Animal themed nursery ideas for your baby boy or girl

Animal themed nursery

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Let's face it every new parent is excited about turning their hand at interior design and transforming the spare room into a nursery. If you're looking for the best animal themed nursery ideas for your baby boy or girl, then you've come to the right place.

You don't have to be a DIY or painting and decorating enthusiast to give your child's nursery a glow-up either. We've pulled together everything from elaborate concepts to cute accessories for that simple nod to the animal kingdom.

Animal themed nursery ideas 2022:

Whether you've found inspiration from their favourite TV show or picked a wild thing that you love, this wild theme is a cute way to bring a bit of personality to a child's bedroom.

Before you start coming up with a whole colour scheme or creating a Pinterest board of inspiration, we've been doing a little research of our own and have found not one, not two, but 10 amazing animal themed nursery ideas that are easy to re-create.

1) Safari themed nursery


2) Jungle themed nursery

3) Woodland themed nursery

4) Under the sea themed nursery

5) Farm themed nursery

6) Dinosaur themed nursery

7) Creepy-crawly themed nursery

8) Peter Rabbit themed nursery

9) Peppa Pig themed nursery

10) PAW Patrol themed nursery

How to bring the animal themed nursery to life?

It's time to get your paintbrushes out and put your DIY skills to the test as you take on the challenge to bring your child's animal themed nursery to life. These brilliant products have been hand-picked by the Mother&Baby team to help you create the nursery your kids will love.

Send your baby on a safari adventure during tummy time with this fabulous prop mat. It has a removable prop pillow to support your baby, a leaf-shaped rattle and a cute frog bead chaser. You can even add some more of baby’s toys using the two FunkLinks. Nurseries aren’t just for sleeping in.

Review: "Great mat for newborns! I wasn’t sure what to get for my 6-week-old boy to help with tummy time and didn’t want to go for an expensive play gym just yet. This mat is the first thing we play on in the morning, we have bare bum time on it and go out in the garden with it! It’s so easy to clean, has great patterns that grab his attention, including black and white stripes which are his fave! The toys and support cushion are great too. The fact that the cushion doesn’t attach is a good thing because when he’s on his tummy. He can also manoeuvre the cushion to whichever angle he is most comfortable with."

Read our full guide on the best safari-themed nursery inspiration.

Fend off all the monsters come bedtime with this elephant night light. Baby night lights are an amazing way to reduce fear and it's an easy way to incorporate an animal theme in any infants bedroom. All you need is a few more facts about the largest living land animal for when your tots start asking questions about their room.

Review: "My two-year-old loves this night light. I let her pick it herself. She puts it on the multicoloured light. Every night have had it a good while now and don't think I have changed the batteries in it yet so yes good battery power and great value for money. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one."

Read our full guide on best jungle-themed nursery inspiration.

These distinctive nesting dolls are a delightful finishing touch for any newborn’s nursery. A keepsake ornament that your little one will love playing with as they get older, too.

We love that the bunny includes a chime feature, which will stimulate their senses and help them to develop fine motor skills.

Read our full guide on woodland-themed nursery inspiration.

You don't have to paint the walls blue to achieve an incredible ocean paradise for your child. Fill their room with beautiful items like this wooden music mobile with five underwater-themed toys. Your baby will love looking up and seeing this bob around.

Kids Club Farmyard Bedding Set
Price: $69.56

Did you love the farmyard bedding in our round-up of the best animal-themed nursery ideas? You can get the exact bedding delivered tomorrow if you've signed up for Amazon Prime. Yeee haaaa!

Review: "Great colours, washes well, not soft but not stiff. My daughter loves it! Red tractor on pillow, tractors, pigs, cows, dogs, sheep, chickens and apple trees on the duvet. The underside of the duvet and pillow is grey."

The best way to ensure you capture a theme in a nursery is by putting up some wallpaper. Whether you're using this as a feature wall or covering all four walls, this design will encourage kids imaginations. This vinyl wallpaper is easy to put up, made from a hardwearing material and is budget-friendly.

Review: "Very happy! My son is two and he's dinosaur mad, so I invested in this wallpaper and the stripe art house wallpaper to go with, and it looks great! We did also end up buying some art house accessories to go with it! I didn't realise there was a whole range when I first purchased the wallpaper. My son adores his dino doodle wallpaper and loves pointing them all out to me, lovely metallic silvers and bright colours. What's great is it's for all ages, and my son can grow into his room! Recommend for any dinosaur fan. Good delivery time too."

Do you need a playmat for the nursery? If your child is obsessed with any creepy-crawly in the garden, then they'll adore this mat. Not only is this easy to clean and roll up, but it will add to any kids insect-themed room. Plus, this takes snug as a bug in a rug to a whole other level.

Trinkets, wallpaper and bedding are all fantastic ways to bring in a theme to your child's room, but if you want to get a bit creative, a toy storage unit might be the answer. Coming in at 60cm x 63.5cm x 30cm, this will fit in their favourite Peppa Pig toys, games and books.

Review: "Love it - I like the fact that the drawers are made of the canvas and not plastic as the younger kids won't be able to break it as quickly, and to be honest, for the size, it's well able to fit a good number of toys in."

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