to transport around the house and regularly split the time using it in the living room and in my little boy's bedroom.

What changes would you make to this product?

Sallyann: The product is great in more ways than one and I would recommend people to purchase this product in future but there are a couple things I think would make a big difference to the product. Firstly some padding around the bottom half of the legs of the frame would improve this product a lot. Now my daughter is starting to sit up and trying to roll over and crawl, it makes it hard to be away from them or watch them play on their own. My daughter has rolled over or fallen on to the legs which has ended up with a bang to the head and tears. It is expected to get knocks at this stage in development but I feel the frame has been a bit of an obstacle and I have found myself moving it out of the way to stop any accidents. Some other activity play mats have padding to stop this being a problem. The only other thing I would change is very little and simple. On the mat you have the peekaboo leaf with colourful ribbons. This is a great idea and teaches the child how things are still there even though they can’t see them. When you pull the crinkly leave up the ribbons are there along with the big product information tag which then hides and makes the colourful ribbons less visible. If the tag could be placed under the mat it would make a big difference to this feature of the mat.

Louise: I would change the fact the monkey needs to be pulled really hard to make it play music. This is its only downfall, my baby has made it play music a couple of times, most of the time he has his hands on the monkey, but as you have to pull it so hard to enable it to play music he is not able to do it very often.

Claire: It would be great if the legs of the arch could fold together for storage and transporting it. The screws to the top of the frame have to be undone and and each leg removed from the top for storage and transporting, meaning the interactive toys then come off the top bar and the legs are loose and detached which all gets a bit fiddly.

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